I’m bored

tediously, irritatingly, annoyingly incontrovertibly, predictably and obviously adverbally


of this

of that

of you

of me

of us

of them

of what has come before

of now and then and sometime soon

the finger tapping/ass shifting/thumb twiddling/yawning/fidgeting/clock watching/sigh infested/head nodding/leg crossing/magazine flipping/mind numbing/soul destroying…


I’m not good with bored.  Not good at all.


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

17 thoughts on “”

  1. Whoaaa!!! If boredom results in such a poem, I suppose it’s okay to be bored once in while 🙂
    But on a more serious note, boredom SUCKS! I can do anything and everything to keep myself from landing in Boresville!

    A very neat write, Val!! It got me all jittery… and now I am feverishly gonna read.write/comment/reply.. just so I don’t have any time to get bored! 🙂

    1. I’m bored a lot Kavita and I think it’s because my entire life has been peppered with one crisis after another. Perhaps I’ve become addicted to stress and intensity. I’m so pleased you liked this and you sound like a kindred spirit. 🙂

    1. Yeah B! Then afterward, when we really live it up, we can play Euchre until one of us heard to utter the following: “Who dealt that mess?” and “What’s trump again?” LOL Next up, Solitaire and Gin Rummy. :0

  2. Well old doc can’t stand for a young lady to be bored way up North, so visit my blog today. There’s a TV link where you can see the world’s only physician bluegrass fiction writer play the mandolin with his pals Darin Aldridge and Wayne Benson.

    Hey, at least no one can say doc is boring!

    Dr. B

    1. Dr. B, I watched your interview and it was brilliant to see you play and talk about your book. You deserve massive success and I keep sending the good vibes your way. I’ll post the link for your T.V. appearance on my blog so others can enjoy your stuff. 🙂 This definitely cured my boredom!

  3. Heh…don’t forget ‘maniacally, psychotically frustrated’, too, cause I don’t know about you but that’s usually the next stage for me after boredom!
    You made me smile this early in the morning, though!

    1. LOL Lisa, yes, psychotically indeed lol I entered that staged last week and I now feel as if I’m rallying around in preparation for the next mind numbing experience. I love that I made you smile, and that made me smile and it’s damn hard to be bored when you smile! hugs

  4. Hahahaha – love the ‘obviously adverbally’ – it does look like you’re not good with boredom as it is bringing out the adverbs (a thing poets are not supposed to use, I just read in a comment on a blog – who knew!). It’s funny but just as opoetoo said, when I read this I went off into a little narrative tangent in my head about your amazing and unusual life. Love the title.

    1. I think adverbs get a bad rap Gabrielle and I’m a great believer in their overuse in all forms of writing. I’m learning lately that rules are made for breaking. I’m going to write another shit disturber lately about this, so stay tuned for another Val rant. My life has been unusual and more than this, the fact that I’m not in jail, a crack house, or a mental institution is incredible. I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs. Another miracle. I’ve got something to post regarding this too and it is all tied up in the novel I’m writing and I promise it will be interesting. While we’re on the topic, I was thinking of asking you to be my third set of eyes. Ever been a beta reader Gabrielle?

      1. I don’t even know what a beta reader is Val! I’m pretty busy at the moment, but down the track I might be interested (unless it’s for your novel – which I would love to read anyhow).

      2. A Beta reader is an unbiased, intelligent and clear headed reader Gabrielle. It is the only reader who will give you the unvarnished truth about your manuscript. I’m choosing two from my blogger friends and you are one. 🙂 It’s called Wilson Park and it’s a creative non fiction novel set in the housing project where I lived as a kid. It’s real. I’ve changed names and some events are jammed up beside others that happened later but the dialogue, the characters themselves and most of the experiences are fact. If you are game, I’ll email it to you when I feel it’s ready to be poked and prodded.

  5. I thought about your life ,the amazing,sad and wonderful things you have shared and it seemed to me it might be good for you to be bored.
    I thought about an old commercial Evel Knievel did after he got out of jail
    ,it was for some hotel “after a life like mine I deserve a good nights sleep”.(that was when I did watch TV)
    Well maybe you think after a life like yours you deserve NOT to be bored ,
    I dont know,just ramblin and seriously laughing about how you are bored by things “sometimes soon”.

    I am scared end with peace because it sounds so ,you know the b word,
    so a twist on it-

    Positively Exciting And Crazy Events 4u

    1. I think in a way Mark, I’m bored with myself and my self doubt and inertia. Sometimes I think this layer of self doubt is really covering a thick layer of fear of success. 😉 I loved Evil Knievel! When I lived in the project, we used to put an old piece of plywood on top of some cement blocks we stole borrowed from the construction site across the street and ride our bikes up and over it, shouting at the top of our lungs EVIL KNIEVEL!!!!!! Ah, the good old days, thanks for jogging a good memory for me. Peace isn’t scary really, not that I would know, but if you are bored without peace, as I am I can only imagine it must be quite exciting and liberating to have that inner freedom. I’ll never know it. 😦 I just stay in crisis mode or bored out of my skull.

      1. I dont know why you should fear success -you are there.
        Look where you have been and where you are.
        I think you could even make it across Snake River Canyon.:)
        oh nooo… I am starting to sound like Zig Ziglar- excuse me while I stick these 2 long fingers down my throat……..

        You may be bored but you are never boring, not here anyway.

        As always I wish you the best and
        peace 🙂

        EVIL KNIEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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