Morrissey Diminishing Pedophilia and Abuse

The singer ‘Morrissey’ is now an irrelevant old man who has long past his freshness date. So then, what does a washed up, narcissistic and unremarkable pop music celebrity do with himself when his audience is also aging, dying and quite literally diminishing in number? We all know that you can’t have a self absorbed lunatic facing an empty room, he MUST have his love and admiration no matter how shallow and transient. Thus, the above mentioned twat, latches on to one of themost critical and important matters on this planet right now: the abuse of innocence children by pedophiles. Yes, it’s true, Morrissey is now exploiting the suffering of children who are raped, as well as those who were starved, raped and baked in ovens in Auschwitz and is comparing their suffering to a pork chop or a piece of fried chicken. Vegetarianism now appears to be an acceptable avenue to contribute to the abuse of minors by suggesting that a cow, chicken or pig is somehow as or more important than a human being who is being abused by another human being. Perhaps those who espouse the belief that animals are innocent victims who need our protection, should try to do the same for innocent children, some who are not even walking yet and who are so abused physically and emotionally that they never recover, going on to suffer in ways that can never be described.

Yes I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it and most especially when dangerous morons like Morrissey flap their useless lips. CHILDREN matter more than ANIMALS. Got it? CHILDREN, HUMAN CHILDREN are the MOST important beings on this planet and if Morrissey or any other vegetarian fanatic would like to put his words to the test, then by all means, find a way to put yourself in Auschwitz, suffer the same way many children and adults did then. Suggestion to Morrissey from this survivor of child sexual abuse and violence: SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP and retire from being a professional miscreant and idiot.


As we tip toe into a new year…

that is really the road of resolution and rebirth, lets not forget or disregard the lessons of the past for the apparently terminal condition of hate, fear and misunderstanding in this world.  The  implication for our future of continuing on this path is dire. We are now collectively standing on a precipice, poised to leap over the edge to our final destruction, or to step back and preserve the human race.  I’ve posted the video below with the desire you will hear the words of a special girl displaying  the wisdom and vision rare in one so young amid such suffering, spoken by a woman who also endured during that terrible time of hate, bigotry and genocide.  Think about not only the past year, but the  past one hundred and see how far socially we have NOT come  and know solidly within your heart and soul that this is still happening to the innocent.   There is a power shift taking place on this planet and many decisions will need to be made by individuals, us. We have a new decade in which to not only overcome the hate that erodes humanity’s promise, but to also remove and destroy the root of despair which comes along with the vitriol,  before it plunges ever deeper into our psyches, stealing our hope, love and diplomatic ability to compromise.   We worry more it would seem, about whales, seals and polar bears than we do about abused children in our own hometown or little babies left without parents or even their own limbs due to the insanity of the oil war.  Perhaps it is easier to care about a cute and cuddly looking animal than it is a lice infested and suffering baby with no food, parents or love.  Perhaps in 2010, each of us will find a way to use our art to reach into that dark place and shine a light.  Thanks for reading this and watching the video.  Much love and good vibes for all you wonderful scribes, as always.


I limped across a foreign border

In shoes that belong to you

Too big for me to fill

I walked on determined and full of purpose

Down the road to the weeping tree by your house

Where a bird whispered your name in harmony with the wind

I cocked my ear and heard your heart beat inside the notes

The gate creaking in time to the sound of your suffering

It was then I saw you at the door

Wearing the rags of pain and agony

Your body ravaged but your soul a pristine chapel

Nearby I led you to the  pool of sentimental tears

Where I washed your wounds until the moon shone

And the stars evolved into the brightness of their being

Scattered cosmic beads strewn across a midnight sky

I inhaled your disease and cured it with my will

Before the sun had time to rise and steal your day

For one who never did belong to another soul

There is freedom in loneliness

For one who was never given much

There is wealth in small things like a warm bed or a cold glass of water

For one who was never told the truth

The honesty between the lines of every lie is sacred

For one who never had support

There is security in the shifting of each day and the turning of every tide

For one who was ignored

The attention to detail is proof of life

For one who was injured deeply

The world will always provide the person to reopen the wound just as it starts to heal

For one who was discarded like trash

There is a need to hoard everything of value

For one who was persecuted

There is never enough justice to balance the scales

For one who was imprisoned

There are no bars but those in the mind that are without a key

For one who was never loved

There is nothing else that matters, not breath, food, money, shelter or success.  Just a constant quest to fill the lack