As we tip toe into a new year…

that is really the road of resolution and rebirth, lets not forget or disregard the lessons of the past for the apparently terminal condition of hate, fear and misunderstanding in this world.  The  implication for our future of continuing on this path is dire. We are now collectively standing on a precipice, poised to leap over the edge to our final destruction, or to step back and preserve the human race.  I’ve posted the video below with the desire you will hear the words of a special girl displaying  the wisdom and vision rare in one so young amid such suffering, spoken by a woman who also endured during that terrible time of hate, bigotry and genocide.  Think about not only the past year, but the  past one hundred and see how far socially we have NOT come  and know solidly within your heart and soul that this is still happening to the innocent.   There is a power shift taking place on this planet and many decisions will need to be made by individuals, us. We have a new decade in which to not only overcome the hate that erodes humanity’s promise, but to also remove and destroy the root of despair which comes along with the vitriol,  before it plunges ever deeper into our psyches, stealing our hope, love and diplomatic ability to compromise.   We worry more it would seem, about whales, seals and polar bears than we do about abused children in our own hometown or little babies left without parents or even their own limbs due to the insanity of the oil war.  Perhaps it is easier to care about a cute and cuddly looking animal than it is a lice infested and suffering baby with no food, parents or love.  Perhaps in 2010, each of us will find a way to use our art to reach into that dark place and shine a light.  Thanks for reading this and watching the video.  Much love and good vibes for all you wonderful scribes, as always.


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

14 thoughts on “As we tip toe into a new year…”

    1. Thank you William for enjoying a visit with Ms. Hepburn. I agree, she was a wonderful soul and a talented actress. I admired her greatly.

  1. Val,
    as beautiful as your heart, this post is a read of hope, encouragement, and love…

    you have a nature of purity, imagination, and first-class way of thinking and writing.


    great blog for 2010.

    1. Hi Jingle, thank you for your lovely compliments and the same can be said of you. You are without a doubt one of the most positive people I’ve ever read and in this world, good, strong encouraging words are nearly impossible to find. 🙂

      1. Dearest Val:

        You always have my best interests in mind, what an individual of miracles!

        Words are my favorite subjects,
        I am excited to see it fly with you as the center of your blog 🙂

        Sweet dreams, and Stretch your wing big and wide, glade to the place filled with blisses 🙂


      2. Hi Jingle, Thank you for being you and always spreading the good vibes to others. As for miracles, I’ve been the recipient of few myself and I never forget how lucky I’ve been. That place of bliss is sometimes remote but I believe achievable. 🙂

  2. 🙂 I think the world is big enough space to accomodate two people with diverging viewpoints! I certainly respect your well founded urge for a “frantic emergency”… My feelings of optimism for the current state of affairs are due to certain developments and progress that I’ve talked about – they are obviously not a reflection on terrorism that is increasingly disrupting the peaceful flow of life.
    But I would like to point out here, that it is not always religious blindness, nor the elements of greed, cruelty, war and oppression that engender hatred and sows the seeds of terror. It isn’t even always in children (confused and desolate) that such nefarious seeds are planted…
    Sometimes, the concepts of terror are construed in the backyards of High Society, by people who are well-fed, desired, learned, and certainly not confused. What is even more terrifying is that such instances of terror form the root.. the background for future activities, the instances of which we seem to get to read almost daily now..
    I think it is high time we realized we’ve been looking at the wrong places.. accusing the wrong sort of people, in our desperate bid to root out this menace. With realization, comes this even terrific thought – that this malignant “practise” is embedded deep into the very fabric of the “system” that has actually been shaping and controlling our society. By people whom we considered to be the epitome of the whiter side.

    1. I understand exactly what you are saying Dark Lord and it is true they are concentrating on the desperate but not those in power who manipulate that desperation. Those people who are in power were once children and someone had to teach them that ego mania, power lust and cruelty. I still believe that change for peace starts with the children. We need to teach them tolerance, love, respect and compassion, by displaying it to each other and especially to them. The manipulation of young minds has always been a tool of evil minds and dictators. Why else did that piece of filth Hitler develop a program called Hitler’s Youth? If an army of monsters can be created, then an army of angels can as well. I myself do not believe in any religion. None. I do however believe in potential, our potential as reasoning creatures. We humans are so magnificent, we really are.

  3. expressed well Val. I agree with shining our light into dark places, but in my own humble estimation, and perhaps selfishness, I have more than enough of myself to deal with on so many levels that I have no time or energy to share for other issues, catastrophes, conflicts, etc. So, I do only what I can: write and explore my own darkness and my own light, sharing it with whomever wishes to wander through my little online corner. You do the same in your own wonderful way, so as I like to say, write, read, and write some more!!

    1. The smallest act can have such an enormous impact Purple, so we will all just keep on keepin’ on and perform some miracles with words. The internet is a liberator of sorts, although it wasn’t meant to be used for the purpose of free expression. That is the irony really and it says so much about our need to affect one another through communication. The internet IS the new frontier, and all those things asscociated with it will be the tools we used to propel us forward into our next level of development as a species. It’s exciting to be an artist utilizing it Purple and in many ways, we are pioneers. Shine on Purple and let others use your light to see themselves. 🙂

  4. Your writing, as usual, instills an element of zeal, and inspires the goodness in us – such is your power!
    The powershift you spoke about.. is something tangible, as are the elements of misery and dispair, that you sketched. But here I would like to digress a bit.. If we look back into the pages of history, I don’t think we would ever find a timescape when the world was rid of ALL troubles, and existence was any less challenging. In fact, I think it is in the “nature” of existence and continuity, to be rough, to always incorporate that “struggle” for survival.
    For instance, not quite that far back, medical science wasn’t equipped to deal with a disease like, say, polio, which now isn’t a cause for any worry. And back then, it was something that engendered widespread terror and loss. Same could be said for Cholera.. Then, society was a far cry from this politically stable environment that we are in now.. Okay we do still have problems, but nothing of the scope that would start off a third world war! America’s ascent would mean a lot of murmured dissent from various quarters, and maybe even the emergence of a certain Al Qaeda.. but it suppresses another Hitler from taking over!
    Knowledge has been gained, education has definitely spanned out, more people are “aware”, malpractices and dangerour rites spewed by superstitions have come down… So there is indeed cause for celebration, in synch with our progress, which has sure a lot of positive significance. There are problems, yes.. that have serious and severe consequences, that demand our immediate attention. But like I said, there never was a time when we were totally rid of any and every trouble. I just don’t think we are in a desperate situation that spells doom and destruction, one that warrants a frantic emergency!

    1. It’s a strange feature of human beings Dark Lord, that we will find a cure for an illness, only to go on and drop bombs on one another. For me, terrorism is beyond Al Qaeda. Terrorism sprouts like a noxious weed in the desolation of a confused and lonely mind and soul. I have said it on Dhyan’s blog and I’ll say it here again, if you eradicate child abuse, you will have cured hate, war, murder and cruelty. It is the cause of every single social plague on this planet. For me, a frantic emergency exists when even one child suffers because of greed, cruelty, war or oppression. One child in such circumstances makes it impossible for me to feel that this world is making any progress. I think it is highly possible to achieve this but we must get beyond the lie that suffering is our only way to true spiritual growth. It is not. The time has come for us to get past the religious blindness that prevents us from doing what we are truly meant to on this planet: Love one another and live in peace. Thanks Dark Lord for your very intelligent comment and I must compliment you for your keen insight. Although we don’t agree on all things, I do appreciate and respect your feelings of optimism for the current state of affairs in our world. 🙂

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