Frank Sullivan’s Storm

I wrote this. I read this. I do it here:

Frank Sullivan’s Storm


Just a Few Photographs I Took Today…

when I was out and about enjoying the one day of sunshine we are going to get on this island of madness and fog. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend lovely scribes.

Downtown St. John's from an odd angle
Just a beatiful window on a quaint house I pass many days a week
A cat sitting in the dandelion grass patch by a parking lot near the park
This must have been what the cat above was seeking while he was skulking in the grass
A typical street in downtown St. John's
A fleet of bluebirds by the side of the road
Aw, come on, you knew I was going to slip in a few of these babies didn't ya?
The sky was too beautiful today for me to avoid looking up
Yeah, I can hear you whispering "Please, stop for the love of god, end this photo hell for all of us!" Your wish is my command, therefore, meet the hand. ūüėČ

I Want You To Know I Suffered Today…

To bring you these lovely photos of the freezing North Atlantic that surrounds me. ¬† I even got hives from the cold, along with a snotty nose, watery eyes AND an earache. ¬†I suffer so to capture the icy hell of this rock. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Seriously, it was colder than snot on a snowman, a witches t…ah…nevermind, ¬†you’ll get the picture. hehehe

Middle Cove Beach today, where the sea and air collided while the sun was busy being ironic.
This will put frost on the pipes.
Aargh Matey, she was rough today!
I have absolutely no idea who this family is, but hey, they were there so I utlilized their bodies to show the immensity of the cliffs
Indisputable proof that McDonalds is indeed EVERYWHERE! Ahhhhh
Lots of Foam creeping up the beach today my friends.
How about some wonderful gull shots. They posed ya know. We have a deal that involves left over bread. ūüėČ
Johathon Livingston Seagull the 300th hehe
More family coming to say hellooooooo

Considering I’ve been So Lax…

with the conclusion of Phyllis and The Cowboy, I thought I would revel in my procrastination of all things work related and share a few thoughts I had today while screwing in the time. ¬† There is absolutely no reference point on this blog for the following. ¬†All I can tell ya is that I thought it and now you will too. ¬†Hehehe, I’m dirty like that lol

Time Waster Thought #1

P.E.T.A: ¬†I was reading an article about Pam Anderson being in debt to the State of California and the IRS. ¬†This naturally led me to her only true vocation after Baywatch and Tool Time ( no, not breast implants and playing ping pong with Tommy Lee and Kid Rock) ¬†annoying meat loving folks across the globe. ¬† Of course this took me down the path of this obsession some people (mostly fame whoring celebrities) have with the life span of cows, pigs and chickens and their distaste for the murder these innocent creatures solely for the purpose of feeding our bodies. Okay, meat tastes good. ¬†No, actually it tastes phenomenal and we aren’t the only creatures who eat it either. ¬†In fact, the celebrities who are part of P.E.T.A ¬†frequently have a lovable furry creature attached to them in the form of a dog or cat. ¬†Mostly it’s a dog though and this is where it becomes sort of hypocritically fascinating. ¬†Any vet or animal expert will tell you that dogs and cats and well, all non herbivores NEED meat or they will die. ¬†Their bodies demand the protein for survival therefore, tell me, what exactly do these P.E.T.A people feed their pets? ¬†Doesn’t the odd cow, chicken, pig or horse have to satisfy the basic needs of their pet? ¬†Doesn’t some human being have to kill one of these creatures so that Hollywood Fido can slurp his dish clean hence ensuring his survival? ¬†Why don’t these P.E.T.A people ever chain themselves to the Alpo plant? ¬†Lastly, I would love to see someone fill a hungry pitbull’s dish with some lovely fresh beans, sprouts and tofu.

Time Waster Thought # 2

The Rock may have a guest this coming week. ¬†Yes, you may not have heard of it because A. It’s in Canada and no one knows anything about our little country and B. It’s happening here on this little island in Canada. ¬†Who is it you may ask? ¬†Why it’s none other than Muammar Gadaffi. Yes that’s right, he is dropping in for a spell on his way back from his long winded rambling appearance at the U.N. ¬† What the hell he wants to come here for is beyond me. ¬†Let me rephrase that, there is nothing here. ¬†I would however suggest he take his car out for a spin on the roads and explore our many potholes and if that doesn’t shake him up, the idiot drivers will. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Terrorism? ¬†Hell, it’s road terrorism here, the worst kind. ūüėČ ¬†If his translator thought Muammar could go on, they haven’t listened to the premier of this province waffle on for hours and hours and hours. ¬†Hey, wait a minute, this kinda ties in with the P.E.T.A. thought. ¬†Didn’t Williams humiliate himself on Larry King Live, ¬†trying to fame whore wrestle Sir Paul McCartney and Heather gives-me-the-chills Mills? ¬†Why yes he did by golly, just goes to show you, vegetarians and meat eaters each have their own spokesidiots to ignore.

There, see what happens when I just empty my head and don’t actually write anything. Yeah, I’m hanging my head in shame, but it’s still not enough to push me to write what I was supposed to finish a week ago. ¬†Argh.