The December Issue of Tuck Magazine is up!


Excellent poets, fiction writers and a photographer with an outstanding eye for beauty in unusual places.  Click and read! tuckmagazine




Tuck Magazine issue for November is up!

The November issue of Tuck is up and this month we boast some of the most eclectic flash fiction, poetry and short stories on the web. We also have a wonderful interview with “United Breaks Guitars” songwriter and activist Dave Carroll. In addition, Photographer extraordinaire Leila Fortier shares five of her phenomenal works of art with us!

Click and read: Tuck Magazine

Tuck Magazine Is Now A Reality


There it is, the final result of the effort and combined talents of some wonderful writers and a visually gifted photographer. Tuck Magazine is now also listed on duotrope, search engines are feasting on it and in no time at all we will be ready to roll out issue #2 on November 1. Please visit, read, lose track of time and enjoy yourself immensely, because this is precisely our goal. If you are a poet, fiction writer or photographer, read the submission guidelines and send me your best.  I am looking at a global response in submissions as well as in readership, therefore, I don’t care if you live on a mountain top in Peru or the deepest part of the amazon; if you are a writer or photographer and can secure a way to connect to the internet, send me your stories, poetry or photographs.

To all the contributors to our first issue, you have my heartfelt thanks for giving Tuck Magazine the uniqueness that will set the standard for every future issue and I love you all for this.











Best of The Net and Referential Magazine

There is a wonderful poetry/fiction/photography magazine on the internet called Referential.  Poet and editor Jessie Carty has created a brilliant and unique publication, the hallmark of which is that each piece references from another piece until they are all linked or networked together.   I love the concept of each one behaving as a building block for another, because this is truly how it is and has been throughout the history of the arts.  We all inspire each other and this is often reflected in the spirit our work.  I’ve been privileged to appear in this publication and as of this week, The editors at Referential, have nominated some talented artists for the best of the net.  For some perplexing reason I cannot fathom, I’m one of them and I’m terribly honored.  Therefore, be dilligent my dear scribes, in your support of the arts and click the Referential link to read the work of these nominees.  Leave a comment to express your feelings about the work and if you are a poet, fiction writer or photographer, then my darlings, submit your little hearts out and then spread the good word about this original and substantial magazine, on your blog or in email.  Happy Friday to you all.  🙂