Ya Know, Limericks get a bad name.  I love them.  The lyrical nature and simplicity make them enjoyable to write.  They don’t have to bawdy and/or funny, to be successful verse.  To prove my point, I’ve written a couple that are rather serious.  🙂  It would please me immensely if you lovely scribes would write a Limerick of your own for the comments section, the only stipulation is that it must be of a serious nature, and this weekend I will do a vlog specifically dedicated to reading your little ditties and then promoting your website!  Geez, how could you turn that one down?   😉

Limerick#1  Moon Swells

when the moon is full and high

you cannot hear a single lie

the nectar kisses

and whispered wishes

are a force you can’t deny

Limerick #2  The Circle

We meet in passing on the arc

where light escapes the dark

a time is set

a challenge met

an outcome grim and stark


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

16 thoughts on “”

  1. “Scream in the light” what a wonderful line! I love that.

    I look forward to the vlog, I have really enjoyed the ones that I have seen.

    Enjoy your weekend. 😉

  2. Great idea val, I couldn’t resist joining in. 🙂

    Once I started, I couldn’t stop! . . .

    They say I’ve been blessed with the ‘sight’
    As I’ve lived through both darkness and light
    I think that it’s true
    Of both me, and of you
    and I’m sure that you’ll say that I’m right

    So, I decided to fill up my bowl
    with something that would nourish my soul
    I pondered and mused
    I dreamed and enthused
    but all the pieces could not make me whole

    I thought that it would be such a lark
    and never dreamed it would leave any mark
    but there’s a price you must pay
    for every word that you say
    and that’s why I sing in the dark

    – Singer x

    1. Singer, those were outstanding! On the vlog you go my dear. 🙂

      Now, here is one from me to you:

      You are right to think I agree
      that it’s true of both you and of me
      and while you sing in the night
      I scream in the light
      and the price for both is free

  3. Ample Tree

    her mother says she married a prince
    and her father’s dali moustache grows wild ever since
    she blossoms in purple, blue and red
    her hubby is a very fine lad
    but unfortunately nothing is as it is from the outside seems

    o.k. i donnow the rules, just followed you. also, not sure if that is serious enough for your taste.

    1. It is better than good Dhyan and you shall be read, yes you will be vlogged by Val! 😉 Splendid stuff my dear. A typical Limerick is aabba but I like this so don’t come in here and mess with!

      1. I thought that was aabba
        but i will not come to mess
        just sit nicely, legs folded, in the spider webbed corner, and hummm to myself grey melodies of princess love until on sunday the youtube tele vision broadcast candian waterfall of words..

  4. I think you’re right Val – they are underrated (though I think the rhythym and pace of the limerick lends itself to humour). I love your ‘serious’ limericks though, especially the circle one 🙂 Here is my quick attempt.


    old waves crash on down round my feet
    smell of salt crusted shells, oh so sweet
    it’s the passing of time
    long gone days, thoughts sublime
    my breath and my heart skip a beat.

    1. Beautiful Gabrielle! The last line is a killer I adore sea metaphor. This weekend I will put up the vlog, probably Sunday afternoon my time. Thank you scribe for your contribution. hugs 🙂

  5. I will attempt to kill two birds here (remember the heroine challenge,it is that “cant be a victim” part that was killing me ).

    I had two stories planned
    1) The Desperda rides into town dressed like a man/cowboy . She then tricks an evil land grubber into coming out into the night when she enters the saloon dressed to kill which she does and the evil land grubber is never seen again . but I am lazy and got hung up on details about her sister and then I just kept staring at her because she was so pretty which really wasnt the spirit of the thing at all.:)

    2) a proud strong waitress that sets ups the evil owner of the diner to fail.
    at one point she saws all the legs off the table he leans on every morning when he harasses all the other waitresses( he is scared of her) .
    Anyway she puts the table back and it looks normal so when he leans on it like he always does he eats the floor. couldnt work through the details
    okay here it is I just wanted you to know I thought about it quite a bit.

    in from the plains rode the Desperada
    rendering male pride and prejudice nada
    shining eyes of deepest black
    every boot takes two steps back
    as she pulls off her saddlebags of finest Prada*
    Fratelli Prada was founded on the belief that women had no place in business but ended up being run by the owners daughter who passed it on to her daughter.

    1. LOLOLOLOL Mark that Limerick was most excellent but nearly crossed the line into the land of funny. You are however, vlog worthy! I bet that just makes your day lol Anyhoo, I do like the waitress much more than the Desperada because of course there is the stereotype that a woman who is strong must have male qualities like a masculine manner of dress. Of course that is completely baloney and the waitress is much more likely especially her creative use of table legs and his vain stupidity. Thank you for an especially entertaining comment/story/read/contribution. Just Brilliant 🙂

  6. This song that’s formed from words
    Just like cooing of the birds
    They rest, they fly
    From low to high
    Quills so free, ever onwards

    That’s kinda how I felt after reading your limericks, Val…
    Cheers to the moon, night, circle (the most amazing of all shapes EVER!), and to words!! 😀

    1. That is a precious and whimsical Limerick Kavita and it is vlog ready stuff. I will read it with the others and post it here and on youtube on Sunday. Thank you honey bee for contributing! 🙂

      1. Some of my friends call me a butterfly.. and now you say ‘honey bee’!! Me LOOOOVES all the flying and buzzing !!! Thankooz Val! 🙂

        So, here’s another one from moi:

        A cup of steaming coffee
        Or be it full of tea
        Thoughts foray
        To me they say
        Go venture out, feel free
        The world is yours to see

        Cheers!! 🙂

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