Beyond Belief

He believes in equality

He believes in truth

He believes in love

He believes in youth

He’s against bigotry

He’s against hate

He’s against bullying

He’s against being irate

He’s against violence

He’s against death

He’s against abuse

He’s against something with every single breath

But if you pay attention

To all his rhetoric

and read between his every line

You’ll see he’s just a prick


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

54 thoughts on “Beyond Belief”

  1. so let me say it in another way: most of the babys are not born from rape.

    “men don’t have abortions. Men don’t get pregnant. Men don’t carry babies”—-> that’s why the question “why men make children?” is the key ^^

    lol, do you say poets are not able to think?^^
    and what is the difference between a so-called reality and a dream?^^ once, a long time ago, i used to say that reality was just an uncomplete dream…
    and all the philosophers are building their castles of sand or air on pieces of wind, no foundations at all^^

  2. rape is a marginal case, it does not concern most of the children, only a very little part of them, so no general argue can be based on that argument

    am i supposed to be concerned by abortion?

    i’m not looking for agreeing with you, i just show you how it is to have the same – but opposite – subjective start of talk.

    and one point: i have no philosophy, i’m poet, remember?^^ and, for poets, philosophers are just crooks.

    1. Uh huh. Well, there you have it. The reason I will never agree with you Gilles. Philosophers are thinkers. Poets are dreamers. I’m both. No, you shouldn’t be concerned with abortion, men don’t have abortions. Men don’t get pregnant. Men don’t carry babies. Yep, there you have it, the great divide between us Gilles. I am fully aware you are not looking to agree with me. That is clear. Oh, there are no marginal cases of rape, I should know.

  3. dear, one other thing from rumi:

    ” child is a gift from the beloved man to the beloved woman”

    and one detail from me: each gift creates a debt, law of balance /equilibrium

    the only noble goal you can have is to save yourself, unless you would be called atlas.

    1. Not if the beloved man in question rapes the beloved woman etc. Then it’s abuse. I believe in abortion so I’ll just bet you don’t, am I correct? You and I will never agree on the basics Gilles. As far as the saving yourself philosophy goes, I’m at the other end of the spectrum. I believe in giving my life for someone I love. Of course, the only person I would do that for his my child. πŸ™‚

  4. i just say that feminist ideology is fascism, even if i’m – for very bad reasons^^ (called bad only by feminists)- pro-feminist. if i had time to lose in it, i could easily prove it; but all that stuff is boring me now; it just amazed me some years ago, before i did understand there was no debate, no will of talk, only subjective and false arguments, lies and other stuffs like that.

    i never said you were a fascist.

    1. Now you see Gilles, I knew you wouldn’t call me a fascist. πŸ™‚ That would be just plain wrong and now I will address the true nature of feminism and you are getting the information straight from me, a non fascist feminist. Feminism is a collection agreed ideals promoted for the equality and well being of women, children and men. Ideals such as equal pay, access to abortion and power of choice over ones body, a justice system that takes rape and violence against women, children and men seriously, with sentences that reflect this. I know what the deal is here on this planet Gilles. I’ve been on the receiving end of some heavy shit and my eyes are wide open. I’ve also got news for you Frenchman, you happen to be getting along with a feminist and when you get past your contrariness, you are welcome to agree with me any time you like. :0 lolol

      1. “Feminism is a collection agreed ideals promoted for the equality and well being of women, children and men”

        1 ) for being like that, it should start from an objective point of view, not from subjective ones.
        2)find the answer to that question “why males make children?”; at least, go to the deeper point of this question; before that moment, you cannot pretend that the line i selected is (or can be) justified


        just one little point: in all western countries, violence against children (as children murdering) is written like that:
        1st the mother 65%++
        2nd the 2nd mate of the mother 20%++
        3rd the father 10%++
        4th others less than 5%

        it’s amazing to compare that to the time media spent on it: here, each month medias is telling a brand new story of paedophilia involving men (and only that part)
        read elisabeth badinter – she cannot be called anti-feminist^^ – in her “wrong way” book (not sure of the translation):

        “each of the main medias has a “society” service: all those services are in the hands of women who are politically, sociologically, aso, aso, close to feminism.”

        but i’m quite fascinating when i see all that destructive power in action; it reminds me the last days (centuries maybe) of rome^^

      2. You just keep batting them out of the park Gilles by choosing topics on which I am a reluctant expert. Let me break it down for you okay? I sat in a domestic violence shelter, bruised and torn to pieces inside due the violent abduction of my child. NO ONE in the justice system, the police services would help apprehend this man or recover my child. Most were men, some were women but all were coming from a corrupt and self serving place. End of story. Remember earlier you mentioned ‘fear?’ Hell no honey, my shit went beyond fear, I lived in life altering terror. My goal Gilles is a noble one: I want to save at least one person from my fate, whether they are female or male. My dearest wish before I die is to know what happened to myself and my child was not in vain, that it helped another. I’m a cynic but my heart is big and my balls are bigger. HUGE in fact.

      3. Rome was destroyed by drunken debauchery and a corrupt monarchy gone mad. Real people, had no power, gee just like now, except now we have the internet, the leveler. πŸ™‚

      4. And it’s like this here Gilles. Marvin was quite possibly one of the most beautiful men to ever grace a stage and this song is my favourite. Now I’ll share it with you.

  5. maybe, at this point where you were, fear was stronger than freedom feeling; sometimes the need of security gives that sensation (only needs security the one who has fear; no fear —> no need of security).
    i know it’s bullshit, i have a good bullshit provider^^

    1. I would also like to add Gilles, that fear is part of breathing. Where there is life and breath there is fear. This planet is a very scary place Gilles, and to live in spite of that fear is courage. Freedom, as I said, comes in those fragments of time when you abandon this world and it’s darkness by feeling complete unconditional love for another. Love isn’t of this world. πŸ™‚ There, and that is a statement completely FREE of bullshit. πŸ˜‰

    1. No, I don’t agree with that point of view Gilles. I’ve been to that place where I had nothing left to lose and I sure as hell didn’t feel free. Freedom is fleeting and it comes and goes. Moments where you feel such deep love for another is freedom. Everything else is bullshit. πŸ˜‰

  6. hey, i didn’t say “known to male”………….woman and man are using the same crystal language. plz, try not to be confused, dear
    and ovaries and uterines are no mystery at all – even for males, lol -, just biological spare parts

    revolution is another word for redemption^^, return too

    1. Well then Gilles, if it is just a matter of biological spare parts, then that means that you and I are equal is that correct? I’m certain that is the implication here in your words? Surely you are stepping across the great divide the separates the primates from the feminists? hahahahahaha

      1. ho, did i say we aren’t?
        it seems that i always say (and said) that real power on this valley of tears has always been female ownership; i also said that feminism was (and is) just the will of absolute power, smthing called fascism in political terms.

      2. So, then Gilles, correct me if I’m wrong, but are you saying feminism is fascism? If that is so, then this would mean you are calling me a fascist? Is this correct? This would not be a very nice thing to say Gilles-Marie. Not very nice at all. I might be offended.

  7. i wouldn’t say so – listen to it many times, you’ll have many ways to feel it), because of one point: “Lisa Gerrard’s lyrics have no language known to man”

    but, as marley said:

    “..Won’t you help to sing
    This songs of freedom-
    ‘Cause all I ever have:
    Redemption songs..”

    1. I don’t believe in redemption Gilles. I’m a dyed in the wool cynic and it’s a shame really because starting out in life I had such promise as a hopeful optimist. Oh well, I do this just as well, don’t you think? πŸ˜‰ Now, if as you say, Lisa Gerard’s lyrics have no language known to man, then that explains it! They are in a language known only to women. LOLOLOLOL Don’t worry (I know you won’t) it’s all about ovaries and uterine stuff, a mystery to men and a special language. :0

    1. This is what comes of looking into someone’s eye. Yep, this is where it leads, the ever deepening mystery. πŸ˜‰ This is a lovely and moving song and video Gilles, thank you. The images are stunning and the melody haunting. The lyrics are very sad, don’t you think?

  8. well, society is called patriachal and oppressive only from the point of view of an uncontrollable, irresistible and unlimited greedy desire. it’s been now 50,000 years that females are complaining, so what?^^….
    and the jungle queen simply cannot be feminist, she’s much too intelligent for spending time in such a mess^^
    don’t forget arthur get excalibur from the lady of the lake
    but don’t worry dear ( i know you won’t^^), you’ll see that when you’ll meet her

    but….. reader’s privilege^^

    1. You are absolutely correct Gilles, in order to fully comprehend her level of intelligence, the jungle queen would have to associate with those incapable of possessing her level of intellect and that would of course be?…readers privilege πŸ˜‰ lololol As for the lady of the lake, I think it was a thinly veiled retelling of the story of moses don’t you, but with different metaphors to fit the environment and culture of Europe? Anyway, I have to go now, there is a meeting of the highest ranking feminists in the jungle kingdom and I hear the first speaker is The Lady of the Lake. Her talk will centre around swords, mock swords, placating guys named Arthur with a reasonable facsimile of said sword and the vault that contains the real sword that only feminists can see. hahahaha

    1. Well, in that case Gilles, I would much rather be a jungle diplomat or perhaps a jungle communications liaison officer with special palace privileges so that the jungle queen and I can hold feminist meetings to plot the downfall of a patriarchal society that is oppressive for both genders. Can I do that with my privilege? πŸ˜‰ hehehehe


    Prick or pleat
    Comes beyond relief
    Big time in vain
    Like a destination
    For the mystery train

    Prickly business
    Is everybody’s fortune
    Among clouds of sand
    Rolling dice
    And aces of spades

    Green leaves on purple skin
    Noone ever leaves the jungle queen

    1. I think you and your poem are damn clever Gilles. You’ve understood what I was trying to say and you expressed it very well. πŸ™‚ Now, are you calling me a ‘jungle Queen?’ lol

  10. If it was “she”…many of us will fall in that group, I’m afraid Val πŸ™‚

    But that’s what poets/politcians/priests or anybody interested in society is expected to do…prick our conscience πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Devika, it’s good to see you here again πŸ™‚ The person in question used violence against women as a way of selling something as well was making fun of the subject matter under the guise of art. Interestingly he did this not long after he and I had discussed the book I’m writing about a series of violent events in my own life. People being beaten, raped or murdered isn’t art, it’s vile exploitation. Considering this person belongs to a vulnerable minority group in society, one would think he would be the last person to do this. I doubt this person has a conscience or they would have removed the offensive material and extended an olive branch. I’ve been waiting patiently but apparently they wish for me to be an enemy and not a friend. Their wish been granted. Permanently.

  11. I’ve met one like him before. It was quite frightening when I actually saw the curtains open up on him. *sigh* oh well, there are a thousand lovely people for every arrogant prick, I hope.

    1. I agree Kiersty, there are more of us than them. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize the dirty streak in this person until they’d roped me into a work related project but it isn’t something that is difficult to repair thankfully.

    1. Hi Adrian πŸ™‚ I will never divulge his name simply because he would love the attention and the last thing he should have is any sort of publicity. There is no way I’ll highlight anything he’s done, especially the offensive material mentioned.

  12. Would it be right to call this a list poem? I’ve been reading a few list poems the last couple of days, particularly those of the Walt Whitman. I think this qualifies as one – and a brilliant one too πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Brad πŸ™‚ I think it could be a list poem yes! I’ve never read Walt Whitman but you know what? I’m going to go and read some now because you’ve piqued my interest in him. hugs

    1. Hi D! I’m good, aside from being old and tired lol I’m glad you liked that line because I think it describes the insincere nature of this person. I hope you’re doing well too D, you know I always love to see you drop in here and leave your words. πŸ™‚

  13. I am happy to see you back Val. Your poem and comments reminds me of that song “You re so vain by carly simon was it? Welcome and sorry about the prick

    1. OMG Dave, Know what? I was going to post that music video to go along with this poem but decided not to at the last moment to avoid being excessive! Synchronicity for certain I think. Now I wish I had, therefore I’m going to post it tonight. It’s also good to be back my friend. πŸ™‚

    1. I think they are clones of the original Cindy lol Or, perhaps they are doing graduate courses at the local universities!

  14. Bwahahahahaha – the tag is hilarious – I would so love to know who all these people are that you write about (but you don’t have to tell me) – there are people all over the world like that (many of them are also politicians and heads of religions etc.,).

    1. Gabrielle, this person epitomizes the urban term ‘frenemy.’ This is why he is so insidious, because he pretends to be a friend, or at the very least a peer. I was hoodwinked by this person but only realized after I’d collaborated with them professionally and this is what truly pisses me off. They have done something that is morally repugnant by making fun and exploiting something that is at the very heart of my writing as well as being an extremely serious social issue. They are always espousing belief in all the politically correct items on the menu but they have exposed their true nature and I’m disgusted. My credibility in this area could be damaged by my affiliation with this individual and they did this ‘thing’ only after they attached my name and work to theirs. What he doesn’t understand is that what he is doing is going to be noticed by a certain activist organization who won’t be thinking this is very funny. He is immature, duplicitous and full of shit.

    1. Oh yes Stafford, he is for something yes! He is for HIMSELF! πŸ˜‰ Oh, he knows who he is and he will read this or someone will read this and tell him and he will know it’s about him because he is so very very vain. I mean, who else could I be talking about? lol Thank you Stafford,for your Aussie wit and for appreciating this poem. πŸ™‚

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