A Few Words About…

the poets.  You.  Me.  Us.  What does it mean to the poet to write and more importantly, what does it mean to those who choose to read it.  I say ‘choose’ to read it, because unlike a great deal of genre fiction or non fiction, poetry is not a consumer driven, mass produced mental fast food for short attention spans.  Poetry has endured against incredible odds.  I liken it to classical music, in that it is the building block of all modern writing and therefore a relic that is far from dead.  So, you may be wondering, what brought this on Val?  It’s Saturday for chrissake, take a breath will ya.

I will, but not before I give you a link to an always thought provoking blog, written by an intelligent and talented Aussie blogger/poet/philosopher, Brad AKA Maekitso

If you are a poet, go there and leave a comment after reading what he has to say.  If you are a reader, go there and leave a comment on what he has to say.

Here is what I feel about it:

Poetry is the arrangement of feelings and experiences in an order the non poets can relate to and comprehend. It is the interpreter of a higher law that is ever changing, or as Shelley said, much better than my peasant self ever could, “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.  If it divides people it is working.  If it unifies people it is working.  All that matters is that the words are not inert, but then based on the ever changing nature of human emotion and experience, a group force always moving toward a passionate unknown source, that would be patently impossible wouldn’t it?

Happy Saturday scribes and readers, much love to you all.  🙂


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

13 thoughts on “A Few Words About…”

  1. Haha – my lips are sealed pending an apology – I knew you would know Val (that’s because we are women and the superior species) – I’m thinking I might just restrict my blog roll to female artistes from now on – males are just so yesterday – bwahahaha.

  2. Brad rocks and thanks for the alert. You do too and I found myself nodding down the blog, got to the end, backed up then backed up several times, then rang Pauline Hanson and read to her this bit. “All that matters is that the words are not inert, but then based on the ever changing nature of human emotion and experience, a group force always moving toward a passionate unknown source, that would be patently impossible wouldn’t it?”
    And then I waited and waited until eventually she said: “Errr… please explain.” 🙂
    ( I will be in deep shit with Gabrielle over this. She is a Hanson supporter).

    1. I looked up this Pauline Hanson and she is certainly an interesting individual Stafford. She isn’t a very moderate person is she and some things she has said are hardcore. Of course, I’ve only had a quick wikipedia tutorial which means I’m probably missing a great deal of the fleshy information. I’m going to let you and Gabrielle duke it out and watch from the sidelines lol Thanks Stafford for being here and making me feel that what I feel and say has relevance for other souls. 🙂

      1. You bastard Stafford (he’s lieing Val – I hate that woman) – that’s it – Stafford is off my Christmas card list (and I’ll tell everyone your real name if your not careful) – bwahahahah! Your trick worked Stafford.

      2. LOL I kinda knew that Gabrielle, seeing as she thinks Aborigine people eat each other and is basically a racist dipshit from hell. 😉 Now, about that stafford guy, what was that about a real name? :0

  3. I’ve stopped putting my poems on my blog, too many meaningless comments made me cross, it was clear that many people weren’t reading them and just saying ‘Lovely!’ and things like that.
    Good post Val, and thanks for the link.

    1. I hear you Cindy, and I’ve experienced the same, which is why I do the tag thing 😉 I think the real action takes place right here in the comment section and if I can, I attempt to do or say something that ignites discussion through feeling. Also, I like to talk and you are all very tolerant of my incessant yapping, I guess you could say I have a captive audience, which for me, is a test of my skill with words. You all make me a better writer. The fact is this: I like you guys. I like talking to you. I like listening to you through the words you write. I learn so much from everyone therefore, to say that you wonderful writers have enriched the thinker between my ears, is an understatement. You say people aren’t reading them, your words, but I disagree. You’ve written some poetry that has cut me like a knife, clean down the middle and some other poetry that has curled up around me like a blanket of understanding. The words have a power that transcend our own narrow view of where they go and sometimes stay. Platitudes and manners can be aggravating, but it’s the connection that remains important I feel. HUGS

  4. Brad rocks..Period

    Glad you’re tooting his horn..Well not like that,
    Oh, crikey, now I’ve done it

    Please understand
    I didn’t mean it

    Okay, I did
    I’m sorry I took the money!!!!


    1. Ya know B, if I’d ever had a little brother, he probably would have been you…even though you are much older and are chronologically supposed to have a greater understanding of that ever elusive quality known as maturity. Muahahahahaha Money? What the hell is that? Oh yeah, that thing that keeps one from hunger and death. 🙂 And yes, Brad Rocks.

  5. I love poetry, I envy those who are amazing at it {like you}, I think it is essential to every other writing form. I use it as a sort of practice, like doing reps in a gym, I write poetry to get me warmed up for the poetic rhythm that might occur in my prose. Poetry is also excellent when it comes to metaphor, efficiency with words, imagery, feeling, I could go on and on. Don’t forget the most famous writer of all time was a poet: Shakespeare. But of course you all knew that. 🙂

    1. You are very kind to say I’m good at this, because I honestly just come on here and spill my guts Ollin, nothing more. There are those who would consider me the anti Christ of poetry because I have no degrees or affiliation with a university, no history of schmoozing with the sanctioned literati or anyone remotely connected to the hemp beret wearing crowd. Writing is my connection, to sanity and to other people. Blogs, books and the people I encounter in my daily life are my university. I agree with you, poetry is a damn good primer for writing prose. It opens you up to the possibilities of language and the words become less like a steel rod and more like an elastic band that stretches around feelings and images. I think you are doing something wonderful at your blog Ollin, I just wanted to say that and you will do very well this business of words. 🙂

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