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Feminism:   fem·i·nism / ˈfeməˌnizəm/• n. the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Therefore, a  feminist would adhere to these principles and their behavior, attitude, self expression and focus would reflect this.   A feminist doesn’t always have to be a woman, but obviously most are.  The usual response to telling someone you are a feminist is this:  Oh, you must be a man hating dyke.  LOL Yes, I’ve been told that, as have many women who live for the equality and liberation of women and ALL people.  A comment on my last post caused me to pause and reflect on how many women like myself are perceived, especially when the F word gets mentioned.   Personally, I think all women are feminists to one degree or another and of course I feel my writing reflects this.  I’m pro woman, pro children, pro choice, anti abuse, anti oppression, anti any damn thing that is cruel and against the very nature of survival and the integrity of a human being, no matter the gender, race, orientation or religion.  There, now I will leave you with some Janice, because she sings the blues like only a Feminist can…with soul baby, with soul.   Enjoy.


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

13 thoughts on “What Is…”

  1. You meant that she is a meal of women’s lib with a plate of quirky on the side, and it’s a wonderful and complimentary thing to say. It also means you were flexing your literary muscles to see how big they could get at sixteen and it would appear they got quite large. 🙂 Medicatedlady is one precious sista.

  2. Ya know, I have written a whole poem about how I am reluctant to use the word Feminist. I think it is because I don’t want a label because we ARE all equal. Can I be an equalagist? or something…

    1. Darling Jessie, you can be anything you want to girl! 🙂 For me, seeing what I’ve seen and surviving what I have, I wear the feminist label proudly, next to the others that are who I am rather than what I do: Mother, friend, teacher, learner. HUGS

    1. Janis is all that isn’t she Tel? I adored her when I was a kid and there is something eternal about her persona and voice. So hard to believe she was only 27 when she left us. Thanks Tel, for stopping in and making me smile. 🙂 hugs

    1. Hi Dark Lord, Thank you! Your comment made me think of how others perceive my writing and it is paramount to my improvement as an artist. Labels are an unfortunate part of our society and many times things become blurred or misconstrued and the true meaning lost. I love when you comment here because you always have something so relevant to say. I just wish you could post more of your poetry on your blog because it is damn impressive stuff from such a young person. You are very talented. 🙂

      1. Thank you, I appreciate that you appreciate my writing, and the feeling/admiration is mutual. I visit you blog and comment, as I have always found your posts to be intense, educating, and simply a delight from the literary aspect. It is always wise to learn, and when it comes free of cost, I believe one must grab the opportunity! 🙂 (which is what I do)
        Just to clarify things here, I do agree that feminism is a label, and I fully adhere to the connotation you used to describe it. So, I’ll stick by what I said in my earlier post, as I implied your writings generally pertain to society in general (which comprises of both genders), without being unnecessarily inclined to causes that have a special significance for only women. I mean, I’ve found stuff that have been equally relevant for me, and I’m not a woman!!
        If, due to my long absence I’ve missed such feminist articles, that would in effect render my statement faulty, of course, so you have my apology.

      2. Dark Lord, it pleases me that my writing appeals to women AND men because my aim is to connect with all sorts of people. You are correct, my writing does pertain to society in general and the feminist point of view is really the HUMAN point of view. Here is what I wish for Dark Lord, that the condition of a person’s soul is what is important, not their gender, race, class or orientation. Humanity will make it one day, but we have a lot of work to do first. Thank you for taking the time to respond again. 🙂

  3. Dearest Val,

    You are so right in clearing all this .
    I felt that way too when I am called a feminist.
    Like you I understand it as a female who
    uphold all human rights but unfortunately,
    in the east, like where I am,
    it is looked at as being a “female dog”.
    Oh dear.

    I am humbled to be a feminist and
    so are all my family and friends.

    Love the post, Val.


    p.s I have been feeling HOMESICK and missing hubby and Alexys,
    my only other daughter, both are in Korea.
    We are all suppose to celebrate CHINESE NEW YEAR,
    and I am disowned by my mom.

    I am also CONFUSED about what people
    say about my writing.
    A bit of pressure and feeling insecure.

    I just need to talk.
    Thanks for listening.

    Been missing you.

    1. Hi Shakira, I know what it’s like to miss your babies and hubby, just keep focused on other things if you can until you see them again. Being a feminist is a lot like being a pillar, you carry the weight and you hold things up and together. You writing is of your soul Shakira and that makes it priceless, as it’s your own fingerprint among all the others on this earth and it matters that you express your feelings, beliefs and experiences. Block out the negative and listen to only yourself, the strong part of you when it comes to your writing. It is always right to say what you feel and there will be some who not only dislike it, but will hate you for it. There is the sunny side to this also, there will be lives improved by what you write and many will love you for saying it with your whole heart. Never be diverted from speaking your mind, because that is where liberation has its roots, in freedom of speech and expression. HUGS

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