Yesterday was a particularly uplifting day. A beautiful woman I know told me that her cancer was shrinking, that her oncology reporte was positive and that a new treatment was working. Afterward I reflected on the glow of joy in her eyes and felt positive about my own struggle with the cancer fear I live with daily. On behalf of my friend, and many others who live with this hammer hanging over their heads, I urge you to donate. There may be people undergoing this very ordeal, people that you know who keep it quiet but nonetheless soldier on and by sending in even as little as ten bucks to cancer research, you are affecting their lives in a positive way.  More importantly, there are inspirational souls being tossed about in the sea of chemo, radiation, surgery and the ensuing physical suffering who may need a hug, so give them one.  Your encouragement means a great deal to someone fighting insurmountable odds in order to remain alive. Life is precious, enjoy yours, love others and remember that we are all mortal and the cash donation or hug you give today could be an investment for you or a loved one in the future if cancer knocks at your door. Pay it forward beautiful souls.

As an aside, ‘my own little lump,’ as I’ve come to affectionately refer to it, is the size of a small pea. It is directly underneath the scar tissue of the last surgery I had, to remove what was determined to be a precancerous growth (abnormal cells that haven’t yet turned into cancer) and for a while it was shrinking but now it isn’t. I will have ye olde mammogram in December and if it is the Big C I’ll do what I always do, and keep you updated, write a shit load of poems about it and generally puke it all out for art sake. If it’s not the Big C I’ll still do the same. Either way, take care of your health, love each other, say what you need to say to whom you need to say it and know that this moment is all any of us really has. All the rest, well it is utter bullshit.

Donate here:

Canadian Cancer Society 

American Cancer Society

British Cancer Research

Australian Cancer Research Foundation  

World Cancer Research Fund


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Cancer”

  1. Val, my dear, please listen to your doctors. They should know what’s best for you. I will hold you in my prayers and trust that all will be well. God bless you, my friend.

  2. Oh God, Val. I had no idea you were living with this fear. I feel so bad for you. That is the odious nature of cancer, even in remission there is still a fear of it returning. Writing is incredibly therapeutic. I have a couple of girls in my writing group dealing with cancer and what they write is so beautiful and moving and terrifying real that it humbles me and (I hope) puts me me on the right track to being a better person. If I can do anything at all for you, please let me know. All my love XXX

  3. Sending you love and hugs, Val. Both you and your writing, and now Tuck, have all been very inspirational to me. Don’t stop being you, don’t stop writing, and thank you for an encouraging post.

    1. Thanks scribbla 🙂 You too have been an inspiration to me as a writer and now I also get to view Silke’s wonderful art! Tell you what, I’ll keep writing if you keep writing and Silke keeps painting. Art makes this world a better place, it keeps us all hopeful and I believe kinder to each other.

  4. Nice sentiments and a little hope mixed with hugs makes the ordeal a little eaiser to face.I send you strength my friend in all that may come your way.On a moments notice, life gives and takes.Look forward to next issue of Tuck.

  5. Uplifting news for your friend. Sadly, it seems in these times, cancer touches everyone’s lives in one way or another, be it family, friend, co-worker or yourself. I donate when I can but, as I live with no regular income at the moment, I have found that donating time is just as significant, if not more so, than money. I’ve crocheted and donated blankets to the oncology department for the patients, and their families, to give them a little homey comfort. Just something for anyone to think about when they think “I can’t afford” because it isn’t just about money. We can all do something, even little things count, sometimes more than the big things.

    Thanks for a great reminder Val.

    1. Indigo, the caring and being there is so damn important and what you do matters deeply and yes often more than money. I love you so much for this!

  6. Oh Val, honey…
    I dont know what to say.
    so just more I love you…
    because that’s all I can give.
    (did you know you make the world a better place every single day? Because you do. Especially my world. You have changed my life.)

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