Some people make a career out of…

doing nothing.  You may want to avoid my blog today if you fall into any of these categories:  Upper middle class brats with an axe to grind about something they have never experienced, a tree hugging granola eating loon who smokes too much weed, a sixties throwback who is still attempting to tighten the screws that were loosened by a lot of acid, professional students who hide from life, hemp wearing naturalists who don’t know how to survive without their cell phone and internet service etc…you know who you are so I’d vacate the premises at this point or feel the sting.

Protesters and their ilk

I grew up in Toronto.  It’s a great city, clean and safe for the most part and  I rode the subways, buses and streetcars alone from the age of twelve until I was 26, at which point I moved away to give my schizophrenic husband a calmer life.  I always went back though, for the buzz and hum of being absorbed by the energy of all those cultures living in one place.  Imagine my disgust when I watched video and read print media accounts of the violence in the place of my birth and youth.

Apparently the G 8/20 summit is the demonic culprit.  You know, all those legally elected leaders of countries getting together to discuss the economic and environmental nightmare  that is the 21st century.   It would seem there is a disgruntled segment of society that is fed up, had enough and won’t take it anymore.  They are demanding an end to poverty, injustice and violent regimes who impose their will on others through the use of force.  Oh yeah? I see a few pots calling kettles black in this situation.  How very interesting this is from another  perspective.  For all the rhetoric in dreadlocks and hemp shirts,   I don’t recall anyone picketing or burning police cars on behalf of people sleeping on the streets, down the block from where they work or attend a university many of us can’t afford in our dreams. Let me enhance your awareness,  they are there, every time you walk past their empty bellies with your Starbucks or Tim Horton’s latte.  I also don’t recall anyone being this irate about the incomprehensible number of child abusers and murderers who are permitted to walk free  on a regular basis, after serving a scandalously short stint in one of our fine penal institutions after destroying some lives.  Karla Holmolka ring a bell?  Not one protester.  Silence.  It is this same deafening silence  in the Gulf where private industry is destroying the  lives of innocent hard working people with the chemicals they’re using to clean up the oil that will keep gushing out for years.  In fact, this thing is more dangerous than anyone knows and not one single cop car is being incinerated down in Louisiana.  Nope, they are much too busy protesting in the only country with a healthy economy.  Why?  Because this world of instant celebrity and a middle class comfort level,  the like of which has not been seen EVER on this planet, has given birth to an entire generation of narcissists who are out of touch with the following:  reality, compassion, empathy, morals, ethics, mortality, need, hard work, honesty and love.  I have a simple message to impart to every one of them and it’s a time honoured simple set of suggestions.  Go out and get a job or  make a job and shut up until you have something important to say that doesn’t involve a Molotov cocktail. Do something worthwhile to aid humanity that contributes something of value, something lasting and meaningful.  If you want to change the world for those less fortunate, perhaps you ought to befriend someone you claim to understand.  Feed them, hug them, listen to them, teach them how to read, find a rehab facility for them, use the money you waste on picket signs and buy someone a coat or a bed for the night. Above all, acknowledge your hypocrisy and remove it from your soul.  Of course, this means  you will have to get past the lice and smell, but they can’t help it because life is like that when you don’t have a home.  However, do not, I repeat, DO NOT  ignore the guilt you will hopefully feel when you get in your nifty little smart car and go home to your flat screen tv, wii, xbox, and nice king size bed.  THAT feeling is what will change the world, one out of touch well heeled bored police cruiser burning narcissist at a time. In two words, grow up.

Want to see the industry of protesting first hand?  Check this out scribes.  It looks, well, very establishment to me. Where does the money come from?  I don’t think any raggedy ass group of poor people, no matter how justifiably disgruntled,  could put something this elaborate together from bumming spare change on the street corner.  I wonder if the contributions from donors will make this a tax exempt charity and if so, could that mean any income derived from this business is TAX FREE!  Imagine that.    😉 One last economic truth:  People who work in stores, gas stations, restaurants, factories etc, folks who only earn enough to rent a small place to live,  and who rarely own a car or possess a degree are those who will be footing the bill for the destruction left in the wake of these louts,  through the taxes deducted from an already meager pay check.   Perhaps someone should protest that.

G8/20 community protesters website


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Some people make a career out of…”

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth.
    Be the change you want to see in the world.
    I’m working on it.

    1. Me too Imperfect Servant, some days it is like dragging dead horse through mud but teeming with possibilities. Now all we have to do is find something for the knuckle draggers to do with themselves. 😉

  2. Well said.
    I scanned the list well and trust I don’t qualify for any categories.
    (And I try very hard to do my bit for our local less-fortunate people).

    1. Cin, there is no way in hell you could possible qualify as one of those individuals, not even if you went out right now and hugged something with bark. I also know instinctively that you do more for others than you would ever let on which is why I adore you and your writing. HUGS

  3. Go Val – yayayay

    ‘a tree hugging granola eating loon who smokes too much weed’ gigglesnorting loudly 😉 You sound like my better half (in a good way). Professional protesters, commonly known as wankers in Australia. I never did get the violence surrounding the G-20. They need to take a leaf out of Gandhi’s book, though if they did, they are so stupid they would probably smoke it.

    1. LOL Gabrielle, wankers hahahaha, that more or less sums it up. Smoking Gandhi’s book LOLOLOL We should start a protest group to protest the protest groups. Tell your better half that he is not alone in the dark idiot vacuum of this world, there are more of us than there are of them…why look at all that paper we’re making and work we’re doing and bills we’re paying! 😉 HUGS

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