Paul Squires and Proust

As many of you know, Australian poet and writer Paul Squires has died.  I didn’t know him very well, but we did sporadically comment on each other’s blogs and I do own a copy of his book, The Puzzle Box.  His writing was unique and infused with his love of music and Paul Squires transformed words into jazz, each syllable a note in the composition of his artistic vision.

One year ago August 2, Paul visited this blog and as it happens I’d posted a version of The Proust Questionaire.  It took some cajoling, but he eventually posted his answers in my comments section.  Here they are.  Farewell Paul, fly high and thank you for your words. they will be treasured by many.

Paul says:

1. What is your primary characteristic?

2. What qualities do you love in a man?
An understanding that that is first and foremost a responsibility.

3. What qualities do you love in a woman?


4. What do you appreciate most about your friends?

5. What is your main fault?


6. What is your favorite occupation?

Can’t decide.

7. What is your idea of happiness?

Absence of need

8. What is your idea of misery?

Constant need

9. If not yourself, then who would you be?

Someone with a heartbeat and a brain

10. Where would you like to live?


11. What is your favorite color?

Right, now Mango Sunsets

12. Who is your favorite author?
Kiersty Boon

13. Who is your favorite poet?
Bryan Borland

14. Who is your favorite fictional hero?

The bloke I am playing in Fallout 3. Well anti-hero obviously.

15. Who is your favorite historical hero?

Richard 3

16. Who is your favorite composer?

Keith Jarrett

17. Who are your heroes in real life?

Lots of nameless people I see in the sreet.

18. What is your favorite flower?
Chysanthemums Cos it’s such a spectacular word.

19. Who is your favorite painter?


20. What character in history do you most dislike?

George Bush and cronies,

21. Which is your favorite name?


22. What is your favorite food?

Anything Wil Cox Jnr cooks, I eat.

23. Which is your favorite drink?


24. What do you hate the most?

25. What talent do you wish you had been gifted with?
I don’t like regret, and this question triggers a storm of regret.

26. How do you wish to die?


27. What is your present state of mind?

Not quite empty but this is a lot of questions.

28. For what fault have you the most tolerance?


29. Do you have a motto?


30. What would you like to do right now?

Don’t ask.


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

13 thoughts on “Paul Squires and Proust”

    1. Paul was an innovator, I truly believe this was his goal creatively. It seemed appropriate to let me speak for himself one last time. He left bits of his soul on many blogs and I hope someone puts them together in a book one day as a tribute. He will be missed terribly. 😦

  1. Me too Bryan. Isn’t it strange, but when we do things one day we can never know the impact they will have on another day. Such is the case with this questionaire. He did indeed write jazz poetry and he did it better than anyone else. He may have invented his own genre.

    1. Indeed Gabrielle, here’s to Paul. I was shocked to hear of his death and this only serves to remind us to value each moment with people we love and or admire. HUGS Gabrielle, Paul is out there in that blue wonderment feeling the love coming from planet earth to him.

    1. I’m happy you read this and met another side of Mr. Squires. He was an original and will be sorely missed Kavita.

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