I’m Up To Something…

Just popping in quickly to flog a very neat new project that Elizabeth Stelling is cooking up in her literary kitchen. What do you get when you take one cup of zombies, mix them with a dash of poetry, a smidgen of fiction and an entire package of talent?

You get this: Z-Composition

I’ll be adding my editorial services there as well for the next six months or so between running my business offline, running the monthly Tuck marathon, writing my own book and sometimes pecking at food and sleeping. Now all you have to do is pop over, write something, submit and keep your tongue firmly in your cheek and your cheek in your writing. My understanding is that the first bi monthly issue of Z-Composition will be live in February, so you can’t use the old “I don’t have enough time” excuse. ¬† ūüėČ

You can friend them on facebook: Z-Composition

Also, please visit Elizabeth’s homepage here: wine.cookappeal.com¬†She is a very unique woman and talented writer.

Okay, off I go again…seeeeeeeeeeeeya!


The Aisle of Tragic Wonders

Plastic and broadly smiling  Buddha sat beside

a scowling squatting glassy frog in gawdy greens and yellows

precariously balanced on the edge near the feet

of plastic glow in the dark Jesus who was gazing stoicly

at the hood mounted hula dancer who jiggled and wiggled

in the direction of his mother Mary who was busy piously being right

beside the footprints in the sand that leads to

ceramic cardinals, masked and flame red with careless paint jobs bleeding into

the stump on which they sit so still you could almost

hear the giant Archangel Michael blow his resin trumpet into the ear

of a lucky elephant with a blue and white striped circus ball poised gracefully on his trunk directly in front

of the woman with the brassy blonde blues and shocking pink nails who is

poking the buttons on the machine and fake grinning until it hurts her pride more than her face as she thinks sourly

“I hate this fucking job.”

Work, Toil, Labour…Does It Never End?

The Wood Cutter’s Daughter~By charles Sprague Pearce

Today I got to thinking about work. ¬†Partly because I was asked what I did for a living and partly because I have been reading Stephen King’s new collection of short stories: Just After Sunset. ¬†In the introduction he discusses once again his employment history working in a laundry and as a teacher. ¬†It’s fascinating to me the number of writers who have done what could be considered menial work or blue collar labour. ¬†I myself have not been a stranger down the poverty stricken alleys of dead end ghetto jobs. ¬†Oh, I’ve had my share of bullshit tasks, such as pizza maker, waitress (four times) social service intake worker at a jail, answering service operator, black jack/poker dealer, ear piercer in a mall, corner store clerk, donut baker, receptionist ( eleven times) office clerk, personal care worker in an old age home, baby sitter, blue berry picker, clam digger, wood cutter, assembly line worker in a cosmetics factory( I burned off my right index finger nail while performing the very important task of putting the shine on the lipstick by sliding it under a torch. Thank gawd it grew back) cookie baker, store clerk, deli clerk, cashier, sandwich maker, news paper delivery person, currently I own and operate a house cleaning business and of course, all along the way…writer. ¬†Okay, lets have your list. ¬†You can put it up in the comments here or you can do it on your blog, but let us know if it’s on your site so we can all read it. ¬†I’m simply dying to see what you all do and have done to support your habit of writing.

I’m In Writing And Submission Hell

Too much to do so I can kiss any weekend frivolity goodbye. ¬†Two articles for a magazine, seven poems, revision of Granny on lulu and an engaging synopsis of a novella of juicy bits of things that I recall of the bygone era of my misspent something or other. ¬†Oh hell, I think this calls for a musical interlude from none other than the wonderful Michel Pagliaro. ¬†Now, I know this song is very eighties in look and sound but I don’t care, because he is PAG. ¬† Michel, take it away…L’espion

Puffs Of Smoke



Just in case anyone is reading this thing off and on,¬†I’ve not disappeared in a puff of smoke. ¬†I’ve been working. ¬†The day job and the writing afterward. ¬†I’ve got the manuscript for the children’s adventure novel fairly clean and lovely. ¬†Of course, ¬†now that I’m fully immersed I’ve decided to illustrate the cover and perhaps the odd page inside. ¬†Uploading it to LuLu is going to inspire a tiny tantrum or two as well as a “What in the name of God am I doing?” ¬†Alas, ¬†the end result is worth it. ¬†I will be on some shelf, somewhere and hopefully my story will find it’s way into some little hands and hearts. ¬†If I make some coinage, ¬†that will be thick icing on an already very large cake. ¬† The knowledge I’ve gained from doing this is priceless and the autonomy it gives an artist is very liberating. ¬†I feel it gives a writer more balance and confidence to self publish at least once. ¬†It simply no longer has the taint it once did because the process isn’t a mystery anymore. ¬†

¬† Once it’s up at LuLu, I’m going to secure my own domain and use it to promote this work as well as the rest of the series of seven novels that follow it. ¬† It appears to be part and parcel of the business now to be doing book trailers and at some point this will be an area that ¬†I’ll need to explore. ¬† ¬†Okay, now that I’ve explained myself , I’ll now disappear in a puff of smoke. ¬†See ya. ¬†POOF!