I Want You To Know I Suffered Today…

To bring you these lovely photos of the freezing North Atlantic that surrounds me.   I even got hives from the cold, along with a snotty nose, watery eyes AND an earache.  I suffer so to capture the icy hell of this rock.  😉  Seriously, it was colder than snot on a snowman, a witches t…ah…nevermind,  you’ll get the picture. hehehe

Middle Cove Beach today, where the sea and air collided while the sun was busy being ironic.
This will put frost on the pipes.
Aargh Matey, she was rough today!
I have absolutely no idea who this family is, but hey, they were there so I utlilized their bodies to show the immensity of the cliffs
Indisputable proof that McDonalds is indeed EVERYWHERE! Ahhhhh
Lots of Foam creeping up the beach today my friends.
How about some wonderful gull shots. They posed ya know. We have a deal that involves left over bread. 😉
Johathon Livingston Seagull the 300th hehe
More family coming to say hellooooooo


Just Because I Love You All So Much…

I want to share more of my ‘weather’ with you.  Yes, that’s right, more snow, ice, cold and even more snow.  See?  This is why you love me right back!   😉

This is what you see when you look down
This is what you see when you look to the right
This is what you see when you look in front of you
This is what you see when you look up
Just look at those poor birds! It's so cold they have to huddle together lest they freeze to death. Aw aren't they tweet? 🙂
How about this? Poor Mr. sun is peeping out from the snow laden clouds begging for someone, ANYONE to help him get the hell out from under their oppression. Clouds are bullies, I've just decided and snow clouds are gangsta bullies. :0
A lovely mound of cold, wet snow. Snow, the Canadian burden


Something horrific has been happening for the past three hours.  It is so soul numbingly terrible I can barely utter ‘the’ word to describe the event.  Okay, here it is, it is SNOWING!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I fully expect a nice overflow of sympathy please.  I am now emotionally scarred because it is NOT supposed to do this for another two or three weeks.  I’m feeling faint, I think I need to recline a while until I can regain the strength to look out the window once more.  😦 Nononononono.  NO.