I’ve decided to throw you a guilty party

and invite a few of your favourite friends

The very great

and the very late

some out of copyright souls

Keats, Byron, The Shelley’s

Wordsworth and Coleridge too!

As a plagiarist you exemplify

the grifter’s gift of the gab

You only steal from the best

Childe Harold, Christabel and Queen Mab


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

15 thoughts on “Surprise!”

    1. You know me B, this is where the sarcasm drip is and I’m hooked up right now getting my daily treatment of acid induced wit. 😉 Now, about Keith, ya know what Dave used to say: “When they drop the atomic bomb, only three things will remain alive…cockroaches, my old man and Keith Richards. Now Dave really dripped lol

    1. Watching this makes me so damn happy Elvis C got his teeth fixed lol By the sound of your musical choices Gilles, you are having an interesting Sunday! 😉


    Poetry looting does not exist
    Even if this activity
    Is highly recommanded
    For the ignition start
    As no copyright is allowed
    In Octopussy’s garden
    Or in Shangri-La

    So rob what you want
    Steal the maximum
    In your flames
    Fire wind and water know
    How to recognize themselves

    1. LOL Gilles, you have outdone yourself darling! The title is brilliant and that last stanza is very lawless ya know. 😉 Still, I have made a vow, never to steal from the work of the dead but I will borrow for dramatic purposes but I will always give the credit. I’m all about giving other writers credit, even the dead ones. :0 You were missed by the way.

    1. Ya know Gabrielle, I like that dripping with sarcasm comment! Sadly, this poem is directed at a person who is highly unlikely to trek through this blog and even if they did, their vanity would prevent them from seeing themselves. Like I said in my comment to Dhyan, this person is a no talent despicable turd. I loved that you loved this! HUGS

    1. I never fight with it Dhyan. I’ve absolved myself of all guilt by never stealing the work of others, especially dead poets and novelists. Hell, I don’t have to anyway, I’ve got enough material from my very shitty life to fill at least a few volumes. This particular poem was about those lurid individuals who don’t visit my blog but who I check in on from time to time just to watch their utter disregard for decency as they pilfer and rob the graves of the greats. It’s sad but very possible for them to get away with this because so many of those I’ve mentioned above, such as Shelley and Byron, are unknown to a new generation and the theft will go unnoticed. Worse still, the words will be attributed solely to the thief. Every self respecting writer will acknowledge when they borrow from another by citing the source and giving proper credit and respect. If that isn’t done, I don’t think it’s too extreme to consider the person who does the stealing as a no talent despicable turd. 🙂

      1. I was actually asking if someone has been stealing from you. 🙂
        I know that happens around the sphere. I cannot imagine for what reason someone would want to steal from someone like Byron and where the hell you find those..

        I would still be happy to come to the party. Let me know when it starts..

      2. Good grief Dhyan, lol I’m not a good enough writer to be worthy of theft nor is my ego that inflated! I’m flattered you would think so though. As for theft of work by Byron et al, you would be surprised the number and sorts of people who do this and not only that, they make money from it. I think the only party I’ll give now in my life will be my wake one day, but hey, those are the best ones because I won’t have to clean up the mess others leave. 😉

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