Indie Writers, Bragging Rights, Tuck Magazine and Blurbs

Within the past two months, Tuck Magazine and more specifically, yours truly has been quoted in the blurbs of two volumes of poetry. Certainly I am flattered down to my bones with this honour, but more than this I feel as if my work with Tuck has mattered, in-so-far as the promotion of independent writers is concerned. When you toil alone it is so difficult to keep your focus unwavering and your self believe intact. The indie writer is a one person literary machine: creator, publisher, marketer, accountant and publicist. Clearly, anyone who is so passionate about the words is indeed a special breed of writer and deserves more than a nudge up the hill toward recognition and sales, therefore, I shall commence nudging:

Cat Catalyst was my interview for the June issue of Tuck, which you can read HERE

She has just released a book called “Emolution” that is much more than a good summer read,it is a spiritual and intellectual trek with an inspiring and insightful thinker/artist.

You can visit her shop window HERE to purchase a copy and to support a phenomenal indie writer.

Guy Traiber is a philosopher and seeker of truth found in humble an unconventional places. He also happens to be one of the best poets to be found online. I have been pestering him forever to write a book and lo and behold, he has finally taken the indie leap, with an unusual but very clever book: “The Pocket Zen Book of Irrelevant Answers.” I won’t go into the content but  I will be reviewing it soon for Tuck, so keep your eyes peeled. Until then, you can purchase a brand spanking new copy HERE to add to your summer mind/soul expansion reading list.


Tuck on the Radio

This past Monday, April 1, I was invited to be a guest on San francisco’s Radia Valencia Scream for Peace program. DJ Aslan and I discussed Tuck, the nature of creativity, writers’ block and all manner of things connected to insanity of writing.

You can listen to it here: Getting unTucked


While you are at Radio Valencia, take a stroll around and enjoy the healthy and edgy art vibe that is the very nature of what they do there daily.

I’m Up To Something…

Just popping in quickly to flog a very neat new project that Elizabeth Stelling is cooking up in her literary kitchen. What do you get when you take one cup of zombies, mix them with a dash of poetry, a smidgen of fiction and an entire package of talent?

You get this: Z-Composition

I’ll be adding my editorial services there as well for the next six months or so between running my business offline, running the monthly Tuck marathon, writing my own book and sometimes pecking at food and sleeping. Now all you have to do is pop over, write something, submit and keep your tongue firmly in your cheek and your cheek in your writing. My understanding is that the first bi monthly issue of Z-Composition will be live in February, so you can’t use the old “I don’t have enough time” excuse.   😉

You can friend them on facebook: Z-Composition

Also, please visit Elizabeth’s homepage here: She is a very unique woman and talented writer.

Okay, off I go again…seeeeeeeeeeeeya!

Tuck Magazine issue for November is up!

The November issue of Tuck is up and this month we boast some of the most eclectic flash fiction, poetry and short stories on the web. We also have a wonderful interview with “United Breaks Guitars” songwriter and activist Dave Carroll. In addition, Photographer extraordinaire Leila Fortier shares five of her phenomenal works of art with us!

Click and read: Tuck Magazine

Pens On Fire Magazine

I have a few poems up on Pens on Fire magazine, if you are interested in taking a peek. In addition to my work, they have some fiction there that is thrilling to read as well as many other poets who will move you with their words.  If you have some reading time to spare and you are avoiding writing or editing…not that any of us do that  😉 snoop around the site and give some other writers an opportunity to involve and entertain you.

Tuck Magazine Is Now A Reality


There it is, the final result of the effort and combined talents of some wonderful writers and a visually gifted photographer. Tuck Magazine is now also listed on duotrope, search engines are feasting on it and in no time at all we will be ready to roll out issue #2 on November 1. Please visit, read, lose track of time and enjoy yourself immensely, because this is precisely our goal. If you are a poet, fiction writer or photographer, read the submission guidelines and send me your best.  I am looking at a global response in submissions as well as in readership, therefore, I don’t care if you live on a mountain top in Peru or the deepest part of the amazon; if you are a writer or photographer and can secure a way to connect to the internet, send me your stories, poetry or photographs.

To all the contributors to our first issue, you have my heartfelt thanks for giving Tuck Magazine the uniqueness that will set the standard for every future issue and I love you all for this.