Life Saver

The other day of cloud with sun

I remembered something old yet true

About them

About you

You always did like a helpless

c                  i                        l

r                   p  p                      e

A tender




A shoulder familiar to more than a few

Whoring out the sympathy

In return you became a hero

Diving in the deep weak end

You saved them from drowning

But who is going to save them

From being smothered by you?


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Life Saver”

  1. Excelent visual poem val, and so real It reminds me of what I always think about the so called “charity”, is what selfish people do. They say their main objective is to “help” needy people when instead it is to help themselves feel better by being able to think they are good and generous persons persons; when indeed they do not care about the ones that need help.

    Love and take care, I am glad that you write this poems.

    1. Mariana, when I wrote this I was initially thinking of my mother, which then led to some other people who I’ve crossed paths/swords with. However, you have shown me another perspective and that caught me by surprise because it’s freaking true! Thanks for showing me another aspect of something I’ve written…just goes to show you that the old subconscious is always meddling in conscious affairs! HUGS

      1. Thanks val for providing me with the real explanation of what is about. And I am glad that you consider my interpretaion interesting and not a crapy things. So you talk here about your mom, which makes me curious about how was your relation with her, and how is she also. Besides of what you told.
        Was she overprotective? or not.

        Be well my friend, and rememember you do not have to reply the personal questions that I dod to you at all, they are just my own doubts.

      2. Hi mariana, it’s good to see your comment. I don’t mind talking about my dear mother. She was a complex person who didn’t try to be a good parent. She chose the lazy selfish route through life and when she was dying, she wasn’t ready to go. To cut to the chase, she asked my forgiveness, I verbally gave it and she passed over. I don’t miss her, but I do miss what she should have and could have been. When someone fails you, such as a parent, the only way to rectify what you have lost, is to ensure your own children have love, safety, encouragement and your utter devotion. I like that you asked me that and I even more, I like that you were sensitive to whether I wanted to openly answer you. You’ve got class my dear and I respect you tremendously. hugs

      3. Thank you very much Val for telling me your story I really apreciate that. My only reflection about it (well it is something my mother told me)is that I think it is great that you rectify what happend to you with your own kids, but you haven t got a clue how to raise them, till what point to intervene in their life and when to leave them alone to grow by their own, so you have the risk to being to much towards one side, therefore it can happen to the kid what happen to me, you are alone, and become a lonely child/person. But I still know she tried her best, and loved her for that. And she improved a lot with the years, because you can learn to be a better parent with time.

        Send you my respects to, and also my love

    1. Yes Jessie, and so very much like…my mother! Oh, the stories I could tell, but I’m saving the best for a book. It’s also about anyone who is an asshole, like Dennis Leary’s lovely ode to those of the anal brigade. :0

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