I Am

I’m still here, another minute, hour, day

a throbbing pulsing mass of crushed bone and flesh

exposed to filth that lives beneath a crumbled past

clinging to the pipe that protrudes from my thigh

slowly spilling a blood  river into what used to be my home

a red tributary snake sliding around the debris of my life

last night I heard the wild machete boys poking around in the misery

threatening the corpses, marauding and debasing their souls

But that is past, now there is a new light emerging from the blind dark time

Today they may find me and save the baby who is still living in my womb

The baby who is trying to be born

The baby I have named Felice


As You Know…

I’m Canadian and I wanted to post this video of a statement made my our wonderful Governor General, Michaëlle Jean.  She is Haitian by birth and has an adopted child from Haiti.  She is in a unique position to not only understand the dire circumstances, but to also urge others to give as much as we can.  Lets help her shall we?