Myth Maker Darkly

You no longer recall the language

that much is clear

a once familiar tongue, rich in the magic of appreciation and love

textures of sound rippling close and fine

but then, the bitter  maggot of your ego ate its way through your heart

a gallivanting monster, an insatiable soul traveller

You’ve become a type of reticent presbyterian

all pursed lips and cold hands

you are an insult to the moonlight and wind

so full of censure for those who look you in the eye

legions of hometown lapdogs and fools fall at your feet

a deity of clay and bullshit

I no longer recognize

all dressed up in pride

you are in love with your myth

but you know what they say about standing in your own shadow

it isn’t a place for people who are afraid of the dark


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

22 thoughts on “Myth Maker Darkly”

  1. the first person I thought of while reading this is that stupid preacher in Florida who wants to burn the Quaran… nightmare people!

    1. He’s an excellent model for this type of individual Jessie. If it were left up to me, there would be NO religion at all. None, nada, nil, zilch. It is the reason the human race is stuck in a dismal and perpetual circle walk. I predict, that in about one hundred years, organized religion will have virtually disappeared because science and spirituality will merge and the fear of death that fuels the desire for religion, will no longer exist. An age of enlightenment is dawning and it’s all about the intellect as spirit, rather than the two opposed. As for the turd in Florida, he’s a narcissist with a collar. 🙂

      1. I had a hard time discussing religion anymore because I am related to quite a few very religious people. I hunk my own spiritual choices are the one mystery I have left 🙂 but I’d tell you over email!

      2. I totally understand it Jessie. I have never had to deal with this stuff, even though I was raised a Catholic and did the Catholic school thing. I was lucky that my family were mostly free thinking heathens. I’m gonna email you tomorrow and catch up on stuff with you. We’ve not connected for a while and I miss you loads sweetie. hugs

  2. Val, this is absolutely brilliant! I just loved every word it.

    I am revelling in those descriptions, sorry if I am gushing but wow! …

    “but then, the bitter maggot of your ego ate its way through your heart

    a gallivanting monster, an insatiable soul traveller

    You’ve become a type of reticent presbyterian

    all pursed lips and cold hands

    you are an insult to the moonlight and wind”

    and . . .

    “a deity of clay and bullshit” – lol

    What wonderful writing!

    1. I was in a pissed of getting even with the idiots kind of mood, especially idiots involved in the arts with too much self importance. I’m thrilled you liked this Singer 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy honey, thank you for you kind words. Yes, we all know a few cold handed purse lipped Presbyterians 😉 I think the trick in knowing them, is to somehow get them to see it for themselves. Not an easy task I fear. Thank you for stopping by, I always love your visits. 🙂

  3. At some point, we have all been there I suppose… it’s just that many of us refuse to admit it! I wonder why! But then again, some continue to live there, and some get back to being slightly better.. it’s all a matter of choice.. no?

    Very bluntly and nicely written, Val!! I really admire the starkness in the tone of this poem!!

    1. Yes indeed we have Kavita and on the walk of life we meet all and are all. I think a fragile ego and a poor identity and you are so darn correct to say it is a matter of choice. Everything we do as adults is a matter of personal choice but many don’t like the responsibility that goes with those choices and then we get into the territory of blaming others and self pity. I’m extra pleased that you liked the directness or as you say starkness. hugs 🙂 and thank you Kavita.

  4. oh i made a mistake with the years…the play was first played in early 1950s….i saw it in 1988 or so – just now a friend clarified 🙂


      1. The name of the play is the same, Val — the name “Ningalenne Communistakki” translated as “You Made Me a Communist” (It is the year I got confused with) 🙂

        To my knowledge, it has not been remade in other languages, and is only available in Malayalam (the offcial language of Kerala. So I doubt you may not be able to source it or understand it, Val,

        You can read about it here:


      2. I’ll keep it in mind and if it is every subtitled and released, I’m curious enough to watch it devika. I’m going to the link now to read up on it. Thanks sweetie. 🙂

    1. Thank you Gabrielle 🙂 I think I’ve known about three of these types in my life, although technically, one was an Anglican. 🙂 Same cold hands and pursed lips though!

  5. very fine poem, Val…i feel like asking, if you would throw some light as to who this person is…but poetry is so personal, representing personae and places within ourselves, that we wish to keep in the dark, allowing the reader to guess as much as they want –

    and that i suppose is the beauty and relevance of poetry, enabling the reader ultimately to look within…and we know, we all are made of the same five elements, that constitute nature…the myth 🙂

    have been reading your limericks also, 🙂


    1. This poem is about a few people Devika and it must be quite real for you to ask me which makes me pleased. I strive for realism when I write, to make it personal for the reader, so you’ve made me very happy with your comment. I’m glad you read the Limericks too, I have a special affection for them. Thanks for stopping by, it’s always good to see you here. 🙂

      1. Yes i relate very much, Val…and spoke very directly to me and some people i know too, though it could be only your view…i guess its this world which makes people so.

        Though not directly relevant, We have a play titled “You Made Me a Communist” — essentially pointing fingers at the social sytems (The Agrarian Landlord-ship until the 1960s/1970s –it says a lot about how social and political systems can change you,

        The challenge to me seems not to change your harmonius self — at times it calls for pursed lips/cutting off from the society or whatever it takes…though i strive to have my smile, and a kind word for the other as possible as i can…not very easy 🙂


      2. The world will do a number on everyone if we let it devika and some are not so strong to avoid the pitfalls, such as I’ve addressed in the poem. I guess this is where compassion is required and patience for those who are not as far along on their path of spiritual growth. I’m interesting in the play you mention. Social and political movements and the progression of society based on those elements are of particular interest to me. I agree, that when the society around is toxic, it leaves no choice but to become distant rather than participate in the something malevolent and negative. Passive resistance works and it is the only thing I know that is neutral and powerful in most situations. I am a believer in group passive resistance. It works.

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