Rez Dog

He was cold

when I found him

shivering underneath the moss covered floorboards

of an abandoned shack

situated beside the shack

where my baby and I had shelter

He was hungry and afraid

with welts from being beaten on the left side of his belly

a whimper when I approached

brown eyes milky from malnutrition

I lured him with smoked salmon

the tribe had left for us

We’d been eating it steady for two weeks now with just water and some stale bread

but we shared with this border collie

my daughter named ‘Pepper’

because of his black and white fur

missing in places from the ravages of hunger and the elements

we loved him back to health

slept with him

and in time he returned the favour

by keeping the coyotes away

his loyalty and devotion were never in question

and it comes to me to wonder

if I saved him

or if he saved me

I think it may have been both



There are no ideal places

no sun drenched corners in love with the early morning

or kissing friends to greet on the shady side of the street

no bowers of a fragrant still life suspended in middle age air

no sage borders to hold up your sagging reference to hail fellows well met

Instead it’s all just blackened ivory towers twisting up the atmosphere

with dirty laundry hanging itself on all the embellished stories you tell

for the bottom of your tell tale heart

for the ten second reward of being interesting to the pack

of wandering mongrels hungry for a morsel on which to chew

and you know what they say about this breed of canine:

a dog that will bring a bone

will also take one away

Barking Purse

Celebrity carrying insecurity bags
Purses filled with social fear
Park their pocket books
in various colours, shapes and sizes
at the closet door…

but before I leave the safe confines
of four walls and solitude
I lift a tiny body
fit it snugly under one arm
loose enough for shifting
Camera angles do apply
comfortable enough to keep me warm
a heart beating I can feel close to my breast
a tiny furry barrier in pink
between us and our anti social social life
High on being on
You can’t make my stomach churn with tabloid eyes
Sure, you have all the leverage
To make me feel blinded by my own light
alone in and above the yes crowd
But I’ve got a plan
Meet my newest weapon, it’s the latest craze
and it can soothe my nervous condition
divert you gaze from my nose
Meet my puppy Tinkerbell
in coordinating shocking pink
My greatest fashion statement yet
My adorable barking purse.