Here is a  basic list of the things human beings believe in:

God ( generic)  For agnostics everywhere and those afraid to stick their toes in the atheistic lake.

Jesus—-several varieties, take your pick.  There is the bloody guilt inducing Jesus, the liberal “I’ll sanction anything” Jesus, the repressed stiff upper lip Jesus and of course, the vengeance Jesus.



Mythical Gods and Goddesses from an archaic time.  Think along the lines of faeries,elements,  pan and any nature spirit god. Oddly these deities were blanketed in superstitious darkness but fully lit with a psychological and philosophical understanding that was very sophisticated for that period in our human history.









Spirit guides









The moon

The stars

The sun




Why do we human beings need and want something, anything to believe in as a deity or power over our lives?  Are we that afraid of personal responsibility that we continue dragging around this dead horse of religion or even worse, the modern religion of ‘things’ as gods?  Each one of the items on this list have propelled us forward until we surpassed our need for it and moved on to the next development of self and spirit and what it means to be here on this planet. If we are constantly moving toward a true awakening, are we now moving beyond science as a god?  Are we so terrified of our true nature of birth to death, that we would create so many stories to pretend it away?  What if the truth is better than anything we can concoct? What if the explanation is to be found in the cycle of all life on this planet and that death of the body as the end of life is a myth itself?


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Belief”

  1. I think religious beliefs are a way of explaining the truth for some without really having to delve into it too much. Maybe it’s been hammered and embedded into the general population throughout the course of history for so long that it’s hard to weed out. If there are people who choose to believe these things on their own terms, though, who am I to deprive them of that choice? It’s only when people who don’t follow their own belief structure wanna tell me how I should live that chaos ensues..

    1. I am in complete agreement with you Lisa. Everyone will get to the truth in their own time and interfering with that via coercion and narrow minded brain washing is, I feel a cosmic sin on it’s own. If someone is at a certain level of understanding, then they should be where they are.

  2. oops.. sorry for that loooong essay! Its just that your posts are truely thought provoking! (there, I distance myself from the responibility of coming up with this monstrous piece of boredom!) 😉

    1. No apology necessary Dark Lord. LOL on the distancing from responsibility remark. That made me grin. You are far from boring!

  3. A very insightful post.. I concur on the way you perceive the act of “worship”, but I think the concept of “religion” paints a larger picture altogether. I wouldn’t say it betrays a certain inherent fear, in human beings, nor is it symbolic of an act of relinquishing responsibility. It is rather a fascinating element of mortal creativity, that can be traced far back into pages of history. Quite intriguingly, it has been a constant factor in all cultures by way of having an enormous influence on politics, society and the fine arts…

    To me, religion is all about the lofty architectural brilliance of the cathedrals, the vast amount of rich literature you find in the sacred scriptures which afford us a glimpse into the ways and means of our ancestors.. you will find a manifestation of religion in those dulcet tones which emanated from the first ancient musical instruments of the east, or maybe in the delightful hymns and holy carols.. Then there are paintings of old, exquisite art that were created by the masters, as were the works of sculpture..

    I think without religion, the world would have been witness to a lot less, and we are so much better off with having a belief to adhere to. I certainly don’t condone “blind” faith, but its surely different when you pay allegience to God in your own way, especially since the One, true unified Creator is beyond our percepetion.. On the same note, I wouldn’t term people who tread the atheist path as brave.. I mean, they could simply be reckless, or may have their own way of relating with the world – the physical, and the spiritual, which is no less!

    I don’t think that laying an emphasis on spirituality would imply a gradual distancing of ways with science.. after all, both schools of thought can, and do coexist. The “stories”, as you term them, are for sure concoctions, but their inherent philosophy might not always be amiss. As far as “TRUTH” is concerned, I have this feeling, that no matter how far we have progressed down the scientific or spiritual lane, we haven’t come close to unraveling it.. therefore, the explanations are till now, indefinite…

    1. I agree with you Dark Lord, religion has been extremely important to humanity, both culturally and socially. The arts are really just an expression of our need to replicate the original art that is this planet. Sometimes, when we are truly alive with the muse, we can add to the lustre and beauty of a sunset, the sweet call of a bird or a through the use of language, the grace and emotional completion that is love. We are imitators of the originator. Until we can make a tree out of nothing, an animal from the dust or explain the origin of the wind, we will forever be on this quest for truth.

      Science and religion are not that divorced from one another regarding the shared goal of exploration of our beginnings and endings as a species. I too agree that we aren’t close to unraveling this puzzle, but we are definitely on our way to that destination.

      Dark Lord, you comment is so intelligent and insightful. Thank you for writing this and I hope as others stop by, they read your words and that it encourages some philosophical discourse. Thank you so much for dropping in and taking the time to expand this discussion to include another point of view. 🙂

  4. Love this post (especially sticking in PETA that was funny)

    I just want to enjoy life and to try and make it as enjoyable for other people as possible 🙂

    1. LOL Jessie, yes PETA, my PET peeve. I hate that organization. They are of the same ilk as the environmental movement and we know how the global warming gang have been outed via email. It’s true though, that crap is like a religion for those people. Instead of going to church services, partaking of the body and blood of Jesus, they go to fashion shows and toss around fake blood on the fur coat brigade. Absolutely ridiculous. You do make life more enjoyable for others Jessie and more times than I can count, you’ve made me smile with your effervescent attitude and sense of humour. HUGS

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