Shameless Self Promotion #2

Today, my poem Passages Internal is up at voxpoetica. Of course, you all know how I operate, don’t you?  This is really an opportunity for me to promote voxpoetica itself.   If you haven’t visited this magazine before, simply click the link and then take a tour that will feed your mind and soul with the words of many inspired poets.  Annmarie Lockhart, the editor and creator of voxpoetica,  has nurtured and matured this publication into a quality literary experience.  In addition to the posted work, she has expanded her passion to include a weekly interview with a featured poet on 15 minutes of poetry via blog talk radio, every Thursday at 1pm EST as well as a print anthology:  Inspirations, Images and Words, Collection 1.

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If you click the link, you can buy a copy to enjoy over the summer while you sit back and relax. Nothing says summer like a very good book!  🙂


Something I Want To Tell You…

Not long ago many of us were deeply affected by the horrific disaster in Haiti.   Naturally, as a writer it moved me creatively and I wrote a poem designed to stimulate the love and compassion muscles in those who read it.  The idea was to inspire the readers of this blog to open their souls and wallets and give something to help those suffering and struggling to survive.  After a while,  I submitted it to Annmarie Lockhart over at Voxpoetica, who in turn urged me to  send it along to Lisa Marie Basile, the editor of The Caper Journal. I did and she has given me the honour of appearing  in an upcoming print journal she is producing called VWA, or Voice in kreyòl.  The Brilliance behind this idea, is to use our words  to raise money that will assist the survivors of the Quake in Haiti.  I cannot tell you how very grateful I am to both Annmarie and Lisa Marie for allowing me to contribute my poetry to a cause that could possibly feed, heal or soothe another human being.  What more could a writer desire, than to have their work used in such a noble and caring way?  I’m terribly humbled and in that spirit I ask those who read this blog regularly as well as the sporadic visitors who slip in through the door for a curious look around, to please bookmark the Caper Journal website and when VWA goes on sale, I urge you to buy a copy. You never know, your purchase may save a life.  Thank you good friends and scribes, may your day be filled with brilliance.   🙂

*I would also like to mention that a wonderful poet Tel Mcgaha is  part of this project as a contributor of his poetic talent.  Once again, please help us to help those who are unable to make this request for themselves.  Your karma will thank you. 🙂

Partly Because I’m…

lazy and partly because that laziness is due to my meat and potatoes day job,  I’m regaling you with the amateur sound of my poetic recitation.   Okay, I’ll confess the truth:  I’ve got a problem…I’m addicted to podding.  I think the only solution is to get my book trailer up and running on the other website, the one dedicated to my books.  Anyway, if you want to hear my reedy cussing podcast of Tic Toc, it’s there today for your listening pleasure, along with a few others:  ValsPodBean

Also, please go to a wonderful blog——–> voxpoetica The blog owner Annmarie Lockhart was kind enough to put Tic Toc on her site and if you need to feed your poetic belly, you will sate your hunger there.   Remember, pass the good vibe to other scribes and be zen.