Just Because I Love You All So Much…

I want to share more of my ‘weather’ with you.  Yes, that’s right, more snow, ice, cold and even more snow.  See?  This is why you love me right back!   😉

This is what you see when you look down
This is what you see when you look to the right
This is what you see when you look in front of you
This is what you see when you look up
Just look at those poor birds! It's so cold they have to huddle together lest they freeze to death. Aw aren't they tweet? 🙂
How about this? Poor Mr. sun is peeping out from the snow laden clouds begging for someone, ANYONE to help him get the hell out from under their oppression. Clouds are bullies, I've just decided and snow clouds are gangsta bullies. :0
A lovely mound of cold, wet snow. Snow, the Canadian burden

Photos I Took In August

Augustbowring09 050
It's just cute. A couple of fairies from the Peter Pan Sculpture in the park
Augustbowring09 034
I'm very proud of this one. I think I captured 'work' here.
Augustbowring09 065
Yes it's a feather. Yes it's on the water. Yes, somewhere there is a cold duck
Augustbowring09 042
Self explanatory. I took it because if I were a picnic table, I would be this one. Red among the green and solitarily complete. Like Garbo.
Augustbowring09 017
I'm in love...with an ant. Specifically this ant. He is my photographic muse and I take no pictures without summoning his asistance.

New Snaps

Yep, I’ve been out and about again…camera in hand and once again you are invited to partake of this visual feast!

Septemberhomeandaround2009 023

What sort of person would I be if I lived on an island and didn’t squeeze in just one photo of the water?  A lonely boat on an endless sea,  could be  lost or simply free.
Septemberhomeandaround2009 046

Second  up is an equine treat.  See what you can see when you turn a corner at a stop light on a lazy Sunday?  I photographed him while he ignored me, a typical horse.  Isn’t he beautiful though.  I used to ride and whenever I see them it makes me nostalgic.  They are indeed mythic creatures that allow us to think we’ve tamed them, sort of like cats in that regard.

Septemberhomeandaround2009 004I bet you thought curtains were only to keep out the light and prying eyes, but NO, they are also excellent sunset catchers, especially when they are cheap patterned metallic threaded sheers from the dollar store!  I’ve a few of these, but I will only bore you with three.

Septemberhomeandaround2009 012

Septemberhomeandaround2009 017
Septemberhomeandaround2009 001Spider spider on the car

I think this time you’ve gone too far   :p

Septemberhomeandaround2009 045

Contrast or what?  For some reason it looks like the tree is flipping the bird to the jet…or maybe the tree is flipping me the bird.  lol

More Photos!

I took some photos along the coast today.  The first two are for Anne Brooke   because I promised her an iceberg or two.  As it happens they were in today which is good news for us in the frozen north because it heralds some semblance of spring type weather arriving.  Dear god I hope so.  It seems I’ve also found a way to express my obsession with eternal resting places and found three new boneyards this evening.  I find their locations fascinating because of their quaint surroundings they seem sort of cheerful, in an Edgar Allen Poe kind of way, if that’s at all possible.  My other photo obsession, roads to nowhere is indulged once here as well.   There are also a few more shots of interesting objects such as the demon sculptures in someone’s yard which were next door to the church sculpture.  




















The Cult Of Personality, Photos And My Affliction




I’ve noticed lately that I belong to a small pool of writers who don’t have an image of themselves displayed.  I admit that at first I didn’t because quite frankly the obsession with exterior appearances and the cult of personality put me off.  I also felt my anonymity gave greater creedence to my words and therefore no bias would affect another’s perception of them.  although I’m female, I don’t think that’s immediately obvious to anyone who reads this blog.  If it is obvious, then I’m seriously deluded and far girlier than I thought and this means absolutely nothing.  😉  The other reason for the abscence of any photo of my mug on this blog is completely due to an affliction I’ve suffered for a long time.  I developed the condition when I was a child and as the years have passed it has gradually worsened.  I’ve had periods where it was in a sort of remission but it always flairs up again, worse than before.   At times it’s crippled my relationships because of the lack of understanding between myself and those who don’t suffer from this type of disorder.   In fact, on occasion those nearest and dearest to me avoided being seen with me in public because of embarrassment.  To say I was hurt is an understatement.   When I do put my photo up, and it will be soon, the physical manifestation of my disorder will be clearly apparent.  As far as I know there is absolutely no cure for what I have,  but an old friend once told me no one can help me because  I just don’t want it.  She said I’m a hopeless case.  She’s right.  You see, I suffer from BAD CLOTHES.  I admit it now.  I am vehemently opposed to any therapy that takes away my STRIPES, POLKA DOTS, LARGE FLOWER PATTERNS, GEOMETRIC SHAPES, VILE COLOURS and any other ‘out there’  attire  that offends the eye of the beholder. Yes, it’s true I’m one of THOSE people. You know, you see them waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before you should.   I no longer apologise for it but I felt it fair to warn you that you may have to search for my face amid the riot of colour and the busy  pattern.  I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to go for the  magenta shirt with the stripes AND the dots, my very favourite, or a to die for floral number with sunflowers and fern.  I also like that lime green number with the shocking pink collar, but we’ll see.    Someone told me to wear black, but if I did that I wouldn’t look nearly as atrocioius as I ought to.  anyway, now you know, so there.  I’ll put one up in a few days so you can have someone to gaze at when you are bouncing between the top three I appear to inspire: Love, Hate and bland indifference.