It Seemed A Good Idea…

to leave you in the capable hands of ZZ TOP.  These guys were part of the soundtrack of my partying youth and it seemed fitting that I drop a couple of their tunes on you while I dive into the work of writing, so that you can party for me while I’m gone.


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

30 thoughts on “It Seemed A Good Idea…”

    1. Okay okay, perhaps not as bad as a cynic…no, you are more a fatalist lol Not all inevitable things are bad you know! Many are good. 😉

    1. Well of course Gilles, that goes without saying, one cannot love another without loving themselves. You see, that is the thing about love, it is this every growing realization of limitless coming from a place that is eternal and it has nothing to do with ego. 🙂

  1. about love, this guy says (i just translate this part^^):

    “Plus souvent qu’à mon tour j’ai bu le sang des vautours
    J’ai cru les gens qui m’entourent
    Qui rêvent de bonheur
    Mais se foutent éperdument du nôtre”

    “More often than my turn
    I drank the vultures blood
    I believed in the people around
    Who are dreaming of happiness
    And don’t absolutely care about ours”

    Bien souvent je me suis réveillé avant le lever du soleil, avant de quitter l’hôtel
    Engoncé dans mon complet croisé
    Si souvent, j’ai gardé pour moi mes vicissitudes et mes vices
    Et tourments, tournis, turpitudes
    L’horreur d’un souvenir passé

    J’attendais en vain
    Que le monde entier m’acclame
    Qu’il me déclare sa flamme
    Dans une orgie haut de gamme
    Padam padam padam padam pam pam

    Souvent, je me suis pris pour un autre et j’ai fait des doubles fautes
    Double sec, double dose, double dame avec les femmes d’un autre
    Plus souvent qu’à mon tour j’ai bu le sang des vautours
    J’ai cru les gens qui m’entourent
    Qui rêvent de bonheur
    Mais se foutent éperdument du nôtre

    {au Refrain}

    Si, souvent, sur la sellette, je rêvais de paillettes, long est le chemin qui mène
    À la faillite en presque tous les domaines
    Si, souvent, j’ai broyé du noir, du gris, du magenta, du marc, de l’eau-de-vie
    De l’art de vivre sans personne qui t’aime

    1. This guys physical sarcasm is brilliant by the way. lol I’m not certain if he is opposed to love or the on stage dance styles of american pop music artists of the twentieth century. Either way, he’s versatile! I like the song too. 🙂

      1. Aw geez, why ya do it Gilles?! Why did ya have to ruin it for me and tell me it was actors. Okay…if those were actors, then where the hell is he? Is he shy? 😉 A performer who is shy, I never thought I would live to see the day. Now, the voice is his isn’t it? 😉

  2. sure you can find a better word^^, womarchist for instance^^

    but be sure of one thing, there’s no idea of sharing, justice, equality and all stuff like that in that so-called “good cause”, greed is its main engine (desire is another word for greed)

    1. Oh but Gilles, my fellow Womarchist, I said nothing about good causes, I said love. Giving love to others does not require money, desire, a god, a religion, a reward, or an inspiration, it just requires a decision. It is the only truth, the only real power 😉 and it is FREE. I know this for a fact. 🙂

  3. sure, that’s why i’m feminist too coz feminism is the most destructive weapon ever invented^^ , nuclear power destruction is ridiculous comparing to feminism, but nvm, i don’t care about it now, i don’t really think this world is serious (otherwise it would be pathetic) ^^

    1. Sometimes I think this world is too serious Gilles. I suppose when all is calm in person’s life and they live in a bubble of fake safety, this life is nothing. My life experiences have always been somewhere close to peril and therefore I know that safety is an illusion. This world is pathetic and wretched and beyond hope, which is exactly why I put the cynic in me in a locked internal box and try spread as much love as I can because that is what it means to be not only a feminist, a woman and a man but ultimately a human being. Feminism is about building not destroying. We die so that we can come back here over and over again and I’m not telling how I know this but I do. 😉 I’ve decided to amalgamate the words feminism and anarchy to create a new term just for you Gilles…you are femarchist! :0

    1. LOLOLOL Frenchman hahahaha Okay, that made me laugh Gilles, but don’t think it makes you a feminist, you anarchist you. 😉

  4. it’s very cool to be a man, very very cool, and a lot more easier than to be a woman^^
    yes, on this earth, women always had the power since humanity appeared, so do you know which word is usually used to call the will of absolute power? ^^

  5. lol, val; hopefully you didn’t read the 3 or 5 poems i wrote about feminism long time ago^^…most women are complaining that men don’t hear and talk….but they regret those complains when they meet one who’s able to read in them like in an open book or in clear water
    i know so many questions to which silence is the only answer brought by women that it’s funny for me just to have a little thought about them.
    but, don’t worry, poets have to be feminist, they have no choice^^ (but i won’t tell you the reasons why^^)

    1. Psst! Gilles, shall I share something with you, some inside information all women know: men are afraid of women. It’s in the biology, life depends on us, the women. now THAT is power. 😉 Sucks to be a man doesn’t it? lol You wrote poems about feminism and I’ve lived it, such an interesting contrast yes? Men are short term thinkers, women are long term thinkers. That says it all. By the way Gilles, I’m far from a silent feminist/woman, I could yap all the damn time. lol I could wear out most folk.

    1. Interesting song, soul music is always bittersweet. Being young is the fertile ground which nourishes such angst. I’m older now, my passions are more about the practical side of life and in a way, I live with one foot over ‘there’ with those who have died and one foot in this world. I like it that way for a variety of reasons now and to be honest Gilles, this world and what it offers doesn’t impress me at all. What does impress me are things like courage and kindness in the face of opposition to that kindness and courage. I think this is what this song is about, is it not? That stuff is never bullshit, fake or selfish. 😉

  6. some great lyrics in “under pressure”


    Find the girl
    Under the pressure of the gun
    Whips on her hips
    Tattooed as a dolby surround
    Blower of the sound
    In a velvet superground

    Find the girl
    Who leads all paths
    Africa painted on her skin
    China as an elegant sin
    Babylon’s burning in her pin

    Just get me a drink
    Lots of icebergs
    Floating on the sink
    Full of black eyed ink

    1. Yes, they are Gilles, but of course, being a woman, I change the character in the lyrics to a man and that is an entirely different dynamic isn’t it?

    2. not necessarly^^; long time ago, i read some lee lozowitz words, one thing was saying “the most difficult for a girl is to find the woman in her, coz she already thinks she’s the woman, as she’s only female; it’s the problem of the little fish in the water asking where is the sea”^^
      so, find the girl^^ (easier when being a male shape^^)

      1. Thank you Gilles, for reiterating what we possessors of ovaries already know, that this is a patriarchal mine field for us to navigate. 😉 It helps of course, that we know where to step to avoid the dangerous places if we are fortunate enough to survive to adulthood/womanhood. I was born old Gilles, an old soul but I do understand that men will never understand women because they aren’t capable of that much wisdom. 😉 But we forgive you this tiny flaw. lol

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