In Passing

I walked this block

up one side

down the other

all around the corner too

sometimes cutting it close

tripping over drama and mayhem

I saw many

spent some time with a few

all the same

every time

but never

not once

did I find

just one

with a heart full of love

and a backbone of steel

just empty soulless sycophants

with an inability to feel


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

24 thoughts on “In Passing”

  1. fascinating and really very beautiful. i read what you wrote about the death of osama bin laden being part of this idea. they are replaying 9/11 over and over as if to remind people that we had a good reason. still, i was horrified watching the news clips of people celebrating in the streets. young people, all, very scary. no matter how terrible or evil a person may have been, silence or repose is the best response to the passing of an enemy, especially ten years after the fact, and i really still dont know, who he really was, and i do feel a bit scared even, in this rally for the righteous sort of environment, to say that, because it could be interpreted as sympathy for terrorist types but i admit i feel sympathy for anyone who is murdered in any circumstance. and i am not politically correct, or correct in any way perhaps, i know, but its how i feel. i felt pain for the innocent people who died in those buildings and those airplanes, i still feel that way, but somehow, his murder doesnt relieve anything

    1. Thank you tipota and it’s so good to have you visit my blog. I agree that it is rather disgraceful to see people glorifying the violent death of anyone. I’ve got my own notion of what is going on globally and it doesn’t bode well for the average person. We no longer live in separate countries, as much as we would like to think we do. The internet and the ensuing mass communication has created a one world of people, not governments and it’s freaking out those in power because they can’t control it. We are in a transition socially and spiritually and these are gasps from the dying corpse of tribalism, not Bin Laden. 🙂 Of course, this is just my own idea and does not reflect the beliefs of anyone other than me lol HUGS tipota

  2. I’m so lucky. I’ve found such people and even though those people fade in and out or maybe out forever, the moments that were shared were truly the foundations of everything thereafter.
    Maybe it’s truly hard being those things – heart and backbone – because maybe the bigger the heart, the more the back will bow?
    But I say again, I am truly blessed with the wonderful people I have met and hope to still meet one day.
    I had a chat with someone yesterday about magic. He didn’t need to listen to me or lend me his time and frankly, if I had been him I would have told him to stfu I’m busy, haha, *which would have been fine too because we would have just laughed* but instead he listened and said the right things without a moment’s thought. It made my day really. And I would lose count of the friends I have who I know would do the same. I hope I do the same for them.
    But maybe I am just very, very lucky. The ones who failed me? Pffft. What were their names? 😉
    Love you, Val. Look what you do to people!! haha… brilliant discussion and apologies for my ditsy (thought hearfelt) offering on the end. xx

    1. Hi Kiersty 🙂 I agree with you, in a lifetime we meet more good than bad and they all leave a precious gift behind. Of course there are those other people whose name one can never recall… 😉 Well, actually, I always remember someone who does the dirty on me, I never ever forget, that’s just part of my hard as cement cynical charm I guess. Sigh. Like I said before, I know where I stand with people, they love me or hate me and usually we are on the same page with that. lol Now you I love, my good buddy. hugs

    1. Nope, not the world Guy, just my life, my experience of it. This poem is more about people who fail you, be they male/female or parental etc. I could just as easily have been talking about my mother here and in many respects I was but regardless of gender it could be anyone at all. It could be racial which set in motion in my mind initially. Having someone let you down when you need them most or hurt you is what leads to emotional scarring. At any rate, it got some some sort of reaction which is why I write in the first place, to create discussion and thought.

    1. You got it scribbla!!!!!! Thank you so much for your insight. 🙂 There is an epidemic of finger pointing on this planet with the shifting of blame for all sorts of things. we human beings are always looking for reasons to be divided, to exploit our differences when we could be doing something positive like learning the right way to love and respect each other.

    1. They do sometimes if it’s not based on the only real love that is unselfish at it’s core. Thank you dark lord for commenting and understanding my words. 🙂

  3. For some reason I expect the speaker of this poem to plant some seeds that will hopefully sprout into the people they are looking for.

    Weird how that works.

    I should become a gardener.

    Hope life is finding you fascinated, Val.


    1. Hey D, good to see you! I need to get my arse over to your blog and read tonight. The speaker of this poem has found some little sprouts that taught her to be a stronger sprout and the seeds planted now flower in a lovely garden of perennials. 🙂 I breathe, therefor I am…fascinated! 🙂

  4. Yeap I know Val, it is hard to find one with a backbone of steel…in general their backbones are made of rubber so they can bend over to boot-lick.

    1. Hi Adrian. This poem was written about a particular person or ‘type’ of person I’ve known in my life and does not represent all men. If you thought this, then it is a wrong assumption. As it happens, there are men who have touched my life from childhood to now who meant everything to me and when they died their loss was incalculable. As for boot licking, NO ONE should ever be put in that position, whether they are male or female, rich, poor, old, young, gay, straight. We should all treat each other with respect. Having been on the receiving end of some heavy duty violence, I can tell you that what I know about human nature has come with a price. The reason poetry is such a wonderful mode of expression, is that it captures one feeling in time, it is fleeting but always emotionally accurate but it is never indicative of the writer’s complete perspective at all times.The only reason you assigned a gender to this poem is due to my being open about my identity and my experiences which you will find on my about page in more detail. The fact that my words made you feel something and react, proves the importance of art, not only as an expression of human experience but also as a tool for interaction, dialog and understanding between us. As far as women joking to each other, men do it all the time too. It is something the genders do to cement an allegiance as it were and it’s rooted deep in the psychology of difference and how we perceive it from childhood when it is introduced by an adult world. Tell you what Adrian, to balance this I’m going to do a poem about a man who meant everything to me as a young girl, my uncle Keith. He was my hero and his birthday is soon so it will be a poetic tribute to him. You would have like him as he was a fisherman and spent his life on the sea. 🙂

  5. Utter, utter bastards (insert English accent from someone in the Young Ones). There are some good ones out there – they represent 0.000001 per cent of the male population – bwahahahahaha LMFAO 😉

      1. My apologies everyone for my sexist comment – what I meant to say is that there are male and female bastards everywhere – far too many – and it is for researchers, philosophers and others to calculate the proportions (but my hypothesis would be that equal proportions will not be found – of which sex, I will leave up to readers to ascertain) 😉

      2. I can’t speak for others Gabe, but you don’t ever need to apologize to me for what you said. I shared a joke with you and it was an expression of free speech and expression. I knew you weren’t serious and I hope you knew I wasn’t serious in return. The fact is, there are very few people of either gender who are living their lives for good reasons, the difference here of course is that this world is primarily still patriarchal and while we have a military machine and political system run on brutality nothing will change it to a world of equality. HUGS

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