Morrissey Diminishing Pedophilia and Abuse

The singer ‘Morrissey’ is now an irrelevant old man who has long past his freshness date. So then, what does a washed up, narcissistic and unremarkable pop music celebrity do with himself when his audience is also aging, dying and quite literally diminishing in number? We all know that you can’t have a self absorbed lunatic facing an empty room, he MUST have his love and admiration no matter how shallow and transient. Thus, the above mentioned twat, latches on to one of themost critical and important matters on this planet right now: the abuse of innocence children by pedophiles. Yes, it’s true, Morrissey is now exploiting the suffering of children who are raped, as well as those who were starved, raped and baked in ovens in Auschwitz and is comparing their suffering to a pork chop or a piece of fried chicken. Vegetarianism now appears to be an acceptable avenue to contribute to the abuse of minors by suggesting that a cow, chicken or pig is somehow as or more important than a human being who is being abused by another human being. Perhaps those who espouse the belief that animals are innocent victims who need our protection, should try to do the same for innocent children, some who are not even walking yet and who are so abused physically and emotionally that they never recover, going on to suffer in ways that can never be described.

Yes I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it and most especially when dangerous morons like Morrissey flap their useless lips. CHILDREN matter more than ANIMALS. Got it? CHILDREN, HUMAN CHILDREN are the MOST important beings on this planet and if Morrissey or any other vegetarian fanatic would like to put his words to the test, then by all means, find a way to put yourself in Auschwitz, suffer the same way many children and adults did then. Suggestion to Morrissey from this survivor of child sexual abuse and violence: SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP and retire from being a professional miscreant and idiot.


Convenience Story (dying for minimum wage)

The mountain cuts a Gothic pose
against lichen smothered memories
myth and smoke mingle
in a place where the gun is dipped in alcohol
until it’s wiped clean of conscience
aimed with rages of the ages
jiggling trigger digit
makes an insolent mug shot
chin up
chip on the shoulder
poke in the air
metal powder tease
the twisted taker evaluates his company
a diminutive matter selling gas and cigarettes
now a crouching ball of terror
falling by the wayside of a safe passage
to the back side of the graveyard shift
the cradle of the manifestation of his worst nightmare
reflected mortality in the iris of a tragic end
in the aisle next to the potato chips
and Pepsi

Two Things

First, I just wanted to let you know about a wonderful place on the web that now lists me as a member:  Feminist blogs.

If you have time, take a stroll over there and read some insightful writing by some of the most dynamic feminist writers on the web.

I’ve also written a very short verse that relates to another area of my novel.



Arms I used to protect you

were beaten black and blue

He shoved my face into the dirt

They day he kidnapped you