A Short Story and Crap Top Cleaning/The Vanquishing Part One

I’ve been cleaning up my files on ye olde craptop and there are a few items that are in need of dumping. A bunch of months ago I tried my hand at writing some Science fiction. I was curious about the genre because as a kid I loved reading H.G. Wells and Ray Bradbury. I also thought it would present me with a healthy new challenge as a writer.  I’ve already tried my hand at middle grade fantasy so why not adult Sci fi ? The result is a story called The Vanquishing. I submitted it to a few magazines and I did receive some decent rejections that implied I didn’t completely suck, just partially sucked which is quite hopeful when you think about it. I was going to expand it to a novella but to be honest, I’ve lost the jam for the story and the characters. So, what do I do with my homeless aliens, hybrids and humans?  Oh, I think you know what’s coming my lovely scribes, don’t ya?  YES!  I’m giving it to you to read. Take it for what it is, read it if you are leaning on that particular post and hopefully enjoy the story. As it is a little over 9,000 words I’ll break it up over the next few days. Hey, you never know, I could be an alien life form merely pretending to be human so that I can observe the human lack of an attention span by posting this story and monitoring your brain activity from the planet Jupiter. Okay, that would be a bit far fetched now wouldn’t it? Or is it?   mwahahahahah!   Seeeeeeeeeya!   😉

The Vanquishing Part one.

My dearest Dominic,

By the time you hold this letter in your hands, I will have vanished. Please don’t jump to any conclusions to explain my disappearance.  The first thing you have to know is that I love you and my leaving has nothing to do with you or us, but before I explain, I need you to sit down.   Please try to remain calm because I have revelations that will shake the foundations of everything you have ever thought to be true.   There is so much you can’t fully understand right now, but over the course of the next fourteen months your world as you know it and the very planet you live on will become unrecognizable.

First, I’m not who you think I am or more specifically, I’m not what you think I am.  My name is not Grace Hunter and I wasn’t born in Hermitage Pennsylvania to Ruth and Martin Hunter.  I never attended Princeton or any other school, but if you take a trip to the L.A. county morgue, you will find Grace Hunter’s name on file, along with a post mortem detailing the cause death. At a cemetery in Wheaton Illinois you will find a grave marker with the same name.  Grace Hunter was a body and identity and I took it, or replicated it through the action of thought, right down to the intricacies of her DNA, memory bank and personal preferences.   You see Dominic, I’m not human, I’m of another race of beings, what you call extraterrestrial, although this is not an accurate designation, it is as close as human beings have come to identifying us.   We are not biological in nature like human beings; instead we are pure intellect or thought, our collective species is known as The Essence, but each of us individually is called a Presence and there are many around you now, some in replicated bodies like mine, as well as those you can’t see, but still sense.  Sometimes you’ve called us ghosts, spirits or angels, when in all honesty; we are nothing as benign as a haunting or as divine as an angel.  On the contrary Dominic my love, we are a malevolent species and our intentions are completely self serving.  We are not here to benefit humanity; we are here to hasten its destruction.

Our agenda is to steal your planet, in order to colonize the earth with our kind. As a consequence, we have been actively participating in your societies since the first human being discovered higher thought and reasoning.  Do you remember when we met at the university? You were mesmerized by the seemingly endless library in my head.   Do you remember our first conversation after Dr. Pinkerton’s lecture on reasoning in early hominids?  You were incredulous at my breadth of knowledge regarding brain function in early man.  My dear sweet Dominic, how else do you think I acquired this information, or all the other knowledge I possess?  I was there. I was present over four million years ago and witnessed the result of the first human being to have an idea separate from the other animals and that particular idea, was to stand erect on two legs. It was a female and she took three steps, fell, stood again, took six more steps, remained upright and altered the course of your history.  Soon others imitated her and eventually the capacity for thought had an explosion of sorts, with advancement in food gathering, hunting, the use of tools and the complex construction of shelter.  This all happened without our involvement, solely your own achievement.  It was during this time however, when you began to form larger family and social groups that we realized how difficult it could be to wrest this planet from you were you left to your evolution.   Your instinct to survive was and is incredibly strong so an infiltration seemed necessary to further our interests.  It was clear from the beginning that you hurt each other easily and that your individuality is your weakness. Murder for my species is out of the question and considered primitive, but we’ve exploited your penchant for killing each other almost from the beginning and when you thought you were seeing one of your own in the faces of Cleopatra, Caesar, Nero, Stalin, Columbus, Alexander the Great etc.; it was actually a Presence, one of my species. We insinuated ourselves in positions of power but also among the peasant crowds, often we fired the first bullet or threw the first stone, instigating many uprisings and revolutions.

More times than we would like to acknowledge, some of you have come close to discovering our true nature.  Your mystics and psychics are our greatest enemy among you because even though we are not physical beings, we can be seen when your kind are able to stifle human emotions such as grief and fear. Our appearance can be as a transparent image, a flash of light, even a shadow.   When humans have seen us they’ve called us god, with the ultimate result, an explosion of superstition concluding in the construction of organized religion. This new development was the perfect power base for the corrupt among you and ideal for advancing our mandate.  We used it to create more divisions between you, based on your collective fear of biological death and suffering. Eventually you created an opposing entity and called us Satan, someone for you to blame for giving in to your own desires and hatred.  As you murdered and warred, we grew weaker and weaker, from the need of a host atmosphere. Our own leaders had to make the decision to progress you beyond your dark ages, so that we could eliminate you and alter earth to suit the requirements of our life force.

At the time we weren’t certain whether you could grasp the concepts we needed to introduce but after a while, you developed a crude understanding that allowed the delivery of ideas that would thrust you forward, with the advent of scientific theory.  We were in body and came to you as Copernicus, Galileo, Archimedes, Newton, Da Vinci, Franklin, Edison, Pasteur, Curie, and Aristotle.  I could go on and expand on this list as I was in body, but suffice to say Dominic; you are where you are, because we put you here. We guided your boats to unite the people on one part of your planet with the other, expediting our mission to have you kill each other off in large numbers, thus ensuring our takeover and the survival of our species.  On and on this has continued until we are now finally ready to form a thread around your planet, leading you to your final tumult and self extermination; an inevitable nuclear end. We’ve been preparing for this atmospheric change for some time now through the altering of planetary temperature and weather pattern distortion.  You’ve been calling this global warming and true to your egocentric nature, you believe yourselves to be responsible.  Your blindness to anything that is not self constructed is precisely that which has made you vulnerable to our efforts for control and now the time is upon us for the change.

Unfortunately for humans, there is no survival after physical death, but our species is different.  The Essence is eternal, as long as we have a viable host to sustain us.   We had that, until a dying star near our own planet accumulated so much negative energy it became a vacuum, siphoning our force to such a degree that we lost many among us before we noticed what was happening.  It was at this point we became wanderers, desperately searching for somewhere safe to remain and repopulate our numbers. We think ourselves into being but without a suitable environment, this has become impossible and a threat to our existence.  Then, by sheer chance, we saw your little blue planet, and our time of searching ended.

There is so much more I want to share with you, an information and understanding that go beyond your own imagining, but the opportunity to do this has long since passed and soon I will be vanquished as punishment for involving myself with you, a human and for committing the ultimate act of betrayal against my race by defiling myself with emotion.  Going against my true nature I willingly fell in love with you Dominic and still worse, we’ve created another, a baby which I carry inside my replicated body.  Deep down inside Dominic, you must know, a child that is half human and half presence is a creature that will be considered a monster, vilified and shunned by all.  The result of our union has been my destruction, but I would do it all over again, fully knowing the result would culminate in my own demise. Right now you must hate me for duping you and lying to all this time and I don’t blame you but please Dominic, please my love, forgive me.  I had no idea this would happen and The Essence has already judged me guilty and sentenced me to a vanquishing; I’m to be eliminated soon.   My participation in eternity will cease and it will be as if I never occurred, erased from all knowing in the Essence.  If my species could hate, this would be the expression of it.

Dominic, there is no hope for the baby and me now, but despite the excruciating misery I’m suffering , in this most wretched state of turmoil,  it is also the most beautiful experience that any being of any species could ever have.  It’s all so simple in the final analysis; I feel something Dominic, I actually feel emotions like love, fear, hate, anger, joy sadness, regret and every nuance of each in between.  You can’t begin to comprehend how incredible this is for one like me and it is you my sweet man who gave me this gift, your human way of laughter and tears.  It is clear to me now that the great flaw inherent in my species is that we have only knowing, a very rigid and narrow existence. A dry state of being that is in every way static.  Emotions are seen as regressive and negative, too primal and an adversary we are to defeat, but you have taught me that there is more for an entity to become than this and a growing that is beyond intellect is possible.  Feelings are movement toward something greater and what a shock to me to discover that I wanted all this with you and our baby.  It is because of my new understanding that I’m giving you instructions on what to do to save your species.  I have nothing to lose and it will be my one act of true love, a new emotion for me and the very energy that will save humanity.  It is an irony that your human weakness of passion and ego is also your strength and you must do everything in your power to bring others together, to temper it into a collective goal.

I am not the only Presence who has become involved with a human being, in fact Dominic there are many in positions of power in your governments.  It is to those you must go with this letter and together you can prevent what your religions have labelled Armageddon or the end times.  The Essence has laid the groundwork, but it is up to the human species to set it in motion.  Below you will find a list of names, cities, addresses and phone numbers of those who can help you, but you must hurry because The Essence has been inciting enough hatred and paranoia among those who have the nuclear capability to destroy everything.

I have to go now my darling, I can hear the essence in my thoughts, and they are coming for me.  Please know that I never meant for this to happen when we met. They can kill me, eliminate my being, but this love that burns inside me for you, it will never die.  Goodbye Dominic, I love you…



Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “A Short Story and Crap Top Cleaning/The Vanquishing Part One”

  1. Firstly, woohoo! The first being to take a step was a woman, yayay! 😉 But more importantly, this is impeccable writing and the concept is laid out concisely, with no dip in its intensity. Free fiction on the net is sadly very rare because of the ol’ no scroll psychology but I think it is something that is changing so rapidly. I’m going to read the next right now.

    1. When any writer of fiction reads something like this about a story they’ve constructed, it is the only real reason they write. To give someone enjoyment and take them somewhere else is the purpose. I have never had any problem giving my stories away for free and in fact this is not the first I’ve done it. It is actually a fantastic way to test out the believability of story plots and and the likability of characters. In other words, this is my lab. 😉 Thank you Kiersty so much for reading this and escaping with Dominic and Gracie. 🙂 hugs

  2. You know, Val, I wish I will. I am just not sure how old do I need to get to be able to do that.
    Flash Fiction…mmm… not sure what is that. I put my feet in the story pool here and there but I have this problem with English which is not too hard to cover in a poem and sometimes it’s even adding something to which just don’t work in a longer more complex work. Perhaps one day when I can put my self down to write in Hebrew and then translate it. I usually find my words corny and the subject/characters dry. I wish I had a recording machine. I think that would have worked best for me and mainly when I am driving. Talking to myself in length is easier, then I could put it into paper.
    Thanks for the faith..

  3. Val,
    You surprise me yet once again.
    The only science-fiction I ever really loved from Asimov (at the time there were others but non survived the time).
    9000 words!!! I admire you. t is my long time wish to write something (not even) meaningful of over a page. Cannot find the way to do such a thing. No idea where to start or where to go.
    This was my goodnight read, I hope no crazy ‘thoughts’ enter my dreams 😉

    1. Why thank you Dhyan! I’ll the second part of this story tomorrow and leave it up for the weekend. It will be directly underneath this first part so that others can read it in order and it makes sense. I’ll keep doing it that way until it’s all posted. The story was actually closer to 12,000 words but the magazines are very stubborn about word count because of space limitations in the publication etc. They also pay by the word and thus don’t want to dole out anymore cashish than they have to. Funny you should mention Asimov because that is one publication I submitted to and they were very gentle on me. :0 If you liked his writing you should check out the magazine bearing his name: http://www.asimovs.com/2011_04-05/index.shtml

      You would be surprised how much you can write when you allow yourself the to let go and just dive into the world you are creating. Tell you what Dhyan, here is a starting point and you wrote it yourself in your comment: “This was my goodnight read.” I think there is a character who has said this and he is waiting for you to tell his story. Flash fiction is anywhere from 100-1000 words and I’m certain you can do at least one hundred. In fact I know you can.

      As for crazy thoughts entering your dreams, gee, now why would that happen? I mean it’s not like I’m on Jupiter monitoring human thought during REM to determine suitable candidates for my species of hybrids to replicate as androids. Nah, it couldn’t be that. lolololol

      1. Hundred I can do alright.
        It’s only that I wish for hundred thousand. 😉

        I have looked a bit in this magazine before. I hope to get one day again into the science fiction, I am sure there are good stuff around. For now I am more into history novels. The past is as fascinating as the future, if not much more.

      2. I’m sure you will do that one hundred thousand Dhyan. I have no doubt you have a few novels in you if and when you decide to write them down. Historical novels eh? Which period interests you? I also like to turn back the pages to another era. My last reading foray was the Great Depression. I also like the roaring twenties and for some inexplicable reason the middle ages have always fascinated me. Hmm, I wonder what they will say about our generation and our literature in a five hundred years. I don’t know why, but I find it very disturbing to think that James Patterson, Malcolm Gladwell, Stephanie Meyers and Yann Martel could be heralded as examples of our era. Sigh. That says it all I guess. lol Anyway, I would love to see you write some flash fiction now and again and post it on your blog. 🙂

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