Speaking of Sunday

Carrying the corpse around of


Dreaming in C sharp

that by default

is obtuse when managing a melody

born of the wind

told in language you speak with your intention

because clarity is everything in this business of living and giving



Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

13 thoughts on “Speaking of Sunday”


    No speeches on sunday
    Except masses in desert eagle area
    Burning without an audience
    To feel the sound of the gun

    Sunday morning black clarity
    Dealer’s opening a new sunrise
    In the coffee shop of all nightmares
    And dreams of milky genocide

    Green on ice
    Like a blue rain
    Come on my rainbow
    Let’s get some dolphins

    1. Well well well, look who’s here! 🙂 I love the poem and it’s good to see you back Gilles-Marie, very good indeed.

    1. Hi Ashley, it’s good to have you drop in and leave your words, thank you. One of the lines you mention actually had its origin in something I heard incorrectly from a character on Coronation Street of all things. I was writing my novel and watching the program at the same time and I thought I heard one character say to the another “Are you dreaming in C sharp?” but what they actually said was “Have you seen Char?” Clearly my story was bleeding into my interpretation of what was being said on this television show. I wrote this shortly afterward but ever since I’ve been pondering the idea that what we hear from others is many times what we are hearing ourselves say internally which explains the lack of clear communication between people on this planet.

      1. Wow, that’s superb – I love it when a show or film gives up a gem like that, very cool. Yes, almost like folks who only ever hear what they want to hear? So something must break down between the auditory function of the ear and the interpretive function of the brain?

    1. Thank you Brandon, I was attempting to express a feeling about something I’ve been writing without getting too specific which would explain the foggy and crystal clear feeling you mention.

  2. Yes, giving away. My catchphrase is ‘letting it go’ because once its seen by other eyes, it is open to their interpretation, their voice, their pasts to make it what it is. It’s hard to come to terms with that sometimes… and its hard to accept those parts of you that go with it. But it is good – its not permanent. Because somehow, it all comes back to just being yours.

    1. That was a very hard lesson for me to learn Kiersty, to expose my interior to the outside world. I suppose there is the fear that you will be seen as a freak or with derision but the truth is, most people are relieved they aren’t the only souls feeling whatever it is you are expressing. Seclusion and emotional isolation is divisive, healthy emotional expression is unifying. I like what you said “It all comes back to just being yours.” So very true. Perhaps our individuality is merely a singular interpretation of a collective experience of life, once we get rid of fear and ego.

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