Yes! It’s Actually, Really…

me.  God help you.  lol


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

29 thoughts on “Yes! It’s Actually, Really…”

  1. If it makes you feel any better I didn’t notice any lisp. I also thought you looked very comfortable on camera…no visible signs of nervousness or anything like that. Just felt like sitting across the table from my wonderful and talented friend. 🙂

    1. I’m certainly grateful the camera can’t film my gut churning, my palms sweating, my knees knocking, my mouth drying, my lips quivering etc lol I’m so happy you said it was like sitting across the table from me, because that is how I wanted it to be for whoever is watching it. You are the talented and wonderful friend here Lisa, hugs

  2. Very powerful Val (love the lisp too hehe). As another said, it does add a new dimension – speaking your poetry, not the lisp that you don’t have! Love you XOXOX

    1. Thank you tho much Karol, that was thuch a thweet thing to thay! Oops, thorry about that lisp. lol HUGS It’s good to see you here reading my stuff. 🙂

  3. frstly val an apology.
    shyed away from ths vdeo wen you posted t because t was so long.
    only now have been able to get around to t.
    my opnon, you’re very brave, t was obvous you were nervous.
    sometmes forget to lucky am to be comfortable to share n ths manner.
    Nows for your poems and the ssues you wrte about.
    was volently bulled for most of my chldhood.
    And there was no escape and t destroyed my confdence for a very long tme.
    Now cant really explan how that felt but dd wrte a poem about t.
    ‘d lke to sare t wth you now.
    ‘d lke to tell you a story.
    About my younger years.
    Never taken for much
    Always on te shelf
    Determned to fght the battle.
    A war aganst the world.
    Fast rsng to the sky,
    lke a small stone hurled
    Beast and the survver
    Backed off from the bulled.
    Bulled soul set free
    Now they are those afrad
    But strangely somethng happened, a changng from wthn.
    A softenng, a humblng
    And wth that newfound soul.
    The real journey can begn.
    The real damage from the days of bullyng was what came after.
    My own anger.
    ts nfectous, t spreads and nnocent people get hurt.
    n those years of beng a runt ncapable of fghtng back.
    dreamed of the day could.
    grew nto a fghter. the anger wth the world consumed me and my temper was explosve
    As ‘ve moved on ths sde of me has calmed.
    But the queston.
    Am capable of bullyng?.
    On the contrary, ‘ve become qute gfted at t.
    Pont ‘m tryng to make here s.

    What an abusve person does s defnately despcable.
    But t can never be put n plan black and whte.
    Those who suffer adversty as chldren can go ether two ways.
    You can move on and try to make the world a better place.
    Or you can exact your revenge on the world.

    1. Val just imagine where the “i”s go.
      i have a problem with my computer the “i” key is broken

      i understand this is a difficult subject and for you a personal one.
      i just felt my own experiences may interest you.

      1. lol. i’ve truly messed this up val.
        it was never domestic abuse.
        Never my family.
        it was outside of the home.
        School and in my neigbourhood.
        i didn’t make that clear before

      2. I know you meant peer bullying, but abuse is pretty generic when you get down to it. In the end it doesn’t matter who is doing the bullying, it’s the same deal. I used to live in a neighbourhood full of abuse. The cycle went something like this: The parents hit the kids after the kids saw the parents hit each other, then those same children went outside and found the kid who lived in an okay home and they hit them. This is passed around like a disease but don’t worry I understood you meant peers not your family.

      3. (I) figured something keyboardish was going on Kseverny! 🙂 It’s all good, my battery loosens on my laptop and sends me to the wilderness of the black screen! lol

    2. First, you poem is wonderful and your words cover a great deal of the painful territory of the power game some people play when they bully. Secondly, your comment is precisely the sort of dialogue I value. Your feelings are balanced, intelligent and honest and the fact that you chose to share it, humbles me deeply, thank you. You are so correct, an individual can choose one way or the other, to work toward a solution and heal, or to become a perpetrator. Everything is about choice and what is probably the one thing we cannot ever alter, is that freedom of choice but we can speak out and influence that decision making with valuable discussion like the sort we are having here. Eventually, I believe society will change, one family at a time and one kid at a time. You are a brilliant young man kseverny and your visits to my blog are very appreciated. 🙂

  4. Amazing! Inspiring!, shiny lights in dark places with your words! Love the vlog, loved the poem choices! (Jessie is a vlogging goddess.) I love that another woman is joining the ranks of Vlogstars 🙂

    1. Thank you so much gypsy, for every word you wrote about the vlog and my poetry. That’s it! My entire reason for writing, being alive, just breathing is to make the part the black dark curtain so that even if one person can see some things I’ve had to suffer to see, it makes all the pain have meaning. I sure hope you come back again and I second the motion that Jessie Carty is a goddess, of vlogging, poetry and friendship. HUGS 🙂

      1. I’ve been to your blog and I am anxiously waiting for the next Carty Vlog! I am not too kind at all, just very honest about the talent of a gifted writer. So there! 🙂

  5. Well done, Val! This video was awesome – I can’t believe it was your first time… You didn’t seem nervous at all – a smooth delivery! Thanks for taking this bold step… I think the spoken word adds another dimension to your poems. Poetry is good in print, but even better in public *hugs*

    1. Thank you Janine HUGS I hide my tense nature well, but I’ve always been a loner with a penchant for avoiding attention. My late husband used to call me ‘Greta’ for my love of solitude. I always did think Garbo had her shit together. lol I’ll do more Janine, when the spirit moves me and your support is precious to this writer. 🙂

  6. What an amazing post, you where really brave by daring to do it. I think you did really good, talked amazingly fluid and clear for being the first time you did something like it. I loved the second poem, the one about love, it was a really beautiful one, thanks a lot for it!
    Lots of love to you val

  7. Well Bryan, I LOVE you too, to the power of nine. I would like to point out that you went beyond your OCD number seven, but it works because my OCD is nine! 🙂 Seriously, thank you so much for liking this and your vote of confidence touches me deeply. As for that place in your chest I touched, if it’s your southern heart, then what can a Canadian girl say, but HUGS EH 😉 Stalker? Holy bat shit Robin! LOL you thanked him hehehe, so very Bryanesque. Now, about that podcast…the two of you have to stop screwing around and DO IT and a video of you is a fabulous idea and I KNEW if I did it YOU would lol hahahaha I played ya Bryan, you are such a leo! :0 Much love southern boy you are adored up here in the great white north. Now, I’m off to buy two books, yours and Jessie’s

    1. Yeah, I know why you like purple B, you can’t see the nicotine stains. lol I like the paint job here, it’s GREEN and hey look at my blog, also GREEN. As for making statements, basically, that stuff is for the youngins, I’m old so I just shit disturb. :0

    1. It’s utterly brilliiant that you’ve subscribed Jessie! Now it’s my turn as well as getting my hands on a copy of Paper House. 🙂

  8. what is wrong with tightly wound spring?
    I really enjoyed your audio stuff and I could really already hear “wife beater” in my head almost exactly as you read it.
    Looking forward to more of this. It does add a new dimension.
    thanks for being bold in yet another way. you are good with bold.

    1. Thanks opoetoo, for seeing my boldness as something positive. I’ve always thought the tightly wound spring personality was grating to other people, but maybe it’s not afterall. I’m so happy the video wasn’t a total disaster and perhaps I’ll make it a regular part of the blog. 🙂

    1. Thanks Dhyan for surviving the video lol Relax is not something I do well…tightly wound spring is more my style, but I will continue to make feeble attempts at relaxed. 🙂

    1. Yeah, except for the lisp I DO NOT have lol What the hell do I have, a lisping camera? I should be grateful it doeesn’t stutter lol

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