the solitary in profile

caught by sight

somewhere in the sleep of night

eye to eye

all in an instant

and all things felt

climbing out of skin and bone

to see the speaking of the mind

temple to temple

iris to iris

and in the end

you are you

I am me

but together

who are we?

And will our finding set us free?



On a chair
sitting with the sting
and ache
so throbbing in its truth
nothing quells the ebb and flow
of salt water tidal waves
or stifles the anguished heart
storms building inside weakened barricades
of nothing really matters
not cause
or effect
not even life or breath
the rhythmic heaving sobs
of the weeper

Two Abreast

Left breast

Right breast

Keep abreast of the situation

of the breast

the weight of the chest

that lies there threatening

to cut your breath

it steals your rest

this is just a test

of your breast

to ensure against

unwanted guests

who make their nests

like little pests

who could be cancer

fully dresssed

You must be certain lest

by death you are caressed

You’re just a chicken so obsessed

With your lumpy scary breast