Dream Poem #6

She told me to wear her clothes

that it would be okay

but I just wasn’t enamored of the idea

of wearing someone else’s underwear

in fact it is fair to say

that an ick feeling rippled through my body

so I politely declined

instead I jostled my way through the social din

of the African women drinking coffee and eating puff cakes

until I was outside on the green deck

the breeze blew through me, and I do mean right through my body

until I decided to return to the breezeless house

on my way I nudged an old woman in a sari

she screamed

I screamed

she jumped

I tried to soothe her and apologize

but her shawl kept shaking until all the crimson red coloured beads fell out of it

I made my hasty exit down the steps to give directions to a man who said he’d heard I knew my way around a valley

I did and I declared that I could be a nifty map maker given half a chance

but before I could write the way in the sky a giant white object came whizzing around the side of the house

eliciting gasps of fear from all the African ladies who had now gathered on the deck

the old lady I’d made beadless with fear pointed and said


Sure enough it was true, it was a plane

as it got closer it clipped the tops of the trees and everyone was afraid for the passengers inside

were it to crash

and crash it did

into a grove of onion trees

but we were all relieved as the smoke billowed high up into the sky

because the plane

was just a model

and I walked back into the house

down some stairs

out another door

and onto the subway platform to catch the next train out of this mad valley


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Dream Poem #6”

    1. Those onion trees actually had little pearl onions hanging from the branches like apples Gilles-Marie. I do dream some nonsensical stuff most nights. 🙂

  1. Seriously Val, treat yourself to a new pair of knickers, haha. There is NO WAY things could be so bad you would have to borrow a pair of knickers, is there? Going commando can be kinda liberating too 😉 This is fab. It makes me want to draw it.

    1. LOL Kiersty, a new pair of knickers! Hahahaha Here’s the weird thing (yes it’s not weird enough) but the woman who wanted to lend me her underwear only did so after I told her I forgot to bring a change of clothes with me to the dream! I actually said it was a dream in the dream which has never happened before but it felt as natural as everything else that happened. I agree, commando is a very freeing sort of thing to do at times 😉 I did say the breeze blew right through me hahaha I would love to see it drawn so if you doodle then doodle a thing or two from it okay?

  2. What a nightmare, Val. It is nice that you can make sense of it though. I very seldom dream, or remember, if I do. I had a recurring nightmare as a child through to my twenties, but once I realised what it was actually about it ceased and I haven’t had it since.

    1. It was a nightmare at different intervals Denise, particularly the bead woman, excuse the pun, but it really shook me up when that happened. You know, it stayed with me all day, the emotional residue. I’m so happy you resolved the cause of your recurring nightmare, they can be so disturbing and life affecting. HUGS

    1. This precise recollection is a curse as well as a blessing Evelyn, particularly when it comes to memories that sometimes haunt my dreams. However, I’m a lucid dreamer otherwise and dream recall has been an important component in dealing with some PTSD I have. It’s also my own spiritual way of learning to be a better human being. I’m happy you liked it and I do hope you come back and visit again. I’ve been over to your blog and I’m enchanted by the honesty in your work. If you don’t mind I would like to put you on my blog roll. 🙂

  3. Very interesting Val. It could be about the book couldn’t it! About going your own way, on your own unique journey – telling your own unique story (not airing someone else’s dirty laundry) – being the ‘map maker’ so that other women will know what you went through and can learn the way out via the ‘map’ so that they can get out of their own ‘valleys’. Trains usually represent movement through life and the ending could be the new stage – ‘out of this mad valley’. ps. I haven’t got round to reading your sci fi story yet – will do.

    1. Once again Gabe, you have seen the meat among the potatoes! Your interpretation sound pretty accurate and I feel this dream is an expression of my struggle against the doubt of the importance and validity of the book. Thank you for pushing me back up to a standing position with this comment because for a while now I’ve felt as if I were toppling over regarding the entire project. I’ll persevere Gabe until ever last agent has given me the kiss off just because you’ve reminded me of the initial reason for my writing my story. I also hope you like Gracie and Dominic because I think Stafford has talked me into turning it into a continuing serial. 😉 HUGS

    1. Ya know Adrian, the underwear thing was the worst part of the dream next to the beads of fear! I’m letting you all take a good look at the contents of my subconscious mind when I sleep, god help us all lol

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