More Snaps

Bench # 10 from my bench obession series. I consider myself somewhat of an expert considering my nocturnal experiences with the comfort of these lovely outdoor furnishings
Bench #11
Ain't it purrty? A waterfall in Bowring Park. 🙂
This mellow yellow fellow was bobbing around in the river with a plastic shopping bag
mellow yellow fellow #2
mellow yellow fellow #3
I agree, but how about asking our forgiveness for your atrocious spelling and your texting habit bleeding into your 'art' hehehe 😉 Now, you just watch, I'm going to leave a comment somewhere and misspell a shit load of words as payback for being so anal lol
My daughter is a talented young cartoonist and therefore fascinated by graffiti as an art form. She took this one for my blog. 🙂 I may just post some of her drawings this weekend as a treat for your eyes. Yeah, I'm a bragging smother, I admit it. *sigh*

Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

12 thoughts on “More Snaps”

  1. Hehe…I enjoyed the ‘never apoligize 4 your art’ photo and your commentary. Don’t worry..I also complain when people spell this way so I’m sure that will come back and bite me one of these days,too. The yellow smiley faces remind me of the bakery…we make cookies that look exactly like those. Who could go wrong with a bright yellow smiley face cookie,right?
    The waterfall is lovely…is the water safe to swim in?

    1. Mmmm smiley face cookies. Heck any cookies, mmmmm. That art graffiti was just too easy to pick at lol I couldn’t resist. The water here is safe to swim in, and actually, Newfoundland is pristine. A very clean place that is untouched by manufacturing for the most part. It’s good to see you dropping in here Lisa honey, you’ve been missed. 🙂

    1. Gabrielle, BIG HUGS times ten. That video was brilliant and the head tapping amazed me. The subtle communication going on so surreptitiously between creatures has always been proof for me of a sophisticated intelligence that isn’t rooted in instinct, but in thought.

  2. I think grafitti that is created for the sake of art can be beautiful but gang tags and such? bleh and that bad spelling! And in a funny coincidence, I also take a lot of pictures of benches..hmm

    1. I agree Jessie, graffiti is art in most cases but the rest is pissing on territory and in way it’s like bad tattoos versus good body art I suppose. Benches are wonderful photographic subjects and it would be wonderful if you posted yours! Now, about those benches, I know how to tell which ones are the most comfortable when you need to utilize them horizontally for a good nights sleep. 😉

  3. I am glad you started with the bad stuff.

    I quickly put that bad stuff from your past behind me with Mr. Mellow and his sidekick Gildeth Shopster.

    That apologize stuff would not work any other way.
    It is a perfect capture of a time and a people .

    I am interested in graffitti too as long as it isn’t too vulgar.
    I really want to see those drawings. Brag all you want.
    I might have to do some too.
    Guess what loser has a daughter doing a valedictorian speech this weekend.
    did I spell that right? 🙂

    1. LOL Mark, Gildeth Shopster hahaha Loser eh? I doubt it my dear, losers don’t raise valedictorian daughters! Yeah you schpelt it raight lol Tell your daughter congratulations from my girl and I okay? Hmmm it would seem crazy poets raise brilliant kids eh?

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