Sophie’s Place, Shannon Tweed and Pornography.

Shannon Tweed has and continues to be involved in the pornography industry as an actress which is why it is shocking and despicable that no one is concerned that her daughter Sophie Tweed Simmons has opened a center for child victims of sexual abuse in British Columbia. Apparently child protection advocates as well as those involved in rape and abuse prevention are ignoring this silent sanctioning or diminishing of an industry that is responsible for an increase in sexual violence against women and children.  Not one person has asked Ms. Tweed Simmons to clarify her position regarding pornography or her feelings about her mother’s role in promoting it. This is more than a contradiction, it is completely unacceptable from a child protection perspective. The fact that the creation of this centre had more to do with an episode of her family’s reality television program only highlights the questionable nature of her involvement.  When you also consider that policing and child protection agencies are utilizing this centre, it is beyond disturbing.  There is no separating Sophie Tweed Simmons connection to this children’s centre from her mother’s involvement with pornography because her entire reputation is based on her parentage, hence her name being used to promote this program in the first place. As a survivor of sexual abuse and rape, I am disgusted and ashamed that those who are suppose to be protecting children have sanctioned this obscenity, it is an insult to all survivors and victims.

This article from the January 15, 2012 issue of the Vancouver Sun makes everything quite clear:






The wall of shame is always there

paper faces in black and white

someone’s mother sister daughter lover wife

I always look

Sometimes I stop

and remember

when my own eyes stared back at me

hollow from fear and physical starvation

beside the wide open smile and soul of a baby girl so rare and beautiful

on white painted brick the papers are lined up in perfect rows for viewing

between the bathrooms and the lottery booth

Since that day when my life was relegated to two bad photos and a lie

I know one home truth. Just one.

Never let anyone get too close


the price is higher than you can ever imagine

or pay

Note to Ernie Allen: Tell me Ernest, why are the majority of parents accused of abducting their own babies women? I mean, it’s kinda obvious don’t you think? Just planting a seed for others to read, sort of like you do only my words are true.

I Need To Leave…

for a while. I have to get my house in order so to speak. There are times in life when breaks are necessary to reevaluate our goals and purpose and this is such a time for me. In two weeks I will turn forty nine and for far too long I’ve neglected aspects of my own physical and emotional well being. I will continue to write for myself and perhaps tweet off and on but not as prolifically as before. In addition to my freelance work and my own side projects I will be immersing myself in the feminist activities in my area within a community that I feel will give me the strength and emotional support I will need over the next twelve months. There have been events in my life that have scarred me and that need attention so that I may heal properly so that I can function joyfully, to be of benefit to my daughter as well as other women who have survived similar situations.

As always, I leave some love here with you and I promise to return as soon as I feel that I have something to share that is positive and filled with light. Until then, peace out lovely scribes and always be good to each other, always be unselfish and kind.

Power and equality in Society

Two days ago I read a fascinating blog post by Lourdes Acevedo, a talented feminist writer. Her piece was inspired by this book: The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  The gist of Lourdes’ blog post was the exploration of the seeming contradiction within feminism as it relates to professional women who employ domestic workers to care for their homes and children while they fight for equal pay and build careers for themselves in white collar professions. The disparity in pay and many times working conditions alone made this a fascinating situation to discuss and consider not least because Lourdes posed a very important question mid way through her post: It makes me wonder, is feminism only for the privileged few?

Is it? Or is this simply a perception we have based on outmoded models of what power and equality actually is. Do we as a society view people only through the narrow lens of our own economic and social class; judging them based on our personal level of achievement? Whether we are feminists or not appears to be becoming increasingly irrelevant now in this era of the plugged in global village when we are discussing the state of our social and moral health. Every gender, faith, race and age is an active participant  in the events of a world that is regressing socially, in the form of rioting, looting, flash mob violence and an epidemic of abuse against children. Perhaps it is time to look beyond simply our feminist perspective now, to evolve that ideology into something more embracing of all, to a higher level that will address the most persistent human flaw which is the twisted root of everything destructive:  selfishness.  We need to do it soon because the chasm between the rich and poor, the safe and the violated or more specifically, those with power and equality and those without is widening at an accelerated rate.

Obviously, Lourdes‘  thought provoking post was a catalyst for  me to insert the notion of power and equality into the greater framework of poverty and violence and the unfair distribution of wealth on this planet, particularly in light of the economic crisis that has laid to waste  many social programs that assist women, children, the disabled and the elderly. Economic hardship and the resultant behavior of the populace, makes a mockery of the political rhetoric that claims compassion and the care of our most vulnerable citizens as the cornerstone of our western society.  There is nowhere to hide in this media saturated world, from the incontrovertible truth that this is a preposterous social lie designed to make us feel better about not doing the right thing for each other. It is easier to live in denial than share the wealth when it is our own. We do not demand that CEO’s end the greed because we indulge our own avarice by shopping for more food, clothing, vacations, jewelry, computers and appliances than we will ever use or need. We are swathed in guilt that feeds this mass indifference, a denial that is only being penetrated by the thoughtful discussion and problem solving that is happening in one sector of society: Feminists. This very nicely brings us back to the origin of this post,  to the question Lourdes posed: It makes me wonder, is feminism only for the privileged few?  The fact that a feminist is asking this question supports a notion I have, no, more than a notion; a probability that it will be the women, not science, religion or politics which will end the social and moral decline of the human race. It will be mothers, daughters and sisters, the life givers of this planet that in the end will save it. Why? Because it is a natural and yes, maternal urge that is without question the most potent force on this earth.  To quote a line spoken by Jeff Goldbloom’s  character in Jurassic Park: “Life will find a way.” Indeed, and who better to tell you this than women?

My Interview with Kathleen Winter at Hercircleezine

Photo credit: CBC


Here it is, the interview that Kathleen Winter so graciously granted me:

Please read, enjoy and if the spirit moves you, leave a comment too, it would be very much appreciated!


A New Book Review At Hercircle

My review of Katie Farris’ book ‘BoysGirls’ (Marick Press 2011) is up at hercirlceezine. Take a look and if you are so inclined, leave a comment and perhaps read some of the content in the rest of the magazine.  There are some wonderful and intelligent writers contributing to hercircle. If you are truly enamoured of Katie Farris’ book, click away lovely scribes and visit the Marick Press homepage. They are a dynamic indie press publishing some damn original and talented writers.