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to let you know that I’ve got a lot of Jam and it’s up at:

Ditch Poetry

This is a funky and gutsy magazine that takes artistic risks so if you want to read many other emerging as well as established Canadian poets, mosey on over and indulge your mind in some very fine wordage. One more thing before I go, thank you to everyone who has or is about to buy a copy of Jessie Carty’s Paper House. Consider yourself hugged until you squeak!


Links, links and more links!

Okay, remember my last vlog? Well, since that event scarred you all forever and made your eyes bleed, I’m going to update you on some of the content from that video. Reading instead of watching will give you time to heal your eyes and brain so that when I do another vlog I’ll be able to once again assault your senses! Now, on to those links:


Go here my good loyal readers and frenzied bloggers: Folded Word Press to pick up a copy of this truly inspired work of poetry by one of the finest poets I’ve had the honour to know. When you are finished ordering Jessie’s book, go here: Jessie Carty to her blog and enjoy reading her brilliant words about all areas of the business of creating with the written word. I love her blog, because it is diverse and interesting. So, make me smile like———–> 🙂 will ya? Go invest your time and your dime in this truly gifted writer and golden lady.

Next Up for sale: Dean j. Baker’s THE HERALD and BAKER’S BAD BOYS

Go here good readers and scribes: dean j. Baker

And if you want a daily read of brilliance by this gifted man, stick around, click ye olde mouse and read his blog after you pre-order his books. 14.95 each or 25.00 for both and these are going to be seriously valuable one day, so if you have an eye for collecting, this is a fantastic opportunity in addition, Dean just happens to be a colossal talent, so get thee over there and make me happy. ————> see? 🙂 Happy Val!

Okay, I’m finished my book pimpin’……….for now that is….mwaahahahahah 😉 A vlog is on it’s way as soon as I can get my hands on my copy of these books.