You can retain the purity of a flame

when you know your universal place

you did not put this air here

that you breathe

that sustains all life

both good an evil

that will leave you just as mysteriously as it once filled your newborn lungs

and all you will take with you

at the conclusion of your life

to the void of self and be

is you




and every single deed








A Follow Up To The Bukowski Clay Feet Video

Mark (opoetoo) put this link in the comment section and I wanted to share it with you. Elizabeth Gilbert is doing a service to writers and artists by exposing the facts about where we get our ideas and inspiration. She really does honour the place where our work originates and it isn’t within us, but you know that don’t you? 😉 Enjoy. Thanks Mark!

The Speaker

You’re so absorbant

Like a sponge

You leave us all so dry

Cracked and wanting more

Your moist words

You sit

You drip

Your words are all so wry

Our attention is your mirror

The reflected light fantastic

You trip

All day long  we see

The movement of your lips

You’re  soaking wet

Swimming in a pool of wit

Cascades of  words

Fairly drip from your fluid lips

You always trip

And lose your grip

Before you slip

Born and bred

Once the A list

Now the Z