Capital Punishment and the Increase of Violence in Society

If a cougar leapt from the woods and attacked my child I would kill it.

If a bear leapt from the woods and attacked my child I would kill it.

If a shark jumped from the sea and attacked my child I would kill it

If a wild dog attacked my child I would kill it.


The answer is simple. I would kill it so that it couldn’t hurt another person. Once it crosses over that invisible line, threatening the life or taking the life of a human being then it suffers the consequences dictated by the rule of nature: Kill or be killed.

Why am I discussing this?  Think of a certain Norwegian predator who attacked and killed children as well as adults and you will immediately see where I’m going with this. We are a race in decline socially. In the western world our children are encouraged to play violent video games that have such realistic graphics they rewire a young mind so that it is no longer averse to the suffering of others. The stunting of the ability to feel empathy in an undeveloped brain creates one thing: a psychopath.  In addition to the destruction of our society at it’s youthful core, is our complete indifference to an acceptable punishment of those who murder or assault others. Thanks to lenient sentences by inept courts, lived in institutions with internet access, better food than most people working a minimum wage job can afford and of course those lovely weight rooms for buffing up when released, we are now a planet under siege. Those of us who are repulsed by violence and ache when we see the pain of another are  now outnumbered and it’s getting worse by the day. If a singular being such as Anders Breivik can leave so much death in his wake, then how are good human beings going to defend themselves against an tidal wave of Anders Breiviks? With more and more of them being released every day, anonymously living on suburban streets with absolutely no monitoring, it is nearly impossible to predict the next unfolding frenzy of violent insanity.

For some time now the psychiatric community has been dissecting, analyzing and examining these monsters so that they can prove the theory that they desperately want to be true: that psychopaths and sociopaths are hardwired like a wild animal to kill, born that way as either a throwback to primitive man due to a deformity of the section of the brain that controls conscience, empathy and impulse control. Sounds good doesn’t it? It’s all very scientific, tidy in an academic way with statistics to prop it up and of course this naturally leads into a perverse territory that fuels the liberal attitude which allows these creatures to prey on the innocent: Their murders and assaults cease to be the killer’s fault. Through the study and conjecture of our most learned and noble psychiatric scholars, these misfits have a reason for their antisocial actions because they suffer from what is now essentially being promoted as a type of birth defect. Of course these ‘experts’ have no cure for this or treatment options but they feel they have had their eureka moment and discovered the cause.

They have not found the cause because their is no cause per se. These hideous human beings do these things for one reason and one reason only: They want to. Yes, it’s that simple. No one wants to think it but there it is. Just as some people won’t take a bath while others shower daily, it’s a choice. A preference. Evil is many things but deep and complex it is not. For those of us who have looked into the eyes of one of these people, there is a knowledge that they do have feeling and they do know you suffer, indeed, they like your suffering. There is no indifference or absence of awareness of your pain, in fact, this is why they do it, they like to cause it. Contrary to the academic and medical supposition that these monsters lack impulse control, they most certainly DO have impulse control. They control it when others are watching. They control it when they cover their tracks and destroy evidence connecting them to their hideous crimes. They control it when they lie to potential victims to gain their trust. They control it unless they determine they desire credit and fame for their deeds. Anders Breivik falls into this category but if he had chosen to, he could have controlled his impulses so well they might never have linked him to this horror.

If a cougar leapt from the woods and attacked my child I would kill it.

If a bear leapt from the woods and attacked my child I would kill it.

If a shark jumped from the sea and attacked my child I would kill it.

If a pack of wild dogs attacked my child I would kill it.

If an Anders Breivik attacks your child, why is he still breathing?

I’ll leave that up to you. As for me, I feel it’s time to change our laws to reflect a complete public intolerance to all violence thereby protecting the group, instead of the twisted individual who threatens the very survival of others. We fought World War Two for this very reason; therefore it is more than absurd that we allow a multitude of others like Hitler to remain part of our society to habitually act out their personal choice to be evil punctuated by intervals of rest among others like themselves. As for the notion of rehabilitation, this would be laughable if it weren’t so insane. There is no rehab for killing, rape for torture. None. There is however one option to make certain that at least one killer won’t walk free and when, not if, it is put to a vote in my country I will be gladly tick the applicable yes box.


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Capital Punishment and the Increase of Violence in Society”

  1. Wow, Val, excellent post! I have always been against the death penalty, ‘Who are we to judge others?’ and ‘We are just as bad if not worse than they are if we kill them’.

    However, with the violence children are now exposed to I feel we should rethink and reinstate it. Our world and its human inhabitants are deteriorating morally and ethically. Violence is escalating and I fear you are right. Unfortunately.

    1. Thank you Denise 🙂 We are, at our core, mammals. Our bodies process meat easily, whether we choose to eat it or not. We are omnivorous and at the top of the food chain. We like to think we are better than the lower mammals, but indeed, we are capable of something they are not: evil. Therefore, if an animal will kill to protect it’s young and it’s species, perhaps we ought to pay attention to how they behave and emulate it. It is a far greater moral transgression to allow a predator to eat our young than it is to stop the predator. Thank you for having an open mind and for leaving your important words here.

    1. Hopefully, the public will take control of this epidemic and demand it in every country. Thanks for seeing it as it is. 🙂

    1. He is smug Cindy. Not only is he going to get away with it but I read today that his lawyer (a man who has defended Neo Nazis in previously) is going to do the insanity defense, which is an insult to all those who suffer from true mental illness. Once again though, there it is, the need to explain away evil by calling it something the establishment can stomach: insanity. The true insanity of course, is the system that will allow this pig to live out his life in that country club prison in Norway. How ironic that King Harald officially opened Halden Fengsel prison a year ago, an institution that is like hotel which will most likely be Beivik’s home after trial, while this past week he was joining the mourning of those killed by this monster. That is mighty screwed up.

  2. Well said – I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m a liberal Democrat who absolutely supports the death penalty. Someone like this monster should not be allowed to take another breath. What’s worse, is that in Norway the longest sentence someone can receive for ANY crime is 21 years. Tell me that’s not crazy.

    I only wish we, in America, would enforce this punishment more often. It may not be a deterrent, but at least it gives victim’s family and friends some manner of justice.

    1. Debbie, thank you. My country, Canada has gotten a lot of things right socially but not this. At least in the US there are states that still realize that this is the only sensible way to deal with these individuals. The 21 year thing is what is insane, not Breivik. Obviously he knew this and that is the reason why he is so damn arrogant. Don’t believe for a minute that it’s not a deterrent, because it is. I worked in jail for a year and trust me, there are many individuals who would be inhibited by the notion of the death penalty and thus not commit certain crimes. In addition, one murderer on death row could in theory save god knows how many innocent victims.

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