Just Because I Love You All So Much…

I want to share more of my ‘weather’ with you.  Yes, that’s right, more snow, ice, cold and even more snow.  See?  This is why you love me right back!   😉

This is what you see when you look down
This is what you see when you look to the right
This is what you see when you look in front of you
This is what you see when you look up
Just look at those poor birds! It's so cold they have to huddle together lest they freeze to death. Aw aren't they tweet? 🙂
How about this? Poor Mr. sun is peeping out from the snow laden clouds begging for someone, ANYONE to help him get the hell out from under their oppression. Clouds are bullies, I've just decided and snow clouds are gangsta bullies. :0
A lovely mound of cold, wet snow. Snow, the Canadian burden

It’s Here…

This is what it looks like outside my door today.  Yes, it’s finally happened, the first snowstorm of the season.  I will post these photos I just took and then I’ll go and feel sick for a while.  Why dear god why did my ancestors feel the need to come to this frozen hell and procreate?  I. Am. Not. A. Winter. Person.    If you live in the sunnier spots on earth, feel free to gloat in the comment section.  😉

My Front Steps
The Fence
The Shovel Handle With Which I Will Be Too Well Acquainted By January. Is It Healthy To Despise Inanimate Objects? I Hate This One.
Ah Yes! My Old Friend, The Psychotic And Sadistic Snow Plow Driver. He Can Be Found In Cities All Over Canada. He is a Seasonal Frenemy Who Loves To Fill In Driveways After The Resident Has Shovelled Themselves Into A Cardiac Episode. He Laughs And Leaves, Knowing Only Too Well That He Has Turned You Into A Fist Shaking First Class Hater. So, What Does Our Dear Plow Driver Do To Make You Regret Your Hasty Decision To Wish Him A Horrible Christmas? He Waits Until The Snow is Very Heavy And Instead Of Clearing It When He Is Supposed To, He Tortures You From The Local Tim Horton's Coffee Shop Until You See The Error Of Your Ways And You Frantically Call In To The Head Office, Begging For Him to Forgive You And Just Plow The Goddamn Road!
In A Couple Of Hours This Bush In The Front Yard Will Disappear.
These Trees Also Hate The Snow, Just Look At How Depressed They seem!
I Like To Call This One 'The Variations On Whiteness' Can You Distinguish Between Flakes In This Sky? Me Either ;0


Something horrific has been happening for the past three hours.  It is so soul numbingly terrible I can barely utter ‘the’ word to describe the event.  Okay, here it is, it is SNOWING!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I fully expect a nice overflow of sympathy please.  I am now emotionally scarred because it is NOT supposed to do this for another two or three weeks.  I’m feeling faint, I think I need to recline a while until I can regain the strength to look out the window once more.  😦 Nononononono.  NO.