The lips move




The slick tongue wraps around the lies in a gossip cuddle

sated for the split personality second it takes

to pass along a familiar brand of jealousy and hate

of course, I’ve heard this is how assholes always mate

alone and almost always late


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Mouth”

    1. Thank you again Adrian. Sometimes I almost live up to my own standards and this was close. 🙂 How is your photography? I’ll hop over to your blog for a look now.

  1. It’s painful when someone gets on with their day in that way. What frustrates me more is the people who do not walk away but just sit there nodding. I’m afraid I’m quite blunt and just laugh or walk away.

    I stopped by to wish you a wonderful Merry Xmas and this caught my eye, Val… the tongue visual is amazing and will stick with me… but MERRY XMAS!!! And I have already gone through one whole tin (with a little help from the girls) of Quality Street and I have a second stashed for Christmas Eve, haha. I hope you have yours ready too. And wishing you a strong and fulfilling 2011 – I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a good year. 🙂

    1. Hi Kiersty, I agree with you, the head nodders keep the shit flowing, no doubt about it. I like your bluntness, it’s an admirable quality which I hold in high esteem. 🙂 Happy Holidays to you and your girls also Kiersty from my girl and I. Thank you for thinking of me and dropping in, I hope you keep doing this dropping in thing because I like your presence here. I wish you the best year you’ve ever had in 2011 both professionally and personally honey, I feel it’s going to be twelve months full of fantastic opportunities and happy times. Now, where is that tin of Quality street… :)HUGS

    1. Oh honey they most certainly do Cindy. Hey, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you my South African friend. HUGS 🙂

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