The blog As A Legacy

Cancer, car accident, heart attack, murder, suicide, plane crash, anaphylactic shock, stroke, brain aneurysm, spontaneous human combustion etc…

The sad and irrefutable fact is that you and I are going to die one day. Mortality.  It is the one thought that plagues me lately with regard to my daughter.  What am I going to leave her that will accurately show her what sort of person I am from an entirely different perspective? What would be fitting to leave behind as an authentic account of my inner life that would be suitable  legacy? Certainly I possess other writing, but even with a body of work, there is a hollowness that needs to be filled.   I think I have discovered the solution to my quandary:  this blog.

Fourteen months ago I began scribbling here.  At the time, my intention was to say something.  To scream my tiny truth into the black hole of the collective unconscious.  During the creation of every page on this blog I’ve written seventy five poems which I’ve used to flog your literary sensibilities into mush.  There are also assorted diatribes, photographs with accompanying captions, a short story in parts that is still sending me guilt vibes for allowing it to hang there languishing in the land of the untied shoes and unlocked doors, and of course, my personal favourite, the filler youtube videos.  The result?  I’ve met some astounding people. YOU.  America, Argentina,  Australia, Brazil,  England, France, Germany,Ireland,  all represented in the comments section of this little idea I had Last October.

That my friends is one helluva  legacy.  It’s not just my momentary rants, egocentric and elementary verse or even my lame attempts to make you laugh at least once a week.  The true legacy I’m going to leave my daughter is the interaction between us, the artists.  Our critiquing, witticisms, and banter are priceless.  I’m going to print it out and keep it in a special book and when I’m old and grey I shall present it to her as a slice of history, mine, yours and the ever evolving history of our chosen field of creative expression.  In another twenty years, this mode of communication will cease to exist in this form and it will be something else.  Something faster and more sophisticated.   We will all change as well and many will go on to have success while some of us will fade into obscurity, satisfied with the simple act of writing.

Okay, that’s all.  Be good and send out the good vibes to at least one suffering struggling scribe who is ready to throw in towel for the eleventh time this week.  My gawd, we are all such a lot of divas aren’t we?  😉


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

16 thoughts on “The blog As A Legacy”

  1. “My gawd, we are all such a lot of divas aren’t we?”

    Oh, darling, you have no idea. Did you know that when I awaken each morning, I require (and receive) a footrub?

    I love the idea of this blog being preserved for generations to come. Alas, I have no son or daughter (that I know of) because MedicatedLady won’t let me take the turkey baster to her. Can you imagine our morbidly obsessive spawn?

    You already will live forever through Granny & CeeCee. But the blog is a nice touch. Your comments on my blog are an even nicer touch. You use the F-word much more there.

    1. Fuck that talk Bryan, that is a fucking dirty lie and you fucking know it. Holy fuck, a person tries to up the vocab for a while and every fucking time you are called on it. lol HUGS Bryan and have a great fucking day tomorrow no matter what the fuck you do and for gawd sake don’t fuck the dog at work. There, my work is done. 😉

    1. Hi Billy, glad you like the idea. Tell me, do you have a blog for us to visit? As for the preachy business, I leave that to those who leave me comments and with great success. 😉

      1. Did a complete stranger just tell you not to get preachy and then in the same breath ask to smell you?

        Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Yo Billy, come on over to my blog. Are you into leather?

      2. LOLOLOL I should have warned Billy the new commenter about my fellow divas. lol This is how people react to me, what can I say? lololol I do smell good though, always have. Lotions and potions ya know. Hey, maybe this means I feel a poem coming on…something about sniffing a preacher or preaching to a sniffer or um…oh for gawd sake Bryan you do it! You are much more adept at the hard core stuff than I.

  2. Val I have been thinking about this too, and just recently bought a binder and started printed out my posts complete with comments. I know how many hours I can pass pouring over notes on the back of old photos so I imagine one day my daughters will be happy to have a copy of their own. The only downside is that they will realize their mother is a wacko, but hey I try:)

      1. Hi D, I’m just printing out each post right from my browser. It isn’t the prettiest but for now it works.

        I love my “new” name by the way. Can you tell? 😉 😉 I should ask everyone in my family to call me Daniella 😀 It fit me–thank you again for the wonderful inspiration. (Sorry Val for plundering your blog space 😉 )

      2. Not a problem Daniella 😉 You and D go right ahead! LOL I adore that you both treat this like my living room because in a very eccentric ‘Val’ way, I try to make it like this. Conversations between other writers on this blog, without my involvement are exactly what I strive to do with what I write. HUGS to both you and D. Two wonderful poets and human beings.

    1. Well Diva Jessie, thank you. I bet we are all going to start doing this and that is beyond fantastic. It is a slice of our lives and in many ways our souls. hugs

  3. Val,

    I have been at work on one for some time. I have a Lit agent who has several publishers looking at it. Titled ‘The Mandolin Case,’ it is a medical/legal saga solved by the local bluegrass community. In it music and mandolins are symbolic of truth.

    As Tim Stafford (of Blue Highway) said, “Doc, that has to be fiction.” It is, but is still true.

    I appreciate your note over at my site. I’m gonna add you to my blogroll. You hit the nail on the head as to why folks should write.

    Dr. B

    1. Thanks Dr. Tom. Your book sounds interesting and I hope you keep me posted on your progress. When your agent secures a publisher and it’s printed I will buy a copy without a doubt. For any fiction to be inspired and for the characters to be real to the reader, it must be based on some unassailable fact. I like your title as well!

    1. Dr. Tom, many of us are filled with so many stories just waiting to be told and the only stumbling block is finding the time to indulge in this pursuit. I’ve been to your blog and if that is any indication of what you have stored inside you to share, then you’ve got yourself a gold mine of tales. If you’ve not written a book, you should because you wouldn’t have a difficult time selling it to an agent and publisher.

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