New Snaps

Yep, I’ve been out and about again…camera in hand and once again you are invited to partake of this visual feast!

Septemberhomeandaround2009 023

What sort of person would I be if I lived on an island and didn’t squeeze in just one photo of the water?  A lonely boat on an endless sea,  could be  lost or simply free.
Septemberhomeandaround2009 046

Second  up is an equine treat.  See what you can see when you turn a corner at a stop light on a lazy Sunday?  I photographed him while he ignored me, a typical horse.  Isn’t he beautiful though.  I used to ride and whenever I see them it makes me nostalgic.  They are indeed mythic creatures that allow us to think we’ve tamed them, sort of like cats in that regard.

Septemberhomeandaround2009 004I bet you thought curtains were only to keep out the light and prying eyes, but NO, they are also excellent sunset catchers, especially when they are cheap patterned metallic threaded sheers from the dollar store!  I’ve a few of these, but I will only bore you with three.

Septemberhomeandaround2009 012

Septemberhomeandaround2009 017
Septemberhomeandaround2009 001Spider spider on the car

I think this time you’ve gone too far   :p

Septemberhomeandaround2009 045

Contrast or what?  For some reason it looks like the tree is flipping the bird to the jet…or maybe the tree is flipping me the bird.  lol


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

18 thoughts on “New Snaps”

  1. i really like that third one 🙂
    Val – did you know I am taking photos on the theme “Shape of a Box” for my lit mag? I want “cover art” for my poem vids

    Drop me an email or at shapeofabox(at)

  2. I’m in love with your curtains and your boat. Cute horse too. Can you get curtains like that in Melbourne, Oz? If so, where? I want my house to be golden too! Golden, golden, golden!


    1. If oz has a dollar store you will find the curtains. Just add the sunset jen and voilà! Fire in the window. I’m glad you liked the boat, sometimes tiny nondescript things like this little boat, tell the biggest story. That horse is adorable and completely indifferent to humans. 🙂 Thank you for popping into my Canadian blog, from the land of Oz.

  3. I feel a stupid sympathy as I eye that boat.

    If the horse was of mythic proportions,
    it wouldn’t be fenced in. Unless of course,
    you’re the one behind all of this.

    I pick what’s beyond curtain number three.

    Not knowing what to use to kill a spider that was
    hanging from the wall outside of my house yesterday,
    I chose a cheap bottle of vinegar over the cooking oil that lay in the cabinet under the kitchen sink.
    The pickling job didn’t come off as planned, for it’s
    still there right now. I just looked. So much for
    the environmentally safe product that doesn’t know
    how to kill. Poison is not for pussies.

    How dare that jet do a flyover in the tree’s airspace
    without asking, nor even acknowledging his presence?!!

    Oh, I feel like I’m back in Sunday School
    taking the Rorschach test. How’d I do, teacher Val?

    1. Either that boat is sad from loneliness or lucky to have the solitude. Well Tree, if that horse wanted out of that fence it would be out. Other than an electrified fence and in some cases barbwire, I’ve never seen one that could hold a horse. I like that about them. I agree, I liked number three also, good taste! :0 As for the ‘natural cleaners’, they are all bullshit. We used Mr. Clean and a broom…or if they’re on the floor a shoe. lol Sunday school? Oh man, banish the thought! As for how you did, if any of us lives to breathe another day, we are aces I tell ya. It’s always nice to see you visit here Tree. 🙂

    1. Hi Fantasia, and thank you for dropping in and commenting. That is a wonderful compliment and if you liked it then I’m truly happy and pleased. 🙂

    1. That boat originally looked lonely Danielle but for some reason I cannot fathom ( sorry, I couldn’t resist the sea pun ) it also looks playful. I’m so happy you liked it. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh I knew you were holding out with the lovely photos! The curtains photos are amazing! What kind of plant is that in the window? The water is so blue…even though it’s chilly outside here I still feel the urge to dive in. I’d even settle for being in the boat.
    If the spider were on my car, though, he definitely wouldn’t be going very far..*shudder*

    1. Oh, I flattened that arachnid not long after this photo. I know, I’m a beast, but those things have about five billion babies which hatch all at once. Creep me out. I’m with you on that Lisa. I love that you thought that was a plant, in fact, it is the pattern in the curtain! Every evening if there is a sunset, they look as if they are in flames. I’ve never seen anything like it. The sea here is cold looking and feeling affair, but the crispness of the water against the sky is always startling to me. In Nova Scotia, it has a softer hue to it and the starkness is only fleeting on certain days. That boat does and did look inviting. If I could I would live on the sea.

      1. Ewww and double ewww about the babies, too. I remember at a retail job I once had there were giant wolf spiders crawling around the store sometimes. If you stepped on them, all the millions of babies would crawl out in every direction. Still gives me the creeps just thinking about it….

      2. Well, that officially made me cringe and shudder. That is worse than the baby cockroaches I once saw run out of a bag of spaghetti when the light went on. I like the cute bugs: butterflies, lady bugs, dragonflies etc.

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