Three Poems


With all the bluster you can muster

Penetrate the soul flesh

Gather it into a pile

And feast on it until your horrific greed is sated

Once devoured a new meal needs to be consumed promptly

If a social famine decimates the  landscape

killing off all predatory opportunities

Only one solution can exist for this vexing condition of  endless need

Show us how it’s really done

Consume yourself completely



In your rooms the shadow falls before night

leaking into love illuminated cracks

smothering a hopeful heart that sighs alone

knitting worry from a ball of pain and fear



Looking up you can hardly tell

the meaning of  that cinderella disk

a round wisher who is indifferent to life

Deaf and Mute but generous with the dirty looks

A green cheese idiot demon Peter Principle

in charge of tides, menstruation, insanity and poets


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

18 thoughts on “Three Poems”

  1. That Stinger gave me an owee!
    Alone I pass the time, right you are.
    Ha! Good title on the last one, as Bryan said.
    We’re all part of that team. Yes, indeed. I like it!
    “A green cheese idiot demon Peter Principle”
    Oh, my lord. Too funny 🙂 UT

    1. Hey medicatedlady, most excellent to see you! You’ve been missed here. I was thinking about the mind fuck media plays on us and this is the result. It’s like the water cooler at work following you home at night.

  2. You moved me, as usual, with your powerful work.. I specially enjoyed “Stinger”..Your portrayal of greed is terrific, and the last two lines resonate with conviction.
    “Only one solution can exist for this vexing condition of endless need
    Show us how it’s really done
    Consume yourself completely”

    1. Thank you Dark Lord, I was definitely talking about greed, the worst kind, the social kind. The quest for attention at the expense of the feelings and reputations of others is rampant on Twitter and Facebook etc and I was expressing that rampaging need to consume other people socially.

    1. Thank you Tel, and yes we are controlled by some peculiar things, biologically speaking. I always find it so funny that people will dismiss astrology as nonsense but then acknowledge that the moon affects the mood, mental health and biology of human beings and animals. Up there is more down here than we would like to admit.

    1. You absolutely astound me sometimes Jessie, because you’re so damn perceptive about the intent of my poems. You really are a brilliant chick ya know! Hella cool sista. 🙂

  3. It’s so funny you should choose that word from the entire poem, because it has a personal meaning for me and it is the one word from which I built the entire thing! You have a wonderful inner feeling eye Bryan for the seed that grows the tree. LOL on the periods hehehe I love your wit and so does Oscar, who happens to be here, decanter in hand. 😉

    1. Thanks opoetoo, I’m glad you liked them in spite of yourself lol I promise to write three later this evening that are less harsh.

      1. go ahead on through the marrow out to the other side of the bone, split the flesh and let the blood melt into the snow as the wind blows crimson speckles onto torn britches under the coldest of gray skies.

        but if you must, just boil the blade and put it back it the drawer 🙂

      2. I liked this opoetoo! A very visual reminder that words are like knives that can do some serious damaged to the inside of our souls. Either that, or it’s about moose hunting! lol Thank you for placing this pearl on my blog so others can experience you talent good friend. 🙂

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