IF You Wanna Have Some Poetic Fun Then You Just Have To

mosey on over to Bryan Borland’s blog and participate in a nifty little brain cell workout.   All you have to do is visit his blog, follow the instructions and post it.  There there now, wasn’t that easy and not a bit of pain, just do it!  Bryan will love you, I will love you and the poetry gods will love you and bestow wondrous gifts of  effortless verse.  🙂

Here are Mine!

Sugar heaven

My mother had a sugar fixation

A bitter hunger so deep for something so sweet

Her insatiable hunt for the perfect jelly bean

Copious amounts of sweet white grain sand

Shovelled on fruit and berries and bread with milk and honey too

Pancreatic temples built to worship her god Hershey

Insulin sacrifices on her brown vinyl lazyboy chair

Made holy with cigarette incense and a tea cup chalice

Her eventual heaven sent reward



Forklift Finale

My uncle had an accident when I was fourteen

No, not the bad acid trip that left him toothless and alone in New York City

Or the one where he drove into the tree when the police were chasing him down the highway

No, it was the final accident

When he was 29 and left a good looking corpse

He was standing at the dock, waiting

He thought for a truck to unload

Before he finished for the day

But what he was really waiting for was the forklift

That would drive savagely into his belly so he was finished for good


Blood of the Lord

my grandmother had consumption

Tuberculosis of the lung

An epidemic, all the rage in the jazz age

A veritable hemorrhagic life changer

Life liberator

Her life devotion to the lord

She sought him out among the sick

To seek redemption for the lame

Gonna make sainthood by thirty

But bled to death at twenty eight


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

16 thoughts on “IF You Wanna Have Some Poetic Fun Then You Just Have To”

  1. I liked those a lot, nice poem/texts you wrote val, makes me wanna do it myself, but I do not think I will have time these days.

    The first one:
    I was thinking, since I am also a chocolate fan, why didn t she ate lindt? those are the best ones. I ate them a lot because I need to gain weight, they are also the best for stomack problems.

    Your uncle was something wild, reminds me of some relatives of mine, I thought it was much nicer that a nice looking corpse was left, it is disgusting to have to recognize the death, when he is divided in several parts and the skin from them are all thorn apart.

    First I remided myself what you told me about your mom, and thought that this could not be real. Which somehow I was infering it was, I do not know why. I liked how you evidence the excuse people use to justify globiously their own death, I guess it tends to be like that, I do not know why but people feel they must justify.

    Excelent potrait of sordid characters vals, I think you should keep exploring writting stories with people like that. You seem to understand the core of them, you seem to get what s up.

    Love M

    1. Mariana, if my ma had known about lindt, she would have gorged on that too, I’m sure! Yeah, my uncle’s death was pretty horrific stuff. He lived for two weeks in hospital before he succumbed to his injuries. He was like a whirling dirvish and packed a massive amount of living in his 29 years. So, you had some relatives like that too huh? 😉 I thought there was a reason why we connect so well sweetie. The last one is about my mother’s mother, she became a member of the Salvation Army, against the wishes of her parents and when the Tuberculosis epidemic hit Canada, she took care of her husband’s sister and brother who were infected. Consequently, she caught it, died and left two little girls, my mother and my aunt. I wrote it scathingly because the irony of the behaviour of this woman, or anyone like her for that matter, to put her own life at risk without thought of the consequences of two vulnerable children who were her real responsibility truly astounds me still. The fact that it was inspired by a belief in a fake god and a desire for some sort of spiritual elevations makes it even more ridiculous. I am starting to see what you are saying about people like this being a creative goldmine for me. I agree, I think I write them back into being with at least a modicum of balance and realism. At least I hope I do. I’m going to explore this more mariana and perhaps send it out to some agents soon. HUGS and thanks for always showing me the clarity that I know I sometimes lack. You are a true friend.

      1. Really interesting getting to know your ancestors story val, I loved it. Mainly because I can get to understand what you think more clearly. I think you are perfectly right about what you say about them. Did I told you my family story? I do not think, well here is the light part, my grand mother was the first Argentina MD. my grandparent was a doctor in a rural town, he used to do abortion to 12 year old girls. My Dad was also an MD, a surgeon in this, and of course my mom still works as a dermatologist. My sister is an artist she always was, but she changed from one discipline to another till she kept the jewelry one. My mom paints amazingly, she is really talented, and my dad used to collect paintings. I never did a single artistic thing indeed.
        About my father parents there is not much to say, they where polish Jew immigrants, that escaped the 3d Reich.
        I would love write being able to express my pain, but I can’t if you do not mind maybe you can help. I have to huge scars from the past, that I think I need to express.

        I love you val, always a pleasure to read you here.

        Take care

      2. Mariana, you come from a very accomplished background and it’s not surprising that you are so cerebral and intellectually intense. The 3rd reich, 😦 HUGS I’m going to set aside an hour later this evening to email you okay? We can discuss things in more detail that way and it’s private. Again, you are an outstanding lady mariana.

  2. MedicatedLady and I had an entire conversation on Friday about how much magic this brought from you, Val. We agreed that these were our favorite poems you’ve shared with us. Maybe it’s that I was sort of forcing my favorite style of poetry on you and I’m biased that way? No matter – good is good. Still can’t escape the lines: “Gonna make sainthood by thirty/But bled to death at twenty eight.”

    1. HUGS Bryan and thank you. I feel the confined space of ten lines was a structure that forced me to be more definite and emotionally acute in the content. I liked it and I may revisit this format a few more times. As I said, those three poem/stories are all true, sadly, but hey, this is what makes a writer write isn’t it? Medicatedlady, HUGS to you too my dear I love you both.

    1. Thank you bindo and if you are suggesting creative equality, I can wrap my head around it. Of course, if you are talking clean lungs, I win hands down. :p lol

      1. Hey, embrace the nicotine bindo. 🙂 Tell me, do you smoke them end on end like I used to, or do you make a pack last a full day or two?

      2. Who has time to count? It all started when I noticed Camus always had one dangling from his lips…Those damn French!…I love them/I hate them

      3. Geez bindo, and all along I thought it was that Frenchman Kerouac who inspired the chain of smoking! Yeah, those French, always having a cultural impact hehehe :0

    1. It was a blast to participate in this Jessie! Bryan has been missed because he always has something interesting to share. Oh, and he is a hella cool friend who just happens to write brilliantly.

  3. I said it on my blog, but I think writing these poems lit something in you. Your storytelling self came alive and fused with your poetic self. You’ve told complete stories in these poems and I enjoyed every word.

    1. Thank you so much Bryan for appreciating the words I wrote. 🙂 For you to say I’ve told stories with poetry is very flattering because I’ve always liked Poe and Robert Service for this very reason. Maybe I’ll do more of this and see where it leads me. hugs

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