Season of Ill Repute

She is standing on her usual corner

wantonly reaching, swaying and strutting for attention

into the chill evening she dances when the wind blows

shamelessly stripping herself of her eden leaves

a naked silhouette against the bordello red sunset

the desolate reminder of the cold and merciless winds of her private winter

that will eventually blow and break her in the middle


Just Because I Love You All So Much…

I want to share more of my ‘weather’ with you.  Yes, that’s right, more snow, ice, cold and even more snow.  See?  This is why you love me right back!   😉

This is what you see when you look down
This is what you see when you look to the right
This is what you see when you look in front of you
This is what you see when you look up
Just look at those poor birds! It's so cold they have to huddle together lest they freeze to death. Aw aren't they tweet? 🙂
How about this? Poor Mr. sun is peeping out from the snow laden clouds begging for someone, ANYONE to help him get the hell out from under their oppression. Clouds are bullies, I've just decided and snow clouds are gangsta bullies. :0
A lovely mound of cold, wet snow. Snow, the Canadian burden