Pearl of Wisdom

I once had this idea

when I walked along the shore of us

that I would polish a pearl of thought and feeling

you gave me as a token of something mutual

until it shone so brightly

the reflection of the sun would illuminate a heart

that was cold and furious with want

but of course these notions are always replete with failure

and so I tossed the pearl back into the sea for any big fish to swallow

finally saying goodbye to the you inside of me

because to sum it up succinctly

it’s all in the striving you see


Simile of the infinite

Shall I describe it?

This tender knowing unfolding like an eagles wings

before it takes eternal flight

nimble  movement making love to mountains

kissing the sweet off the hive

and warming it’s heart in the sun

A Thought Of You

I thought of you when the sun slid underneath

Going gracefully over the edge of day

Your horizon not mine

My horizon not yours

The pain is in the differing of views

Seeing it all from separate points in place and time

I thought of you when the stars announced themselves

I felt their blues against the black

a requiem for immortal you

To close the gap of this divide

Between the broken hearts of blood and glass

I thought of you when the sun looked up

waking fragile bits of life

I wonder if you feel exposed

Against the blinding light

For me it’s just another notion

Of one just out of sight

I thought of you when the rain fell down

And the thunder laughed out loud

In that silence between the two

I’m sure I heard your soul remark

How much you struggle with the words

And cry away the truth

Two Points Meet

drivehomecapbreton 003

Bridges and shoes

Go hand in hand

Like water and crossings

When connecting two points





And hearts


Until the sheer futility

Of traipsing

back and forth

Tears a hole in the soul

Hot like the sun


Black like coal

And the water runs over

The bridge

Instead of underneath


The urging

Don’t blame me

For the distances




The dimming view

Is only