She is long, lean and smokin’ hot

She burns under your touch

She is all you want from the first burst of sunlight

until the final twinkle of starlight

She is everything to you and living your life without her by your side is unthinkable

She is your breath and fills every part of your life

She is your helpmate and friend

She comforts you in the twilight hours of your fear and forboding

You would do anything for her

You would spend your last dime on her  just to have her near

Sell your soul to keep her with you

Now, if only she wasn’t just a…











Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

24 thoughts on “More”

    1. Ah yes, cheeky and although the slender cigarette is more phallic, it is actually very womanly, kind of like an interfering mother who won’t let you go! lol

    1. First wife beaters and now cigarettes, I’m on a roll Jessie…hmm, when and what will I do next? 😉 I’ll surprise ya hugs

  1. Wow, and when you said ‘She is long, lean and smokin’ hot”, I thought surely you were talking about me! Hyuck hyuck…
    Seriously, though, I know a lot of people who smoke that feel the same way. My dad smoked for nearly 30 years and last year he got pneumonia and decided to quit cold turkey. I know it was hard for him and I couldn’t be prouder..

    I love the new look you have going on here,too…decided it was time for a change,huh?

    1. I’m very happy your dad quit the cancer sticks Lisa. It’s so ingrained in the things have to do on a daily basis that I feel a smoker associates a cigarette with something as mundane as doing the dishes and the smoke becomes a sort of reward for a task that shouldn’t be rewarded. Like trained seals I guess lol Oh, I recall the days. Thanks for liking the blog design change. It’s more my personality that the other and the frames are wide so my photos can be large enough to show the nuances of light, shadow and colour.

  2. good one .
    I will be sure to my cousin David ,2.5 packs a day.
    I have seen David put out a cigarette and then start chewing and spitting the baca already in his mouth, all the while his hands and arms covered in baca gum from pulling.

    When cigarettes went to a dollar a pack around here(showing my age) they did an interview with people at the store.
    Most said they would quit.
    One honest fellow said “If they go up to $100 a pack I will still smoke”.
    I will always remember him.

    1. Your cousin Dave sounds like my late husband Dave. I think a person has to start smoking in their teens to get that addicted opoetoo. I didn’t start smoking until I was in my twenties and by then my personality was set. I didn’t like being chained to anything so I just stopped when it got to be out of control. As for age, I remember when they used to be just over a buck, so we’re both old lol

      1. didnt catch the title at first.
        when I did it brought back memories of Gurney.
        it took place behind Bush Arbor Church and in front of a field of tobacco:

        Family Reunion 1970

        Gurney by the empty baptistery
        Smoking a long wet More cigarette
        Watching us play
        What is it Gurney?
        Gurney takes a long draw
        Exhales slowly, thoughtfully
        He gazes down upon the dirty concrete covered with leaves
        …………It’s a baptistery
        See all those ole dirty sins down there

        thanks for bringing that back

      2. Thank you opoetoo, for giving every reader of this blog a gift of your words. This poem about Gurney is a pearl and I’ve no idea if you’ve done any fiction writing, but that was the beginning of a novel my dear and a damn good one too. You have no idea how many writers would kill for this opening paragraph. It always amazes, since starting this blog, just how many of you talented buggers are out there scribbling away with not a clue about the golden words being left by your pens.

      3. lol
        Gurney’s life is probably good for at least three novels.
        I would have to leave North Carolina if I wrote them and that is no joke.

        you are very kind

      4. I hear you opoetoo, I’ve know a few Gurney’s in my life as well and it’s best to let those dogs sleep. lol

    1. I used to smoke too kseverny, end on end two packs a day. When I smoked I SMOKED and I loved it. Then, it was time to stop and I did. Only someone who has smoked would understand the comfort of that little stick, ember burning in the darkness of a room while the worries go up in smoke with each inhalation of nicotine. Oh yeah, I recall the days. 🙂

  3. Oh dear.
    I am not a smoker, so I thank you for making me see it from a smoker’s point of view.
    Hubby is a smoker, I will never make him stop and I do understand.
    Even buy him a pack or
    Smoking is such an addictive habit huh?

    1. I agree Shakira, it is a terribly addictive habit. I used to smoke a long time ago and for me, quitting was not that difficult. I do however know people who could not live without it and I have compassion for this, as addiction is a type of earth bound hell I think and suffering of all sorts is makes me sad. You are a cool lady for understanding your hubby’s smoking. hugs

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