Tuck Magazine: The Children of Gaza and Israel: A War Crime

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She had no state funeral, no songs were written about her by rock stars, she was never elected to office based on her persona, she had no ties to any radical group with strong connections to terrorism, she never married or had children, she wasn’t deified in life or death, she didn’t live to see her sixteenth birthday let alone her ninety fifth, she spent two years hiding behind a wall in a very small space unable to speak very loudly, starving and shitting in a bucket, eventually she died in Bergen-Belsen, a Nazi prison camp where they took human beings to be worked like slaves, starved, gassed and incinerated in ovens, many of them children. Her entire family were murdered this way with the exception of her father Otto. To get there she did nothing but be born a Jew. During her time she did something exceptional that has affected this world in a way no religions leader, political leader or celebrity ever has or ever will, she put pen to paper and wrote the the truth of her experience and displayed the blossoming flower of innocence and youthful optimism from her place in hell. No other book, not even the bible has been as widely read or translated into as many languages and as you read or watch the coverage of Mandela’s funeral, remember Anne Frank instead because she WAS the real thing and not a media created fabrication of a martyr for those oppressed. Better yet, read her diary and do the comparison yourself. This world is corrupt and it praises and elevates that which is also corrupt and it has been thus since the beginning.

I Don’t Often Get Political But, This Is Actually…

social and spiritual, therefore here comes the deluge from my mind and soul, take cover.  I won’t go on ad nauseum or do a diatribe that will blot out precious moments from your day dear scribes, I’m really just going to make a request based on events that have been unfolding in the middle east.  Disturbing events.  Events that require close attention.  It matters not to me your religions bent, or your cultural affiliation, what matters is that your mind is open.  Here is my request:

This sweet girl has an important day approaching.  It would be her 81st on birthday on June 12, had she been permitted to live.  Instead, she died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at the age of fifteen.

While in hiding from the monsters who eventually killed her, she wrote in this diary, a birthday gift from her family which actually became a gift from Anne to you and I:

Which was published, printed and looks like this sometimes:

Request:  If you’ve read it, please reread it over the summer and if you’ve not read it, please make this a gift you give to yourself and let Anne speak to you.  I was raised a catholic (emphasis on the intentional small c) but now I’m a humanist,  my god is the collective unit known as you and I and everyone else on this planet and the  book above is my bible.  Read it and you will see why.  Happy weekend scribes, keep speaking your truth freely and openly.   🙂

Happy Birthday Anne, thank you for the words, always the words.

As we tip toe into a new year…

that is really the road of resolution and rebirth, lets not forget or disregard the lessons of the past for the apparently terminal condition of hate, fear and misunderstanding in this world.  The  implication for our future of continuing on this path is dire. We are now collectively standing on a precipice, poised to leap over the edge to our final destruction, or to step back and preserve the human race.  I’ve posted the video below with the desire you will hear the words of a special girl displaying  the wisdom and vision rare in one so young amid such suffering, spoken by a woman who also endured during that terrible time of hate, bigotry and genocide.  Think about not only the past year, but the  past one hundred and see how far socially we have NOT come  and know solidly within your heart and soul that this is still happening to the innocent.   There is a power shift taking place on this planet and many decisions will need to be made by individuals, us. We have a new decade in which to not only overcome the hate that erodes humanity’s promise, but to also remove and destroy the root of despair which comes along with the vitriol,  before it plunges ever deeper into our psyches, stealing our hope, love and diplomatic ability to compromise.   We worry more it would seem, about whales, seals and polar bears than we do about abused children in our own hometown or little babies left without parents or even their own limbs due to the insanity of the oil war.  Perhaps it is easier to care about a cute and cuddly looking animal than it is a lice infested and suffering baby with no food, parents or love.  Perhaps in 2010, each of us will find a way to use our art to reach into that dark place and shine a light.  Thanks for reading this and watching the video.  Much love and good vibes for all you wonderful scribes, as always.

Happy Birthday Anne

Anne Frank, age twelve, at her school desk. Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1941.

Anne Frank's diary

Tomorrow is a special day.  Tomorrow is Anne Franks birthday.   She was born  June 12, 1929 and if she had survived the hate that enveloped her young world like a shroud, she would now be eighty years of age.  We will never know if she would have become the journalist she yearned to be, but one thing is certain, she has done more than almost anyone to enlighten and advance the cause of love and tolerance on this planet.   A few short years ago I was a very small and confined person.  I had no freedom, save that of my thoughts and Anne Frank’s words kept me level and solid inside.  I read that diary nearly every day until I escaped my prison.  Each word, expression and nuance from her journal is now a living part of my soul.  Some people read the talmud, the bible, the koran, the book of the dead etc…I read Anne.  If you’ve not read her, please pick up her diary because now more than ever her experiences are relevant.  This world needs to be reminded that the cost of denial and ignorance is devastating to humanity.  I would also like to invite anyone who reads this to visit a wonderful blog:  calliopespen She is a wonderful writer  who  has captured as closely as anyone can, the understanding that can transcend even our strongest urges to remain indifferent.   Please read it.

One last thought…for any of you who think your words don’t matter because they aren’t in Chapters, on Amazon or published by Random House et al…think again.  Your words can change a  mind, warm a heart or inspire someone to carry on despite the odds against their survival.    Keep writing your truth and cast aside your doubts.