Dreams And The Fruit Of The Unconscious

Dream Poetry.  I dream it and then I write it.  Now, you can read it.  I’ve done this here before and I think I might leave traces of it on this blog more frequently in the future.  I’m a lucid dreamer, lets just say that shall we? It saddens me that more people are unaware of what is really going on when they close their eyes and this reality slides away, replaced by the truest of existences.  It’s a place where there is nothing but the facts of who we are with no ridiculous distractions such as the illusion of time,  doubt or body noise. More than the writing, more than any other artistic endeavor I’m involved in, this is where my attention is focused; on my soul and the souls of those I know and where we are all going in our evolution.  Dreams are how we communicate to each other cleanly with no guile, out of body and out of the mire of the here and now. Any mystic will tell you this is the fast track to movement and soul growth.

There is your sermon for this week, now go forth and dream a little dream okay? 😉

I Walked

I walked down the narrow brick alley

looking up to see the chipmunks singing love songs to the leaves on the trees

as they fell in a spiral

one by one dancing to the ground

landing single file in an ordered row

Your door was hidden beneath the overwrought iron fist above a thorny threshold

you told me to come on in

and say hello to Maggie

because Leo was late for the battery test

what you didn’t know is that I took a sneaky peek inside the refridgerator

while you left to cry over a bowl of almonds in the corner of your special hiding place

and I cried too when I saw the steaks you’d piled tall and wide

who knew the steaks could be so high?

my tears made puddles on your pink linoleum

I never did see Leo

or Maggie for that matter

but I did stoop to fed the pewter goose by the broken lamp

only to hear him tell me of his desire to be enviously golden winged

if only he could feel the sea he was certain he could learn how to fly

I watched him laugh himself away, his duck bill snapping in half

When he became a pin point of light I fell through the floor with my boots on

and there I was all alone

in the library seeking someone’s truth I could tell

a fireside tail with whiskers and a nose that could smell out the most hidden lie

leaned on the wall like a walking stick watching my every move

while I touched the spines of books and the paper monster vines

my wristwatch made the oddest squeak

which wouldn’t stop no matter how I tried

catching the attention of the librarian dancing on a dime

she made me promise on her snow white hair

to lock it up inside

before I removed the shine

and who do you think was waiting for me when I took out the golden key

the one the dime dancing librarian had handed me

The head of library security that’s who!

he said my caution was a nonsense  I’d taken to the tenth degree

then proceeded to toothlessly laugh at me

then he told me I should  keep it open and completely free

He left me standing in the mansion hall and of course

there was nothing I could do but watch the dolphins through the glass

until the power of the thundering sea shattered all the hope

and three talking porpoises bounced to me

singing songs about the reckless breeze

and how they wanted to whisper something very important to me

but I swam away because I knew it was ruse

to take me from myself and turn me into something else

beyond the wall of steel


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

29 thoughts on “Dreams And The Fruit Of The Unconscious”

  1. Val

    I have emailed you the information as well as my well wishes for 2011, let me know if you haven’t received it. Thanks for the opportunity to share. Best wishes to you and yours and all your friends on the blog


    1. Thank you Brandon 🙂 I’m going to do these a lot more on here, so watch for my dream lunacy to pop up. I would be delighted to read your dreams if you post them!

  2. Wonderful Val 🙂 You know we both feel the same about dreams and this one is full of stuff – it would take me a couple of weeks to deal with it properly – I love how the steaks/stakes are high! (love how dreams do that – hahaha). What’s with Leo and Maggie? The dolphin talking is very significant and reminds me of a dream I had where I was riding through the air on an orca (I have many orca dreams) and he was speaking to me in an Eastender accent about all sorts of funny stuff – listen to your inner dolphin Val – haha. As you would know most characters in a dream represent parts of our own self.

    1. I can tell you Gabrielle that this dream was a visit from someone out of body, Dave. Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly screwy and off base or in jeopardy of some sort, he show us, does the double meaning two step in his own punny way just to show me what I’m too blind to see for myself. You are bang on about the dolphins but as for Leo and Maggie, my guess is they are real people and I’m going to meet them soon. This has happened with Dave before, him telling me stuff before it happens. LOL I like your orca dream hahaha eastender accent! My inner dolphin sounds eerily like Blanche from Corrie but then I am nothing if not my mother’s daughter and she was sooooooo much like Blanche…Blanche with a dirty mouth and a fine set of gams for her age. 😉

  3. I always love stopping in to see what your dreams and creative mind conjure up.
    Always something wonderful and I must admit..the comments can be amusing also..
    Have a wonderful,productive,love filled New Year Val 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy 🙂 Ya know, I think my comment section is actually a literary salon drop in centre for all the raging starving artists in need of some soul food. At least that’s how I steer this car 😉 I’m so happy you enjoy what I write, conjure and create, but the true stars of this blog are all the other artists like yourself who walk through and leave bits of themselves here. I wish the best of everything for you too Cindy in 2011 and beyond. hugs

  4. You reminded me of this quote from Rumi:

    One day you will look back and laugh at yourself.
    You’ll say, “ I can’t believe I was so asleep!
    How did I ever forget the truth?
    How ridiculous to believe that sadness and sickness
    Are anything other than bad dreams.”

    1. Dave, I think that quote is true, absolutely and completely. This is nothing compared to ‘over there.’ 🙂 I do like you to visit here and leave your words because it adds an important dimension to whatever I’ve posted.

      1. Val,

        Thanks for your kinds words. Sleep and dreaming has been always an interesting thing for me in that I have had many experiences lucid dreaming and other things. I have come to see that in many ways dreams are a special language in many ways or a better yet a vehicle for communication between that part of ourselves beyond which we can perceive directly. Dream work is an important cornerstone of psychology as well as many spiritual paths. I read a cool book on it earlier this year if you are interested let me know ill pass the info along


      2. Hi Dave, you’re more that welcome! I like your reference to language when discussing the essence of dreaming. I agree that it is a unique type of internal communication that is much like a spoken language. It is latent but with attention the vocabulary of dreams increases with each foray into that aspect ourselves. I am very interested in the book you mention and if you want you can email me at vbrussell@nf.sympatico.ca with the title and author. I’m always thrilled to expand my library with intelligent books. 🙂

  5. Very Nice! Dreams are always very interesting, a vast world in and of themselves. I always find it really amazing how in our human existence vastness of the ‘worlds’ we inhabit. So much beauty and wonder :–)

    1. It is incredible Dave that people don’t pay as much attention to that part of life. Endless hours are spent in pursuit of nonsense while that part of our souls is ignored. People don’t listen to each other but more importantly they don’t listen to themselves. 🙂

    1. LOL D! It that is so, I’m a massive head case with some serious issues about almost everything lol After I had this dream I thought it was a good think I’m not a vegan or I’d be suffering a serious trauma about the steaks. As for bad taste, I say bring.it.on I’m all about the trashy and tacky in everything. 🙂 It’s good to see you D, I hope the suit and tie aren’t too restricting to the artist in you.

  6. divorce has something to do with gender: it’s asked by women in 85% of the cases^^

    for cleaning, here’s an amazing story: one day, a guy decides to clean the house; why does he decide to do it? but nvm; his girl comes back and, with her lynx eye, she sees that the cleaning has be done; what does she say? ty? no, she just says “look, you forget to clean this part”
    and next time, it will be the same or quite the same; how long will he try? ^^

    shopping is a symptom of mental instability^^ it should be reimburse by social security services

    1. LOLOLOL Well, about the cleaning, some will clean it wrong on purpose so that they won’t be asked again and thus not have to do it again because it has become an issue. Very passive/aggressive stuff that. lol I don’t like to shop. Shopping can be a symptom of manic depression, this is true. Social security services eh? lol I don’t think that scam will work because you bought too much this year Gilles! Bwahahaha

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    1. LOLOLOLOL Okay, I was going to delete this but hey, you left two for me and it is just too damn funny to keep to myself, therefore I’ll leave your comment here and respond. First, I’m not an American but I am a woman. Geez man, there is just so much going on here I don’t know what eye to poke first. lol I’ll just start with the far right eye because it’s the most blind okay? 1. Being fat has nothing to do with gender. It is about eating too much. 2. Divorce has nothing to do with gender. It is about not being compatible with someone and moving on. 3. Cheating has nothing to do with gender. It is about avoidance behavior and lust. 4. Cleaning has nothing to do with gender. She or he that can wipeth thy arse can cleaneth thy toilet bowl. 5. Mental Instability has nothing to do with gender. Chemical imbalances and or the after effects of trauma don’t care if you have a vagina or penis. 6. Being disgusting and taking money you didn’t earn, from someone who did earn it has nothing to do with gender. Lazy pigs are everywhere regardless of the type of plumbing they have. 7. Unchaste? lolol What century is this again? Oh, that must be the other eye, the one I can’t locate because it is still back there in the 1800’s with Queen Victoria. One last thing, unless I’m wrong, you are an American man and that means your mother was an American woman,who gave you life and thus the ability to speak, think and leave this comment. Just a thought. 🙂

  8. I think I stopped dreaming a few years ago. I had a nightmare week before last and it was so unusual for me and it unsettled me so much, I told everyone I met that day, haha. But mostly I just like the daydreams I have where I can place myself in them and make all I want to happen, happen. (ooh la la)
    This, to me, is like Alice in Wonderland… the way you flow from room to room with spirals of people and thoughts. My mum has a very, very old book of dreams and I used to love looking through it for hours and hours. Your thoughts here make a mighty myriad of hopes and fears but if my interpretation is right, the key one is confidence in your literary ability – letting it out. The sea is there for you to swim in Val, my mum would say, haha, and listen to the porpoises! Porpoises are very wise, as are pewter geese.

    1. You are just not recalling them Kiersty. I know about the nightmare thing, I have a memory that keeps returning like a bad meal, at least a couple of times a week. What was your nightmare if you don’t mind me asking? Email if you want to. 🙂 Ah yes the ooh la la daydreams…mine are usually about book deals, lit agents and Oprah’s couch lol Sad aren’t I? I agree with you on the interpretation and the person in the dream who was talking to me at the door about Maggie and Leo, was Dave, my late husband. He visits me sometimes when I need insight and I become stalled. LOL Yes, how can pewter geese be anything but wise! Your mum sounds like a tremendous person, just like her daughter.

    1. Thank you Ollin, and your talent blows me away too young man! Lucid dreaming is great for opening up that door to where the good creative stuff is stashed. 😉

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