The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

This is a document of which many Canadians are unaware until their rights are violated by an entity or individual with power over them. When I was in court fighting for my daughter’s life I invoked my charter rights  and suddenly the power shifted and the corrupt court proceedings ended. Our charter rights as Canadian citizens and victims of violence were violated over and over again by the very institutions who are supposed to uphold and protect them.. Again I want to stress that the freedom of speech and fairness under the law for any  citizen of this country will only exist when we are determined to make them exist by demanding they be respected and protected. If you don’t make the words actively real, then the Charter isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and the intention of those who drafted it is trampled underfoot. Know your rights and teach them to your children lest you lose them altogether. The link below will take you to a pdf of The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, please read it.





Morrissey Diminishing Pedophilia and Abuse

The singer ‘Morrissey’ is now an irrelevant old man who has long past his freshness date. So then, what does a washed up, narcissistic and unremarkable pop music celebrity do with himself when his audience is also aging, dying and quite literally diminishing in number? We all know that you can’t have a self absorbed lunatic facing an empty room, he MUST have his love and admiration no matter how shallow and transient. Thus, the above mentioned twat, latches on to one of themost critical and important matters on this planet right now: the abuse of innocence children by pedophiles. Yes, it’s true, Morrissey is now exploiting the suffering of children who are raped, as well as those who were starved, raped and baked in ovens in Auschwitz and is comparing their suffering to a pork chop or a piece of fried chicken. Vegetarianism now appears to be an acceptable avenue to contribute to the abuse of minors by suggesting that a cow, chicken or pig is somehow as or more important than a human being who is being abused by another human being. Perhaps those who espouse the belief that animals are innocent victims who need our protection, should try to do the same for innocent children, some who are not even walking yet and who are so abused physically and emotionally that they never recover, going on to suffer in ways that can never be described.

Yes I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it and most especially when dangerous morons like Morrissey flap their useless lips. CHILDREN matter more than ANIMALS. Got it? CHILDREN, HUMAN CHILDREN are the MOST important beings on this planet and if Morrissey or any other vegetarian fanatic would like to put his words to the test, then by all means, find a way to put yourself in Auschwitz, suffer the same way many children and adults did then. Suggestion to Morrissey from this survivor of child sexual abuse and violence: SHUT.THE.FUCK.UP and retire from being a professional miscreant and idiot.


She had no state funeral, no songs were written about her by rock stars, she was never elected to office based on her persona, she had no ties to any radical group with strong connections to terrorism, she never married or had children, she wasn’t deified in life or death, she didn’t live to see her sixteenth birthday let alone her ninety fifth, she spent two years hiding behind a wall in a very small space unable to speak very loudly, starving and shitting in a bucket, eventually she died in Bergen-Belsen, a Nazi prison camp where they took human beings to be worked like slaves, starved, gassed and incinerated in ovens, many of them children. Her entire family were murdered this way with the exception of her father Otto. To get there she did nothing but be born a Jew. During her time she did something exceptional that has affected this world in a way no religions leader, political leader or celebrity ever has or ever will, she put pen to paper and wrote the the truth of her experience and displayed the blossoming flower of innocence and youthful optimism from her place in hell. No other book, not even the bible has been as widely read or translated into as many languages and as you read or watch the coverage of Mandela’s funeral, remember Anne Frank instead because she WAS the real thing and not a media created fabrication of a martyr for those oppressed. Better yet, read her diary and do the comparison yourself. This world is corrupt and it praises and elevates that which is also corrupt and it has been thus since the beginning.


There is but one god on this earth and human beings made it. It isn’t Jesus, Allah or Buddha. The god on this earth is MONEY and it controls you and everything you see, eat and experience. You worship it endlessly and want more and more of it. You can’t live without it. Your very survival depends on your loyalty to it and love for it. People die for it, kill for it and work themselves into the grave for it. People betray those closest to them for it and sacrifice their innocents at the alter of this god, to appease its need to increase itself. It is a rampaging monster of a deity and it can’t give you anything but the transient spoils of a corrupt and dying planet.


It is often the hallmark of any controlling body, to placate large numbers of people by making a small concession so that they can take away a greater right without being noticed. Giving with one hand while taking with another, a sleight of hand done by a small group of people who are invisible to us all but who determine whether we have water, food and heat. Even those who live a rural existence have been urbanized by the internet. All the connections we have online are one flip of a switch away from being eliminated and none of us have any control over it. What will happen to the many families eroded by the online dynamic that has estranged them from their friends and family, groups living in the same dwelling but in complete isolation? How will individuals cope with the loss of this internet drug if the plug is one day pulled?

Human beings have been cast adrift by secretive past times online coupled with the need to avoid the responsibility that true intimacy within the family structure demands. We are a generation/culture devoid of emotional intelligence and maturity, perpetual children unable to exist without smart phones, ebay, fast food, grocery stores, prescription drugs, fake spirituality, celebrity culture and contrived politics. We are truly the lost generation and this haze of denial is sea fog thick, our undoing and the cause of what will ultimately be our species eventual end. At some point, some other group of beings will hold a human skull in their hands, an artifact to the previous race of creatures to inhabit the planet and they will say “They ignored each other to death.”

According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, 1 in 8 people are starving on this planet right now. This alone is proof that most human beings do not love anyone but themselves. This is factual evidence, that for all our technological advancement and social posturing, most do not care if others die for lack of a crust of bread. You can’t turn a corner in our society, flip on the television or flit around the internet without seeing cooking shows, restaurants, recipes complete with mouth watering photos, discussions about what was consumed that day and complaints about obesity and the need for weight loss. We have even armed ourselves with a few ambassadors of rationalization, the inspirational gurus, pseudo saviors who strut across stages, puking back to us the hokus pokus of this mass denial of our guilt in doing nothing to love, help and feed others. We know damn well there is enough food for everyone. It is this one basic right, the right to eat and stay alive that is the most important and the most violated on this planet. It is violated everywhere, not only the third world and yet, there are no picketers demanding that the government stop restaurants, grocery chains and farmers from sending several tons of food a year to landfill sites. Where are those who usually pounce on government buildings demanding changes in legislation, so that every single person eats every single day with no fear of starving? As always, silence, absolute shattering silence.

This is not about the government. This is not about the military. This is not about another country or culture. This is about ONE race: human beings. This the responsibility of YOU and I and no one else. Change happens when large groups of people make it happen. Even dogs in the wild keep each other fed, which says a great deal about humanity.


Indie Writers, Bragging Rights, Tuck Magazine and Blurbs

Within the past two months, Tuck Magazine and more specifically, yours truly has been quoted in the blurbs of two volumes of poetry. Certainly I am flattered down to my bones with this honour, but more than this I feel as if my work with Tuck has mattered, in-so-far as the promotion of independent writers is concerned. When you toil alone it is so difficult to keep your focus unwavering and your self believe intact. The indie writer is a one person literary machine: creator, publisher, marketer, accountant and publicist. Clearly, anyone who is so passionate about the words is indeed a special breed of writer and deserves more than a nudge up the hill toward recognition and sales, therefore, I shall commence nudging:

Cat Catalyst was my interview for the June issue of Tuck, which you can read HERE

She has just released a book called “Emolution” that is much more than a good summer read,it is a spiritual and intellectual trek with an inspiring and insightful thinker/artist.

You can visit her shop window HERE to purchase a copy and to support a phenomenal indie writer.

Guy Traiber is a philosopher and seeker of truth found in humble an unconventional places. He also happens to be one of the best poets to be found online. I have been pestering him forever to write a book and lo and behold, he has finally taken the indie leap, with an unusual but very clever book: “The Pocket Zen Book of Irrelevant Answers.” I won’t go into the content but  I will be reviewing it soon for Tuck, so keep your eyes peeled. Until then, you can purchase a brand spanking new copy HERE to add to your summer mind/soul expansion reading list.

Writers, the Literati and the New World of Publishing

It doesn’t matter that you are literate.
It doesn’t matter that you are a talented and versatile writer.
It doesn’t matter that you are ambitious and industrious.
It doesn’t matter that you have original and compelling stories to tell.
It doesn’t matter in certain circles because the art and profession of writing has been infected with an elitist attitude and one which has shut the door tightly to those who do not have an MFA, English Literature or at the very least an eternally useless Bachelor or Arts degree. You see, the truth is this:

Once upon a time the only requirement for the profession of writing was…wait for it…the ability to write and the talent to tell a story. That’s it. No degree, connections or affiliation with anything other than your arse in a chair feeling inspired and doing the work. The atmosphere is so corrupted now by institutionalized/sanitized thinkers that when you submit certain types of MS to Lit agents, they STRONGLY(read, we will delete you if you don’t have one) suggest you add your academic CV. Uh huh.

The requirement for publication by a small press: Connections and you do all the work to market your book while they take a cut for printing and publishing it. Of course there are also a few ‘business’ advantages to this arrangement via contests, award nominations and royalty checks.

The requirement for self publication: None.

The requirement for success: Long term sales and an appetite for more of your work from a growing readership. Unless anyone, self published, small press published or larger commercial press published can claim this one and only mark of success as a professional
writer, then it is all smoke, mirrors and self delusion. At some point this profession became the focus of those with a penchant for romanticism. The ensuing desire to be the famous author, adored and lauded for his/her awe inspiring intellect became the option for a generation of people raised on television and McDonald’s Happy Meals. The result of the academic grip on writing as an art form is mass illiteracy among writers who are currently lining the shelves at Chapters. Double negatives, tenses that don’t match, inconsistency in character traits and setting, rambling narrative that resembles the chatter of someone on Methamphetamine, redundancy of language and superfluous dialogue that is nothing short of filler for a weak plot. If you add prose that doesn’t exist to support the inner life of a character but is merely present to create an excuse for the author to have an ego trip on every page, then you have what usually passes for a novel in 2013.

The snobs of the lit elite despise the following genres because success here is determined by what was mentioned above and not by any academic connection:

Science Fiction
Supernatural Thrillers

The above noted genres are responsible for producing some of the best and most literate writers we have currently. Conversely modern literature is a wasteland of uninspired soulless creatures pecking away at a keyboard churning out nonsense. The more obscure or peculiar this nonsense , the more it is touted as being intellectual and full of socially conscious meaning. No, it’s just bullshit written by those with no talent who are supported by others with no talent who all seem to have an MFA. This is of course a ludicrous state if affairs but fear not, all is well in our profession, despite the infection of the literati.

Just in case you think the degree you hold in your fist makes you a writer, think again. That piece of paper means one thing only. It means that you could afford to go to school and that you completed your course. It does not mean you can write, no matter what the instructor told you. It also doesn’t matter what other writers tell you because they have their own agendas and the garden path is littered with the blind leading the blind. It only matters what readers tell you by parting with the green in their wallet. Whenever I hear anyone hide behind their degree when no one is buying their books, they usually spout something like this: “Well, I don’t write for anyone else anyway, I write for me.” Good luck with that.

Here is a quote to live by if you are a writer and a reminder that school means nothing, reading means everything and in the writing profession without the talent and the desire you will remain unread:

“I spent three days a week for ten years educating myself in the public library, and it’s better than college. People should educate themselves – you can get a complete education for no money. At the end of ten years, I had read every book in the library and I’d written a thousand stories.” -Ray Bradbury

Below is a short list of successful writers who had no degree from any university, either because they quit, were booted out or never attended at all. Bear in mind this is an incomplete list and if your writing can endure and sell like ice cubes in a heat wave, then you just may have something.  Keep writing.

John Steinbeck
Mark Twain
Ray Bradbury
Truman Capote
Agatha Christie
Stieg Larsson
George Orwell
Maya Angelou
Doris Lessing
Edgar Allan Poe
Jane Austen
Mary Shelley
Percy Shelley
Jack Kerouac