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Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

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  1. Excellent post & extremely excellent, profound & thought-provoking commentary. [love yr poetry too]
    Had to follow you from Violet when I noticed Another Val!
    Best wishes…

    1. When I saw this comment with my name on it, I did a double take lol Hi Val, it’s nice to meet another and to top it all off, you liked my writing, which tickles me pinker than cotton candy. I hope you come back again to read and of course, considering we share the same first name, I have no choice but to put you on my blog roll! 🙂

    1. Precisely Singer! Ah, to be tarred with that brush at both extremes, that is a heavy burden to carry, a very heavy burden that we all have to stop carrying. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Bryan, I am speechless. HUGS Thank you so much for your kind compliment and it is the thinking I’m after in anyone who reads what I write. Because, you know the thinking leads to the feeling which then of course rides the emotional wave to understanding. 🙂

  3. Could be Val…to be self responsible is sometimes the greatest pressure on a woman. And there it is natural for her to seek protection in the same system that oppresses her…well, its a much larger topic,

    And about the advancement of women, sadly i see the other side of it — much of the anarchy and tensions we see in the modern world (India too isn’t far behind though for our huge population we have a strange mix of development) can be in a way attributed to women’s role in the family and society — well that doesn’t mean the whole burden and onus is on her…there needs a balance – and that balance isn’t the same for every woman, so that we generalise…

    Its all what you and me know, i guess,


    1. Thank you Devika for injecting a clear and fresh perspective on my blog. I’ve loved having this discourse with you although it isn’t indepth, it has been important for me and I hope for everyone who reads it. I agree, balance should be the goal of all principled people. Indeed my dear, it is what you and me know, much love and peace to you in your part of this crazy world. HUGS

  4. Oh! I am in agreement with you words and idea, Val….And thank you for the response; When I said i can’t agree, perhaps I meant it to be the focus on outward presentation of femininity…Nothing about the aspects of inferiority or oppression…

    I think if someone is opressed, or made to feel inferior….its because he/she allows it for some reason or other…I mean among the ones who are aware. (I am one who ignores such aspects…until I feel I have to react)

    And women to stand together to end oppression — well, sounds good, but unfortunately, I have found only few women working for the wellbeing of other women…

    On a lighter note, that would see many families splitting up and the government has no means to feed them all (atleast in my country) 🙂


    1. Much of what you say Devika is indisputably true and the thing about true power, personal power, is that no one can really take it away and thus give it back, it is already inside and it’s that blindness to the simple recognition of this which is what holds us all back. Perhaps Devika, it is the desire to avoid the responsibility that goes with this recognition which is what is truly frightening many into submission to oppression. Women have come so far in such a short time in the western world. The vote, birth control, legislation in different countries to promote equality etc, but in many cases the special interest group mentality promotes even greater isolation and works against equality. Thank you so much for commenting again and as I walk out the door to begin my work day, you have given me much to think about! HUGS and have a wonderrul day. 🙂

  5. I can’t fully agree (may be the conservative in me)…Nor do I stand for any of the two.

    But On the outset, I think you are right Val. Howsoever women
    “present” their feminity…what is within only makes the difference…that Surely does, I guess,

    Interesting juxtaposition for the idea 🙂


    1. Hi Devika, it’s nice to see you here on my blog and although I’m uncertain why you don’t fully agree, I do fully agree with you about what is within being important. My point was really this: Anytime any group of people (in this case women) are made to think they are inferior based on how they are born, then we have a recipe for all sorts of abuse. To me, this is an ignorance promoted by a belief that ovaries somehow make you sinful, so that you either cover up your femininity lest you tempt a man or you display it and sell it for the same reason. Here is the crux of it for me, based on my own life and experiences with all sorts of women such as those two groups above: When women as a group do not bind together and say a very firm and simple NO, then oppression continues. As a group, women have the power to end it all, for good and this is they day I long for, for my daughter and for the daughters and sons of everyone on this planet. 🙂

  6. I think it would be more powerful without the words and arrows but still it gets the job done in that light and airy style of yours 🙂 .

    1. It’s that little thing I do Mark, you know add those things I use all the time, that thing this blog is about, you know, those items with consonants and vowels: words. Call me silly, but they really do work when one is a…writer. That light and airy style was forged in hell and made me the atheist feminist humanist and all the other good ists I am and I love my arrows right where they are, in the centre of my intended target. 🙂

      1. I love that light and airy style and I have great respect for how it was forged.
        I dont think you could have found two better images to juxastapose.
        I understood instantly before I saw the words and arrows.
        Yes it is the little thing you do and you do it very well.
        Call ME silly to trifle with the archer. 🙂

        It is very powerful. (this should have been my first comment)

      2. Well Mark, now you’ve gone and done it you know, because I’m going to put arrows on everydamnthang I write lolol Val contrarian be thy name hehe

    1. Thank you so much brownpaperbaggirl. Sometimes an image will have an impact when words bury the intention. At my age (nearly 48) I look at this world and how it is still not evolved past this ridiculous nonsense that destroys souls and I nearly weep. As a feminist, I see we have come so very far in such a short time but there is still much to be accomplished and it would appear another wave of activism is building that hopefully will propel us out of these dark ages we’ve been in on this planet. It’s a woman’s time, our time and I feel in my daughter’s generation there will be a power shift like the world has never seen and it will move us forward as a species. I’m an optimist! 🙂

      1. Thank you brownpaperbaggirl, the next ten years will be a very interesting time to be alive on this planet as we do another leap forward. I’m basically a pessimistic fatalist so for me to say this, is pretty amazing. 🙂

    1. Precisely my point Dark Lord. It’s really all the same, one group dominant over another and it robs both of their dignity, both the oppressed and the oppressor.

    1. Thank you Tel, and no, for once I didn’t take these photos. I nabbed them from online and you know something odd? It was damn difficult to find them! You would think these two types of oppression are apparently not google popular image wise.

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