Foe is Me

The only war I wage is with myself
Oh those dark and damp chambers
where the enemy eyes hide and peer
looking for a way to attack
on a bloody battlefield corpses heaped high
in black and white
There is no victory in a fight
against oneself
Only an embracing of the foe in rooms filled with grief


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Foe is Me”

  1. once there was a truce .
    white flags simultaneously raised.
    then those drones showed up.
    you gotta hate those drones ,think of the money I could have saved and the time wasted.
    it dont matter ,we/I would have probably stepped on a land mine on the way to shake hands anyway .

    i have no idea what you speak of la la la la.

    1. LOL Mark, I like I like that comment! πŸ™‚ Yeah, I know all about those land mines because there has been one every ten minutes of my life. Interestingly, I wrote this from the point of view of someone who is deceased. My late husband committed suicide in 1999 and he was always at war with himself and after a long bloody battle with his mental illness, he lost the war. Even after all this time, I still try to understand some of what he suffered and writing it this way often gives me emotional insight. If it helps someone else, then that is a gift I can give to his memory. πŸ™‚

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